Cheyanne Loiseau
November 2015
cheyanne_loiseau Look at life in a different perspective. take in all the things we take for granted. if only i could see the world through my sons eyes, then would i understand that happiness comes from the world around us and the life god gave us, life isn't about being happy about material things and how much of it we have. i use to smile and be happy for something $ could buy, i now smile and am happy because of what god gave me. my home, my love, my son, my family, everything that $ can't buy. ❤️
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Nakita Stemmer
7 minutes ago
naki_saki First outing to the park was a success! little bee loved her swing!
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Cheyanne Loiseau
November 2015
cheyanne_loiseau Smile about all the things you feel grateful for today 🙏🏻☺️ - today i feel grateful for my family | the people who always put happiness into my life. ❤️ @madore128rippa @rydermadore #dad #mom @loiseaus @cutie1168 @c_madore
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just now
kuzotoothpaste Ask nerf nation kids to decorate for the holidays and, no worries, they’ll get the job done. . 📷 by @toysrus . *dm us to be featured 😘 tag your friends! 📍 .
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AshleyBrookeBoutique Inc
9 minutes ago
ashleybrookeboutique Holidays have us feeling like.... 😂🤦🏼‍♀️🎄🎁 tag + share with your friends who need this shirt and wine glass! www.ashleybrookeboutique.com
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Jennifer C.
just now
balancingmom1 Have you joined my $100 kohl's card giveaway yet?? sign up by clicking on the link in my bio, super easy!
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Sarah Tyau
1 minute ago
sarahtyau We gained another son(my nephew) in our #tyausunday, jay’s too cool for school and our son is starting a new trend of fur boots + a suit. i hope you’re having a relaxing sunday! . . #sharingmyheartwithyou: act vs. react . . if you were to ask me what my ultimate goal in life is, it is to get to the point of never reacting to a situation but acting instead. jesus never reacted, he always acted. he always filled his own cup with only good things and when people bumped into his cup, he was able to spill kindness, patience and love. so my biggest goal in my life is to do just that. it is not to make a certain amount of money, to achieve certain status or reputation, it is something internal no one will be able to measure except god. the greatest accomplishments will always be intangible over tangible. i want to spill only love. i want to do everything out of love, never judgement, annoyance, offense or anger. i’ve realized that when i am offended, hurt, bugged, annoyed, frustrated, mad, or feel the need to tell someone their place, that’s a direct reflection of my weakness. when we are offended by someone, the offense comes from the insecurity we put in our own cup. they’ve only stirred it and bumped it, causing it to spill. but we only spill what we put in our cup. only we can choose what we put in our cup. so i shouldn’t blame someone else for what’s inside my cup, i need to take responsibility for my own actions and reactions.
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Fit Friends Happy Hour Podcast
just now
fitfriendshappyhour We spend time in the gym to improve our physical health but we can’t forget to spend time on our relationships as well! 👯‍♀️ check out ep 28 with @jennystricklandd to learn about all 8 dimensions of wellness! 💛
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Joy Pullin
just now
desiraes_closet Baby shopping in atlanta for my soon to be grandson. . . . #igbabies#instagrambabies#mermaidlife #theboss #shop#igkids#momlife#momsoftoddlers#mompreneur #nodramamama #etsyshop #momboss #igkiddies #girlsfashion #trendykids #fashionblogger #shopsjall #lifestyle #workingmoms #streetfashion #kidsjewelry #toddlers#etsyseller#etsy#kidshop#kidsoutfits#kidsboutique#parenthood#motherhood#momsmiracles#
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Cheyanne Loiseau
December 2015
cheyanne_loiseau I'm 21 and ryder's 7 months today ❤️ sharing a day with my best friend | i love you so much my little miracle
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Lilian Adre RY💖
2 days ago
thegomom Ganito pala ang may toy advent calendar. ang daming countdown! 😜 #legofan
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Jenn- Making Mom-Life GLAM
3 minutes ago
momglam Glam girls!!! i am hosting my very first dermaplane&champagne 🥂party next sunday!!!! 😍✨💋💕😘🍾🥂 i'll be dermplaning some gorgeous ladies and making their skin sparkle while they sip on a little bubbly! yasssss!!! girl time + lovely skin + champagne = heaven. ❤️😍 if you have a group of girls that would love to have ✨glowing✨ skin for holidays, message me for future dermaplane & champagne party details and how you and your favorite ladies can get glam together this december!!!! xoxo jenn 😘
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Ophelie Mila
just now
J’ai tout ce que j’ai toujours rêver d’avoir... une famille. ma famille. aussi difficile que cela puisse être parfois, je remercierais jamais assez la vie d’avoir mis cette petite graine sur mon chemin. cette petite graine qui m’a faite grandir un peut plus à chaque échographie, cette graine qui m’a fait naître en même temps qu’elle. nous nous sommes données la vie mutuellement. j’ai trop souvent entendu « t’es jeune, on à peur pour toi,on aurais voulu autre chose pour toi » j’ai mené ma barque, en construisant ma vie seule, et aujourd’hui rien ne compte autant qu’elle. fière de la vie que je mène, fière d’être sa maman. fière quand elle m’appelle, fière quand elle me cherche ou qu’elle à besoin de moi pour dormir, fière quand elle ne veut que mes bras, fière quand moi seule trouve les mots ou les gestes l’apaiser. fière tout simplement. parce qu’on a tisser un lien invisible et tellement puissant. parce que je l’apaise et qu’elle aussi. elle est mon monde. mon monde a moi c’est toi ma mila ❤️ #monbebe #baby #babygirl #babylove #maman #mafille #mila #pregnant #pregnancy #pregnantlife #accouchement #mum #mumlife #mumtobe #mummylife #mom #mommy #momtobe #momlife #happymom #happylife #mywife #mybaby #maplusgranderichesse #montresor #monpilier #allaitement
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