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uncriminalncismindsforgettable My favorite very special agent of @ncis_cbs 😍🔥❤ who else is a fan of this guy? 😊😘
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the wild card
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hey.dinozzo ¤ 1x17 • the truth is out there ¤ _ _ _ [#ncis #tonydinozzo #ncisedit #michaelweatherly #katetodd #sashaalexander]
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Cote de Pablo
11 hours ago
cotedepablofans “michael is not a dancer, let’s just put it that way. he is a great slow dancer, if you know what i mean and he will commit to looking at you deeply in those eyes and he’s yummy to look at so that’s never an issue, and it was intense, i have to tell you. i felt like…because you know we were so close together and maybe it’s because we’re both getting older but i felt like i was a little dizzy after looking at him for so long, you know and trying to make this moment be something and we didn’t really have to try much because we’ve worked together for so long but it was just a very special moment and i loved it and i loved him.” -cdp #cotedepablo #michaelweatherly
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》Michael Weatherly Fan《
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m_weatherly.fan Hey guy's❤ sry for posting so late🙈 how is your day??😊😗 #michaelweatherly #thanksmichaelweatherly ------------------------ partner pages: @ncis_bull_fandom_ @ncis.lover.tiva @abbyncis_ @weatherly_girl @_crime_series_ @tiva___ncis @tiva_tali_mote_weatherly @multifandom.always
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mweatherlyfans0 You can also follow us on twitter @mweatherlyfans0 as well as here on instagram @mweatherlyfans0 please share retweet regram like or anything on as many social media platforms as possible all for the love of #michaelweatherly @michaelmweatherly #bull #drjasonbull #tonydinozzo #ncis #logancale #eyesonly #darkangel #cbs #mweatherlyfans0 thank you all for following us 😘😚😙💙💞💕💞💙
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