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Hey guys, today’s custom is my dream spartan from #halo5 if the armor customization was better lol, it is also my first time using army painter paints! let me know if you have any tips when painting with this brand! -
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"respect! that is all i ask for, you humans all stare down at us like we are monsters or feral beasts. we are like you, thinking, caring, understanding creatures. aware of our flaws and strengths, just like you. i ask that you see me as a friend, not an enemy...so that one day we can liberate the others of such spiteful thoughts, my people should not be persecuted for the actions of others."
hello all, good morning, happy monday. i bring to you my next custom, and revival into a better medium.
this is agro a lizardman from the tribes of the plains mountains of the northwest. agro is an outcast from his people for his pale scales; lizardpeople have colorful scales, scales of reds, yellows, oranges, and greens. for their people are born from the denmother, they all start as pale scales but then as they grow a color is mixed in and begins to show within the first year. if they have no color showing by this time they are usually cast out, for their people see the welp as cursed and bad luck to their tribe. touched by frost they say, for they still do not do well in the winter season and have to keep traveling around to stay warm. lizardpeople are born in two different ways besides gender.
these two ways are their size, some like agro are born as welps, lean and tall, the welps are tasked with gathering. whether that be gathering food, items for tools or weapons, or crafting materials for the tribe to keep up and moving. tents are built and mended by them. they also do the cooking.
the other are the massive gwamps, born massive and muscily they are tasked with fighting, hunting, and heavy lifting. agro's brother eidsche is born gwamp, and massive red lizardman tasked with the job of guarding the village with others.
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“twice the pride, double the fall”-hey guys today’s custom is of my favorite sith, count dooku. this fig was really fun to make. i sculpted some minor details like his shirt fold and the draping sleeves, i also fully sculpted his hair and beard, and made his cape out of fabric. enjoy!!
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"my beast of a vehicle, the 'grit warden' a hoverbike built to sail across the wastes. my bike is a one seated vehicle that can reach speeds of 125 mph. super tight turning radius, all booster jet engines have different various positions of adjustment. the exhaust kicks out enough heat and force to help with propulsion. light plate armor on the important parts of the bike. storage room for my rifle and a basic supply kit." just a side project i did for a photo, probably going to use it a bit more in future shots. built a hoverbike, painted it metallic. dirtied up the bike with a mud and rust. then a coat of black wash to give it a little something more. the bike is cole's, a project built by him and cade.

the last slide is a more zoomed in look at it in action from the photo. please tell me what you think. any questions go ahead and ask. things seem to be really quiet on this app. no one really talks and i'd like to hear some stuff.
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"most of the time we are victorious...but at huge consequences..."
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"brothers" (al last, i have these two figures!)
hope you are fine my friends

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almost to the 400 ones, i have some awesome followers

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"the only word to use for him was evil, he had no regards for life, he was just a ball of pure rage...."
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