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[werbung/ad] what i love about social media is that you can get to know people who have never crossed your path before. i remember the day i met maria for the first time. it was at the voodoo market. a designer/ flea market in berlin. she was so kind and friendly and i was inspired by the way she managed such an event and still ran a pr agency. wow! she‘s definitely a powerwoman and a powermom! now we get to experience this #motherhood together and i love it! we met a week ago to spend the day together and took amazing pictures with @herz.und.blut. while having breakfast a topic came up - #sneakers. she asked me about my first sneakers. not too long ago i posted a picture of mini me wearing an adidas tracksuit and my first white sneakers - fila. i loved them so much! they were so special to me because my mom brought them as a gift from europe when she came to kenya to bring me to germany. a little reminder is on my #instastory! do you remember your fist #sneakers? check out @minivoodoo_official latest post to know about her first #sneakers. both of us have a large amount of #sneakerlove. thank you @sneakery.official for appreciating sneaker moms ❤️ #momstyle #sneakerlover #fashionmoms #momblogger #lebenmitkinder #streetstyle #shooting #potd #thelook #autumnlook #friendship #momoftoddlers
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Some of you asked how milinda eats - as our doctor says that’s the age when they become super picky. i’m not sure if that’s something just about russian moms, but all we want is to feed the kid 😄 empty bowl of soup means happy mama 😄 milinda has never been the best eater - couple tablespoons of food is usually enough. okay, 5 tablespoons if that’s something she really likes:) i try to relax about how much she eats and i’m sure her body knows best. anyone can relate? p.s. these bags from @lilyjadeco are on valentine’s day sale now! . . В последний визит к педиатру доктор Милинды спросила меня: «как она кушает? В этом возрасте дети ооочень избирательны в еде». Избирательны не то слово 🙈 Милинда вообще малоешка. Она выпьет клубничное «мамачко» утром, потом съест тушеный перец, грибы, авокадо, сыр, огурец или помидор с лапшой, рисом или гречкой. Не все сразу, а пару столовых ложек, или пять ложек, если голодная :) Если мы едем куда-то может в дороге съесть печеньку. Или три 😄 Потом дневной сон, после него не кушает, а вечером наконец просыпается аппетит и уже съедает всю тарелку (но опять же день на день не приходится) - овощной суп-пюре, картошка, макароны, морковный сок, кукурузные хлебцы с крем-сыром - вот и все любимое 🙈 у нас хлеб дома бывает только ржаной цельнозерновой, который я пеку, другой не покупаем, но Милинда как-то попробовала багет, и теперь это любимое, всегда просит покупать:) молочко и багет, больше ничего не нужно 😂 Все сладкое, что ей попадается я беру органик. Обычную еду мы покупаем разную, но сладкое для неё только «правильное». Например, в поездки мы брали конфеты на палочке типа чупа-чупсов, органик - тростниковый сахар, натуральные соки, куркума и сок свеклы как красители. И вкусные же!:) ещё есть мармеладки веганские (без желатина), с подобным составом, похожи на рахат лукум :) Печеньки специальные детские, злаковые цельнозерновые с начинкой вареньем. Но даже это только в поездку или во время огромной грусти и печали 😄 ну или если вдруг вспомнит и будет долго ныть 😂 Могу сладости показать в сторис, если нужно :) Продолжение 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
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“if the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things of nature have a message that you understand, rejoice, for your soul is alive.” -eleonora duse . . “i believe that if one always looked at the skies, one would end up with wings.” -gustave flaubert . . there’s a little #mondaymotivation for you. today is a day to tackle life with gusto! what’s on your to do list for this week? what are you doing today to accomplish that goal? let’s hear it... . . it’s amazing how just getting out into nature can give you all the motivation you need sooo get outside and breath in the fresh autumn air, look to the skies and let the days energy fill you up, and then go knock out that to do list!! you’ve got this!! ✌🏼
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Slowing down and taking it easy *mostly* because i am fighting a little something 👎🏼 but i have been resting and my body is doing a great job of fighting it, so i opted for a low impact workout which felt really good, with a fun finisher that was prooooobably pushing my limits. but i know my limits and i checked myself when i felt i was pushing it. i’ll rest up this weekend though and hopefully be back to 💯by next week ✌🏼
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Going to the grocery store alone with all 3 kids is like an olympic event. you have to be in the zone. you have to mentally prepare yourself, and then you power through it. it’s life. that’s what us moms do. we know all the tricks to wrangle the wild animals for an hour while we get through that list. that’s just the way grocery shopping is when you have young children, and we’ve got it down. . . the other night i was able to go to the grocery store by myself, but olive insisted on coming with me. she plead her case pretty well so i decided to bring her, and i am actually so glad i did. being there alone with mommy she completely transformed into this very mature little helper. it was positively adorable. she insisted on pushing the cart by herself, and she would stop and very thoughtfully look over the items in the aisles and ask, “mom, do you think we need to get some bananas?” or whatever else she was looking at. . . she is growing up so fast. i am still in complete shock that she is 6 years old. she is making leaps and bounds and constantly surprising me with her new levels of understanding and maturity. our conversations are becoming more in depth, and i just love it. . . what are some of your tricks to get through grocery shopping with a gaggle of children under tow?
