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addiesmama_ 88 degrees on this fall day🍂 perfect for her first time playing in the leaves❤️
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Black Moms Blog
10 minutes ago
blackmomsblog ✨issa black moms blog photoshoot✨ we have a fun meet up planned with @capturedbycg photography! we are hosting a one of a kind maternity photoshoot contest on october 1st at @piedmontpark. here's what's going on: -we are looking for pregnant moms in atlanta to come out for a photoshoot. you will receive three digital copies from the shoot. -we will hold a voting competition and the winner with the most likes wins their own personal photoshoot from @capturedbycg ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ if you are pregnant or know someone who is (tag them below), live in atlanta and would love to participate, click the link in our bio to rsvp!
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materna.ben Boa noite, boa tarde, bom dia? 😴 ☕ . #maternaben
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vinny_aufar "perbanyaklah sahabat2 mu'minmu , krn mereka memiliki syafa'at pd hari kiamat" . #friendshipgoals #friend #sister #friendzone #friends #wife #wifey #mom #happymom #happywife #momlife #motherhood #love #alhamdulillah #sharing #sharingiscaring . tue , 26 sept 2017
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Lauren Robinson
8 minutes ago
sweetluknits Good morning ☀️struggling with patience over here today. the baby was up a lot last night and my mood is overall just cranky. trying to snap out of it! this selfie is from a couple weeks ago when i had a few hours to myself to just sit and be still. and obviously it needed to be documented. 😏 the days are long but the years are short. before i know it my babies won't be babies anymore. 💕
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Виктория Петрова
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mamavani.vi Узнали?😅 Пока вчера писала про первые наши прогулки, вспомнилась вся романтика зимних прогулок с новорождённым😃 Особая романтика ощущалась когда уезжал муж! Сначала наряжаешься сама в полный комплект шубашапкаваленки, потом во всей этой амуниции идёшь наряжать ребёнка👶🏼 В итоге вся мокрая выходишь ̶н̶а̶ ̶у̶л̶и̶ц̶у̶ в подъезд и начинается романтика в двойном размере😓 отстегнуть 17 килограммовую коляску, в то время когда ОБЕ руки заняты 👶🏼 и выкатить на улицу😯 😐Для меня это было сложно, но ещё сложнее было закатить туда эту 17-килограммовую карету после прогулки и пристегнуть😬 За 9 месяцев обе коляски бывали в доме всего по разу, а как справляются люди у которых коляска всегда в квартире я и представить не могу😱а если ещё и лифта нет?и живёшь выше 1 этажа😐 Кто где свой транспорт паркует, делитесь?😃👂🏻 А ещё перед каждым выходом на улицу нужно было мазать оксолиновой мазью, так вот частенько забывали перед выходом мазать, поэтому у всей семьи во всех карманах было по тюбику оксолинки😃 #moments#my#happiness#ямама#morning#instalike#family#mother#beautiful#like4like#декрет#малыш#счастье#привет#мама#baby#followme#любовь#momsofinstagram#дети#like#барнаул#сын#мама#momlife#доброеутро#утро
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z_fit17 Sick kiddo for a few days now, then fell while playing with the dogs..... but always smiling and pleasant!#mygirl #t&z#minime #cutey #momlife
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Carly Eastwold
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carlythetipsyyogi We learned the art of face planting today... but breakfast heals all ❤️🍳🥓🥞
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windywenny26 When i reached home, he ask me do u wanna ice tea ?? "special made by ommar " barakallahu dear, i know u love me ao much😘🙏❤️❤️❤️#love #son #momlife #lovemyboy
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Marie & Company | Heather
1 minute ago
marie.and.company Anyone else rolling into tuesday morning like this right now? 🙋🏼🙋🏼
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1 minute ago
sweetcapri Why glamma...whyyyy must you take my picture every 30 minutes? can i just have my cheetos in peace? happy tuesday! #glamma #elijah #cutenessoverload #cute #thebest #goodmorning #hi
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Mollie Ryan
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molliemomofthree Ummmm how amazing does this sound, mamas?! @bloomandsprout has given us this quick and easy, and if you're oily you probably have all these things right now. i'm definitely making this tonight when i get home from vacation -i mean my travels- because "vacation" is not synonymous with "children" no matter how much fun is being had! 😂 when your kids wake up a whole hour earlier than usual on a trip.... like they don't understand what vacay is for. 😜 #molliemomofthree #momlife #givemealltheoils #oilymama #diy #bath #sugarscrub #oilytribe #treatyoself
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Working Mom's Balance
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tracykulwicki I'm not a perfect parent at all. i scream when i should hug. i overlook offenses when i'm just too tired to care. i'm easily distracted and miss important opportunities. i care too much on some days, and not enough on others. i put too much on my to do list and lose sight of the important. . but there will never be a perfect parent. and i'm learning just as much as they are. this one here teaches me that hugs can solve most any problem. she helps me see that play and silly are vital parts of life. she reminds me that being true to myself is far more important than caring what other people think of me. she assures me that laughter really is the best medicine. and a gentle answer really can turn away wrath. . i worry that i'm not good enough. that i'll scar them for life. that we'll forget to teach them something important. that i'll be too nice. and too mean. that i'll always keep yelling too much. . but, "each time he {says}, 'my grace is all you need. my power works best in weakness.' so now i am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of christ can work through me...for when i am weak, then i am strong." (2 corinthians 12:9-10) . if you also are not a perfect parent and you worry and struggle with your weaknesses and parenting failures, trust in the one who loves your kids more than you ever could. rely on the one who formed and crafted your kids inside of you. he knows. he specifically chose you for them. his power works best where your weaknesses begin. he will be with you and teach you and help you all day every day, especially on the hardest days. . . . . #momlife #parenting #imperfect #motherhood #surprisedbymotherhood #trustgod #mom
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