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This was 75% candid. like i knew it was happening but not really... lol 😂 •

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When we’re out and about most people can’t believe mia is only 13months old because of how tall she is! when she was born she was a teeny 5lb baby and most of it was in her height. she was skinny but long. 😌 i call her my super model, ricks hoping for a basketball player and perhaps she will be both. 😃 most importantly my super teeny baby that came in to this world early is beautiful, tall, happy and healthy!!! we love you sweet mia!! ( scroll to last photo 😍)
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When daddy comes home ♡ this picture really melts my heart!
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Spoiler alert 🚨 looking at his cute lil’ face makes my ovaries ache ...and all i wanna do is have another one. but then i remember teething, and i’m like ....maybe not. 🙈😂 anyone else’s little struggle bad with teething? his first two bottoms were pretty terrible, but whatever is coming in now is for sure taking the cake on totally awful. in a total panic of not wanting another sleepless night again, i ran to walgreens last night and actually found this amazing organic teething oil. it works so well. i’ll share on my stories later! 🙏🏼 ps. i think i’m having baby fever...even with having a teething almost- 1-year -old 🙈🙈 i mean...that face.
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Et dans 16 jours, nous en rirons quand il n’y aura plus de « à ce soir maman ».
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Her winter wardrobe is already looking wayyy better than mine 🙈 #priorities i’m currently on the hunt for some warm tights for prim as it’s really starting to cool off! ❄️ if you know of anyone who stocks pretty leggings/tights, could you please tag them below 👇🏼 #winterishere #isaidburr #primroseivy
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It’s wednesday but it’s feeling like a friday 🕺🏼 eric had a dental implant on monday 😱 so he had a of couple days off to recover. there’s something so refreshing about just having all of my people home on a week day 🙇🏼‍♀️
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Our yearly trip to the tulip garden has to be documented 🌷🌷
it's that time of year where i wish i lived in the netherlands with their never ending tulip fields! 😍all we have here is a little garden but it's still so pretty! i think tulips are my favorite flowers, with peonies and sunflowers in a close second! how about you?
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I wanted to give everyone an update on how everything has been going with bottle feeding...sad to say, but olivia still won’t take the bottle. we have tried everyone’s suggestions, all the different bottles and positions and still no luck! i guess she’s just that smart! or that picky!

the good news though is that she started eating solids! i started her with baby cereal and introduced a few other foods every couple days. her favorite so far is sweet potatoes. this has given me such a sigh of relief knowing she’s getting nutrition even when i’m gone.
what was your baby’s favorite solid food?
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My little helper today while i’m taking photos 😂
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[ 📸: @the.girls.and.i ] 💐
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Those two.....🖤
some photos can not be deleted. too sweet
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If these curtains were my eyelids...⛱

south palms resort, bohol
december 2016
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|afternoon strolls with my babies is what i live for 🙌🏼|
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Перерывы тут все больше и больше у меня) мысли все остаются в заметках, а фото в фотопленке) давно не было тут красавчика моего) и пока я умиляюсь складкам младшего-старший усиленно растёт) и уже сам просит ходить в магазин самостоятельно, занял первое место в саду по шашкам, и худо-бедно начал таки готовится к школе (школа через год, но мы ж вообще раньше не занимались)
А меня потихоньку отпускает с паникой по поводу Тима- что у него это не так, то не так-и сейчас я просто смотрю за ним и каждый раз думаю, какой же он клевый у нас💙
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¡buenos días! está yendo la semana bastante bien teniendo en cuenta las circunstancias pero esta mañana ha sido el infierno. creo que llegados a estas alturas del año estamos un poco saturados y necesitamos unas vacaciones 🙄😅. así que habrá que ir planeándolas. emma dice que quiere ir a la playa y a la piscina 😱👀. ¿quién sabe? quizás este sea el verano en el que todo salga rodado y emma supere un obstáculo más 🙏🏻. y mientras espero a que se cure mi pie y lleguen los días de descanso, os recuerdo que seguimos de sorteo de un pack de figuras de baño de pocoyó y un peluche de nina. #sorteo #momswithcameras #juguetes #vacaciones #verano
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Those puppy dogs eyes 👀😍
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The sweetest capture of @modelmother with her beautiful little one eliana wearing our @louisemisha akriti dress (the blue has sold out but we do have the cream ✨
thank you for sharing @modelmother
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My little lucia 💗. she’s been so smiley and interactive lately, it’s so amazing how quickly they grow and change. i’m loving dressing her in all of my favourite pieces that theia wore as a baby. 😍 #luciamae
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There’s wonder, joy and magic when you look at the world through the eyes of a child. people are good until proven otherwise, cotton candy is one of life’s greatest gifts, everyday is a fresh start, scars are badges of honor, every trip to the park is a potential to make a new friend, mundane car trips are an adventure, the floor can turn into an active volcano at any point and random objects are used to dodge hot lava and they forgive quickly, they ask for what they want, they let themselves need people, they are honest, they invent solutions if they can’t find any and they accept people as they are. let’s learn from them, friends❤️
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F r ü h s t ü c k || 🥞☕️

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