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“onyx”, a handsome black throated monitor raised from a baby by @savi.serrott
black throats are the largest of the african “rock monitors” and are very intelligent. random fact: it is believed by locals that the blood of rock monitors can cure certain diseases such as hiv. these animals are often captured and sold so that the blood can be injected into people as a cure. while they are great at healing their own injuries and their blood may contain certain properties to help themselves fight off infections, the idea that their blood can directly cure humans is a myth!
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It’s been a long week away from home.
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Asian water monitors are some of the most iconic lizards out there! just look how incredible this animal is. fully at home both on land and in the water, you can even see that his tail is laterally compressed to aid in propelling his body through the water. these are some of the top predatory lizards on the planet and i’m always happy to spend some time with them!
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