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|| the views on some of my recent posts are amazing, thank you so much💗
1 198 November 2017
|| what do you think of #perf ❤️
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|| i love this musically
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|| 900 followers! thank you guys so much ily all!❤️✨
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|| a group of pugs is called a grumble omg i’m-
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|| ariel’s new song comes out today and it’s one week til my birthday today’s gonna be great😂💚
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|| happy new year’s eve! do you have any new year’s eve traditions? me and my family always stand in the doorway of the front door and watch the fire works on the river as it turns midnight✨🎆
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|| what time do you finish school? i finish at 2.50✨
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|| i feel like instagram needs to add an option to save your own posts to your camera roll (not other people's though) because i've got so many videos on my private storage acc that i can't save in good quality🙄
4 131 November 2017


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|| early 2017 was a good time for me tbh
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|| i got my glasses and they’re actually not as bad as i thought✨
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|| sorry i was a little bit inactive yesterday i almost forgot i had this account😂💜
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lexi 🌹| new acc
I wanna see sm more of this photoshoot!! 🌐❄🌍🌊 - @babyariel @josemartin @sharone #babyariel #babyfam #arielsbabies #arielmovement #meetthemartins #dariel
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Welcome to the #esketitgrp 💸 - logo: @reunitedariel - rules: - tag 3 editors that might want to join - post 3 edits ( old or new ) under the hashtag #esketitgrp due: 3/15/18 - ( any fandom ) - @babyariel @sharone @josemartin @itsjacobelijah @arii @derekperfman - #babyariel #arielmartin #musicallystar #musically #muser #arielsbabies #martinfamily #meetthemartins #youtube #babies #ariiel #babymerch #aww #babyfam #babyfriday - date: 2/24/18
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ᴊᴏᴇʏ | 04.2.17
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|| this was one of the first musicallys i posted on here yeet😂💕
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New collab!! ( sorry i posted this so later :( special thanks to everyone who was a part of this collab 💞 ( derek liked :) - ac: @/collabingaudios - @babyariel @sharone @josemartin @itsjacobelijah @arii @derekperfman - #babyariel #arielmartin #musicallystar #musically #muser #arielsbabies #martinfamily #meetthemartins #youtube #babies #ariiel #babymerch #aww #babyfam #babyfriday - date: 2/23/18
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|| 1.3k! thank you so much ily!💕
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Samantha Martin
Reminiscing on the beauty of everything at our wedding 😍 #meetthemartins #wedding #weddingphotos
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