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This is stator, the self-balancing, fully electric, an absolute monster of a machine that you never knew you wanted, until now! swipe left for video.
housed within stator’s rear wheel is a direct drive 3 phase brush dc, that provides a max power of 1000w and is capable of propelling it down the road at speeds of up to 25mph! stator’s bare-bone aesthetic expresses its designer’s, nathan allen’s, passion for both simple design and engineering; the motor, batteries and inner-workings are hidden away out of sight, a single piece of tubing forms the handlebars where the inconspicuous control module is located and there is an absence of flashy, futuristic styling features. not only does this create a visually stunning mode of transport, but it also adds the wonder and intrigue for on-lookers as it glides effortlessly down the street!
designer: nathan allen
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The timeless design of the wireless rck (retro compact keyboard) by @aziocorp may be what grabs your attention, but it’s the beautiful integration of modern technology that will keep it; ‘blue’ mechanical keys offer tactile feedback that is both hugely satisfying and reminiscent of typewriters back in the day! led backlights gently illuminate the keys, adding to the beautiful blend of modern and retro design.
it supports both windows and mac keyboard layouts and is available in a wide selection of colors and finishes that range from the warmth and culture of genuine leather/wood through to the striking-boldness of artisan copper!
designer: azio design
buy now: $130 @aziocorp
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My fave booth of the night at the #palmspringsmodernismshow @denlosangeles really digging those colors on the css cabinets! classic modernism is back!!! also in love with the rug (hard to see here). #denlosangeles #georgenelson #nelsoncss #georgenelsoncss #mcm #modernism #midcenturymodern #midcenturymodernfurniture #palmspringsmodernismweek
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Feature friday 100
picture by @sh_sh_welt
berlin, germany
submissions: dm, email or tag us @plattenbau
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0.003mm. this is what zero tolerance looks like. excuse us while we stare at this on loop.
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Stavanger house, alex nerovnya's conceptual masterpiece located within a remote norwegian landscape, was the subject of great debate during last night's "no more words" talk at the aiany center for architecture in new york last night. moderated by architizer's @paulkeskeys, the viral voices 2018 event discussed how the sharing of design ideas has been transformed by social media — especially instagram, where this image has now been viewed millions of times. the stunning proposal has all the characteristics of a viral architectural sensation: mies van der rohe-inspired aesthetics, a striking silhouette, a dramatic natural backdrop and a perfect reflection. what do you think of stavanger house? should this rendering be brought to reality?
image by @alex_nerovnya #stavangerhouse #stavanger #architecturalvisualization #rendering #concept #conceptdesign #norway #lakehouse #modernism #modernist #architecture #instarchitecture .
thanks to @centerforarch @aianational @kohnpedersenfox @diller_scofidio_renfro @dboxglobal @amanda_ferber @architecture_hunter @design_haus_liberty and @studio_unit for a great event, we're looking forward to more soon!
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Just a reminder that i will be at just fabulous bookstore today signing copies of my new book, the mid-century modern architecture travel guide by phaidon, from 3pm to 4pm. if you are in palm springs today, i hope to see you there! @phaidonsnaps @bjustfabulous
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Beautiful courtyard #vscobeijing #instabeijing
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#soundofvintageitaly#antiqvesfuorilemura#viadusmet57catania#sicily#catania#cataniashop#cataniacentro #luxurydesign#luxuryhome#elledecor#pamono#1stdibs#vinterior#modernism#designhome#collection#modernstyle#interiordesign#italianstyle#luxuryitems#sothebys#christies#phillips#cambi#wright#homedecor#domus#designmarket#luxurydesign#interiordesign
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The voice is raised and that is where poetry begins. #casaamatller #yellowribbons #joseppuigicadafalch #modernism #architecture #art #illadeladiscòrdia #passeigdegràcia #grácia #barcelona #catalonia #españa #traveldiaries #postmodernrefugee
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Photo shoot on orcas island of the goat barn designed by gordon walker.
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Touch .. another alternate take.
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Interior of the walker-pope cabin on orcas island with its captain in the kitchen.
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