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Nice to put some effort into a look sometimes. #momootd #ifyoufeelraggedydosomethingmom #selfcare #momlifecomfort
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Trying to get a picture is alittle harder these days 🤣🤣 #momlife #momoftoddlers #momproblems #smile #love
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Caitlyn Dieckman
•• 6 months down •• . holy moly are we ready to have our person back! these past 6 months have been the hardest of my life. i never imagined going through a deployment with kids would be this rough. i'm definitely not the person who thrived during deployment...but it has made me learn a lot about myself as a person and as a mom. i'm so ready to have my partner in life back and to be whole again. you just might see another countdown photo again...but you may not, we will see 🤞🏻🇺🇸
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Heather Canner
We ❤️ savannah and this february summer like weather ☀️!!!
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Found this through @theunschooldad . #quotes #parentingadvice #tempertantrums #toddlers . this is so true! temper tantrums and meltdowns are never without reason. our job as parents are to guide them into how to handle their emotions in a more positive way. the logic toddlers/preschoolers/young children and even teens have are not the same as what us adults have. keeping that in mind when helping your child learn is beneficial for everyone. kids aren't adults and we shouldn't be treating them as such. the goal is to create a decent adult for the world one day. one step at a time. . . . #momofthree #momoftwins #twinmom #youngmom #canadianmom #twinsplusone #momoftoddlers #stayathomemom #momlife #motherhoodthroughinstagram #uniteinmotherhood #dailyparenting #momblog #parentingblog #mom_hub #simplychildren #mommoments #raisingchildren #our_everyday_moments #letthembelittle #mommyandme #magicofchildhood #momswithcameras
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Amanda Marie
My first time in a bikini in i don’t know how many years! feeling amazing 🤩 i’m also drinking my bcaas 👌🏼💪🏼 . . #beachlife #saltlife #i❤️fl #i❤️florida #fit #fitmom #momof2 #momoftoddlers #sunshine #beach #sundayfunday #idealfit
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Raise your hand if you love compound movements as much as i do! 🙋🏻‍♀️ not sure what that means? basically you work multiple muscles at once. i love when you work more than one muscle group at a time because your heart rate increases and you end up doing more in a shorter period of time. . . . . . . . . . . . . #momoftwo #momoftoddlers #fittoddler #fitmom #toddlermom #momwithmuscles #momswholift #mamabadass #teambadass #mamameathead #teamdowning #instructormom #operationpeach #bootygainz #sahm #wahm #intermittentfasting #paleo #reebok #underarmour
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Kathleen B Manning
Sunday’s are for slaying....sweatshirts and leggings! 🤣🤣 i’m all about comfy but cute clothes to travel! . when i was young we used to get dressed up to travel on airplanes! anyone do that as a little girl??? . hope you all have a beautiful sunday doing what you love to do! 💖 #sundaystyle #sweatshirts #leggingsarepants #relaxationmode #comfyclothes . . . . #momoftoddlers #momsofinstagram #girlscandoanything #thefutureisfemale #comfycozy #shepreneur #femaleboss #womeninbiz #womanfashion #longislandsound #longisland #foxboro #sundayslay #sparkleandshine #pinklover #alittleobsessed #splatterpaint
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If you want this to be your year, don't sit on the couch and wait for it. go out and take a chance. go get it! make some changes to move forward. smile more. be excited. do new things. throw away clutter. get rid of the negative on social media. go to bed early. wake up early. do the things that challenge you to live your best life! my march challenge group starts on 3/5 and i am taking 5 more ladies! summer is quickly approaching and maybe you have that family vacation planned. maybe you are dreading those cute summer dresses or shorts. don't wait and start now! i am going to be giving you workouts, meal plans, and my favorite superfoods shake to help you obtain those summer goals that you are looking for. ready to take that chance and join me??? comment below “i’m in” or message me for more details! . . . . . . . . . #toneitup #bbg #fitmomtobe #foodrecipes #fitnesscommunity #helpingwomen #lovemyjob #mombod #momoftoddlers #bodybuilding #weightlossblogger #newyou #startnow
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Baby-shop & Educational Toys
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Jenny Pitts
My heart is community. as moms, we need it and we crave it. i would love to know more about you! let me know where you’re at in your motherhood journey - just beginning, surviving toddlerhood, or out of the diaper phase? 👶🏼 my youngest will be two on feb. 29th (which doesn’t exist this year) and my oldest is 3.5 years old. i am loving these ages, even though the challenges can be overwhelming at times. i enjoy watching them learn and really enjoy things as they get older. it warms my mama heart when they learn to sing a new song or complete a new task. 👶🏼 let me know which phase you’re in and what you love about it, but also what you’re struggling with. read the other comments, find someone in your phase of motherhood, and leave a little note of encouragement. we could all use it. ♥️ . . . . . #community #momcommunity #motherhood #momofgirls #momoftoddlers #toddler #newmom #momoftwo #momblogger #blog #discoverunder1k #discoverunder5k #coffee #communityconversations #momlife #girlboss
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It’s pretty simple! ❤️ . new design available- kid through adult sizes. you can order on a tank, tee, or sweatshirt . #bekind #momofteens #momlife #momoftoddlers #kindness #kindnessrocks #alwaysbekind #graphictee #momsquad #motherhood
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Maria Azzi Melki
Keep it real -it’s sexy 🙌😊 have a great day ! ☀️💕
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Speak Up SLP
If your little one loves to play with cars, try expanding play & language while adding a social component to the game by posing as a “bridge” or “tunnel” for the car to race under. great game for siblings which focuses on turn taking, collaboration and social interaction. #languageenrichment #naturalenvironment #playskills #playislearning #momoftwo #momoftoddlers #carlover #carobsessed #fastandfurious #thefastandthefurious
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Maggie Agustin
May you be each other’s wingman for life.
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