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Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you.
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as a new school year and season starts for all of us, a great deal of change is coming, and has started to begin. we will be thrown out of our comfort zones, and stretched beyond what our normal limit is. the thought of this brings great anxiety to many people's minds and hearts, as they feel isolated and unprepared for what the 'tomorrow' brings.
it can be easy to give in to the little voices in your head saying, "this is too much", "you're not enough", "do you really think you can do this?", and so many more. maybe you don't have any friends in your new school, or at your new job. maybe you feel like a fish out of water as you begin the first steps in a long fitness journey. all these new seasons are daunting.
however, no matter where you are, who you're with, what you're doing, or what you're feeling or experiencing, you are not alone. this is your sign that everything will be ok, and you will make it through this season, just like you've made it through every other season. you are worth more than your doubts. and, above all, you are a child of the almighty god! .
know that god is always with you, and watching over you. but, to kick off the new season, let us pray. lord, we lift ourselves up to you, and ask for your guidance and your hand over our lives. we pray for perseverance, to make it through our longest days. we pray for strength to make it through our hardest days. we pray for peace to rest on our sabbaths and off days. we pray for diligence to grow in these stretching and molding moments. we pray for patience to remember nothing uncomfortable lasts forever. and, we pray for protection in the lord so we might not suffer or despair in our anxieties, worries, or overthinking. .
remember who you are. remember you are loved. you are bigger and stronger than all your challenges and darkness. keep going.
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Vitamin b12 is a key building block for the brain, and evidence suggests that vitamin b12 deficiency is linked with treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, panic disorder, and even cognitive decline.
my b12 results shown here. i came in “normal” but you can see it’s low. i’m frustrated my family doctor (md) didn’t flag it as a concern especially since i do have mental illness and chronic pain i should have been treated.
my naturopathic doctor (nd) had great concern with it. a healthy 30 year old woman should be between 500 and 600. the reference ranges are outdated and not broken down by demographics. i am taking a sublingual b12 lozenge every morning now.
ideally i would have got my b12 up before starting my ssri taper but i didn’t ask for blood work to be done until i had started.
here’s an article explaining how b12 deficiency can be linked with treatment resistance in psychiatric illness.


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But sometimes you have to talk to others because sometimes, the people you really need to talk to won’t listen. -
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11:22 pm 8/19/18
does anything ever work out?
is love really real?
is it possible i can find love, and keep it?
can he love me back?
will he love me back?
will i ever have, my happily ever after?
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Sunday, august 19, 2018.
tuscaloosa county jail
cr inside lesson 2: powerless

group was small today; five women were there. one will go home tuesday, another is "on the way" to tutwiler prison, and the other three aren't sure of what the outcome will be in their case. these five women today though, despite their own circumstances came together in a remarkable way.

our lesson was on being unable to control our tendency to do wrong because we are sinners and on all the things in life that rob us of our peace, joy and hope. one of those is selfishness. we talked about praying for others before ourselves and then "it" happened.
throughout the entire group, down the hall was a male inmate banging on his cell door. he would scream and the women said he was half n***d when they came by. he is mentally ill. across the hall, a lonely man on suicide watch kept singing and talking randomly. "miss jennifer, can we pray for these two men?" at that moment, i got down on my knees, held hands with five women inmates and we prayed for these two men that we do not know. all they knew is that they were hurting; they had empathy. they weren't for that moment selfish at all. the holy spirit was moving in that room today. god is good.
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This past week has been a tough one for many people. several people that either i, my clients, or my family members have known, all took their lives this past week. from what i can tell, most of them stopped taking their prescription medication, and succumbed to a darkness in their mind that most of us cannot imagine. i am so angry that the unseen enemy of our souls is able to convince people that their life is not worth living, and that hope is for everyone else besides them. it's not true, people. it's just not true. there is always hope. every day; every hour; every moment is new -- we never run out of newness; of possibility; of a more hopeful tomorrow. as long as jesus lives, there is hope. that's why he hung on a cross in our place millenia ago, so that we would never run out of hope. if your biology is such that you require medication to balance out chemicals in your brain, please know that it is just as paramount for you to adhere to that medication as it is for a diabetic to rely on insulin. there shouldn't be any shame in that; it's not your fault, it's just that your body needs some extra help, like many others do for various reasons. if you are running low on hope, please reach out to someone you can count on to remind you of how very valuable and irreplaceable your life is! god looked down at this earth and knew that it needed one of you -- just one of you -- to accomplish something only you were created to do, for his glory. if your heart is beating and your lungs are working, your purpose is still alive. please be sure that you are as well. 💗
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a flower will leave
its fragrance
on fingers
that crush its petals,
whether it wants to or not;
people are like that too.

petalled light of exquisite fragility,
reminiscent of human anatomy

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Http://youtube.be/n1cspkc0c9l - new #youtube video up on #schizophrenia #manifestation shown signs and #symptoms of this #mentalillness with clips from #abeautifulmind apologize for screwups and poor quality but still new to #powerpoint
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Hey hey!! stop your scroll..i’m about to share some things about myself that only my closest friends/family know...
six years ago this summer i lost my mom to b****t cancer. not only did i lose my mom, but a part of myself. she was my support system and biggest cheerleader. no matter what mistakes i made, i made her proud. and believe me..i made some. i was never a “bad” kid, but i’m positive that i disappointed my parents and family when they learned at 15 i was having a baby...and then again at 17. so you guessed it, at my high school graduation i had 2 children watching me receive my hs diploma in the audience. fast forward to years later when i then had 3 kids and was still in a relationship that seemed more like a hamster wheel of unhealthy moments. we were young and hs sweethearts. having kids makes one grow up. too bad for the kids it wasn’t both of us. but after many years of trying to keep a family together and it just didn’t work i decided i was done. with the help of an amazing family of friends (you all know who you are) i relocated back to buffalo, ny from california.
after a couple years of feeling sorry for myself, feeling like i needed to catch up on all that i missed out on because i was teenage mom, i ran into what is my forever. he was my bf when i was 14..but that’s another story.
at 35 years old, my mom lost her fight to b****t cancer and my world was knocked off its axis. my mom suffered from mental illness and this diagnosis of cancer was something she struggled to be positive about. but she tried. it was really hard to be 2600 miles away, trying to be realistic about this situation, be a part of countless dr appts, and trying to think of and to ask questions that only medically educated people could answer. but when she passed..i didn’t know what to do. so i kept busy. when you talk to your mom at a minimum of 15-20 times a day and then that is no longer there..you have to do something. so i signed up for school. i worked full time, had 3 kids i was raising as a single parent and working a full time job. i began eating and feeding my kids through a drive thru, buying whatever was the easiest foods they could make themselves and whatever
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Behind this smile is a girl who is suffering from her bipolar. struggling to get through the day to even get out of bed. to even make it to work. bipolar is a mental illness that i have realised doesn’t affect you just short term but will be with you for the rest of your life.
at the moment i don’t see any light at the end of tunnel. there’s no way out. i’m trapped.
and all i can hold onto is hope. hope that sometime soon i will get better so i can manage my systems. hope that better healthcare is out there so i can be on the road to recovery.
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So my therapist recommended that i start documenting each day and my thoughts and such in a journal. so instead of writing because i just - i don’t want to do that , brings back bad stuff and what not. anyways , instead of writing the alternative would be to document my illnesses , daily thoughts etc through video diaries. so i’m going to setup a youtube channel and document everyday for the next year and see progress , things that need to be worked on etc. for both me and my therapist. the link is in my bio , itll take you to our link tree:)

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