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Loved this from @willsmith - i’d love for him to see my new video on relationships
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Type “yes” below if you’re going to do this and then come back tomorrow and tell me what changed! go!!!
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Take control is not like any other event i've done. this is for the individual who has a gift but for some reason you're still not operating in your gift or monetizing your gift. you were born to be great and you can't be great without utilizing your god given talents. let me help you take control. #takecontrol2018 . charlotte, nc - feb. 25 dallas, tx - march 18 limited tickets are available #linkinbio @etthehiphoppreacher 👈🏾
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This year, i am all about creating & trying new things that bring more meaning and aid my mental health at the same time. 🙌🏻 i’m sending this design out as a free download in my vip newsletter tonight (sign up at the link in my bio if you’re not already on the list. 👍🏻). . i’m also going to share a couple of new creative things i’ve been trying. i am always encouraging you to try lettering even when it’s something new for you and so it’s been good for me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things that challenge me but it feels so good! . so look out for that email tonight and don’t forget to sign up if you need to. (i’ll probably send it around 6pm pst). 🎉 💛-lisa
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Double tap and share 💪 follow @motivation_mondays for more daily quotes! . tag a friend . photo @youknowcyc_
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Stop feeding people who only want a plate to go.
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It's never about the price it's always about the spirit and the emotion that comes with it. what spirit are you giving with your current product/service ? ~via cj . swipe ⬅️ for an exclusive clip from #takecontrol2018 . coming to a city near you charlotte, nc - feb 25 dallas, tx - march 18 boston, ma - coming soon for more info click the link in my bio @etthehiphoppreacher 👈🏾
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Muthoni Kirumba
Friday briefing. posting this as l feel it will speak to a looooot of people. understand timelines and also if stuff is happening for you, at whatever angle, don’t rush others. understand your timeline but also understand that everyone is on their own lane, with their own phases and have their own timelines. and as for you grasshopper, don’t let anyone in this world ever rush you, okay? alright. just align to gods timing. #godstimingisperfecto #understandingtimelines
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"success is determined not by whether or not you face obstacles, but by your reaction to them. and if you look at these obstacles as a containing fence, they become your excuse for failure. if you look at them as a hurdle, each one strengthens you for the next." - ben carson - tag someone 🙏👇 - join the wolfpack ➡ @motivating.force for more inspirational quotes!
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Examine yourself in the light of these words, are you original? in your originality, it feels so great to be you!! i am enjoying the journey of evolving into a better me, yes it feels awesome to handle life with ease when you are just being you. . . #movingon #instagood #possible #control #businessquotes #entrepreneur #love #poetry #lovely #motivational #lifequote #takingastep #growth #hustle #successmindset #mindfulnessmeditation #splendidvibes #learntolive #lifecoach #education #newlifestlye #emtrepreneurlifestlye #beautiful #positivechange #positivevibesonly #successstory #confidentwoman #encouraged #epiclifestyle #lifegoals
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Александр Трубин
#АлександрТрубин - Избавьте себя от негативных людей! Самое страшное, в том, что есть люди которые не готовы себе в этом признаться! Если в вашей жизни есть люди, которых вы не уважаете, самое время спросить почему. Люди вокруг должны вдохновлять и помогать, а не тянуть вниз. Если не сбросить этот балласт, вы можете застрять на одном месте. В жизни есть только два Ваших состояния, деградация или развития, окружая себя людьми у которых выше результаты в жизни чем у Вас, это быстрое развитие для Вас! Уходите от тех людей, которые говорят Вам, сейчас не лучшее время, а вот тот виноват, по этому у меня не получилось, не хочу что то менять, стабильно Же !!!!! Снимите в первую очередь с себя иллюзию, не пытайтесь изменить других, только после того как сделаете свой новый результат вы сможете вдохновить другого человека на желания изменить себя и направить его на путь РАЗВИТИЯ!!! напиши в комментариях, что тебя вдохновило развиваться !???
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Our Nagpur
#ournagpur #motivational quote #later updates #news . . . . . follow #ournagpur
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James | ITV | Take Me Out
Morning guys 😀 this photo is very significant 😊 this was the day me and my boy @beswerikamya filmed the infamous james and kam - pony dance video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfajnpnzors @ginuwine for @mcguinness.p***y @takemeoutuk one thing my boy has taught me is keep going guys, stay positive, work hard and good things will come to you 👊 have a good weekend guys ❤️ #weekend #takemeoutuk #paddymcguinness #itv #television #show #garden #friends #food #drinks #keepgoing #positive #workhard #achieve #passion #fitness #music #dancing #ginuwine #pony #youtube #love #protein #slickrick #modelling #model #motivational #motivate
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I’m so happy to add these two books to my collection✨these kind of books are my biggest inspiration and motivation to set goals in my life and achieve them, to create the life i want for myself🌿
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Flash Angels
One minute - that's how much time you need to arrange your #training with your #flashangel #trainer
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Kushal " The Maniac " Vyas
“the perfect technique is one without much effort or conscious thought applied at the right time in the right direction, with the right amount of force – a spontaneous reaction to the opportunity presented by the opponent’s movement.” #zenbjj#jiujitsu#athlete#boxer#motivational#instagood
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