11 minutes ago
olidaumi : bel oiseau (2643m) 🏔🏞🏕 ——————————————————— bel oiseau summit
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Lorenza Landeta
2 hours ago
lorenzalandeta The mountains have become my landscape, my real world.
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Stefanie Fiegl
2 hours ago
stefaniefieglphotography Das war eine umgebung, dieses licht, das paar, die atmosphäre, so ziemlich perfekt. wenn ich aus dem fester blicke, sehe ich ein anders schauspiel ❄️ #warmegedanken umso schöner wenn man sich zurück denken kann. #wolvesworkshop #lagraciosa #thankyouforyourlife
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Turned To Stone Design
48 minutes ago
turned.to.stone.design I can't believe it is already wednesday! i feel like i haven't gotten anything done yet this week!! i am finishing packing up orders tomorrow, hoping to get everything posted by friday. then i can wait to get back to making!! 🙌😊🙌have a great night!
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dirty avocado.
57 minutes ago
cotezi She get it from her mama... 💁 (and her papa) circa 1987, chile 🇨🇱. turning 30 today and feeling complete gratitude for the two most important people in my life - my parents. growing up in chile we lived a simple life. this life consisted of traveling a bunch, going up and down the coast, basically selling rain jackets and duffel bags my parents made from scratch. it also consisted of exploring all the mountains and beaches as we went, and constantly moving. the memories aren’t the most vivid but i remember just being content all the time. it was this lifestyle that created the adventurer within me. i’m incredibly grateful for my parents encouraging me to enjoy and explore nature and for truly being there for me every step of the way. 👣 #30isthenew20
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