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Make time for the things you love 👣
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Worth the scrapes, bruises and sore legs for this view 😍
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Hey guys, phil from @phlyimages here taking over for the next few posts! i’m a photographer and graphic designer based in perth, western australia. this first shot was a bit of a bucket shot for me… i’ve been wanting to shoot the right for a while - its one of the heaviest waves in the world. it took 10hrs of driving that day to get the shot, even a flat battery and tyre change false start couldn’t stop me!
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Photography by @traunfoto “this photo was taken on an early fall day at lake mcdonald glacier national park in canada. it was mid morning and the water was eerily still, which is unusual as it is known for its windy conditions. i used my canon 5d mk3 and wide angle lens to get this shot, as well as a tripod which positioned my camera only inches off the water. to top it off, a giant cloud hovered over stanton peak and created a great reflection over the water.” #lake #reflection #sky #mountain #canada
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“when the lake meets the ocean. 🌊the water you can see on top of these massive cliffs is lake sørvágsvatn but the water down at the bottom of these exact same cliffs is the ocean! how amazing is that?!”
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Sligo’s local man 😍
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What an amazing sunset and reflection captured perfectly in this image!
photography | @shipwreckphotography
brisbane, australia
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Winter is coming
@grgcollier // #iceland
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5:30 am - wschód słońca z widokiem na tre cime. tego nie można przegapić. ⁣
⁣⁣5:30 am - sunrise with a view of tre cime. this can not be missed.⁣⁣
⁣⁣location: 🇮🇹italy | ⛰️dolomites | tre cime di lavaredo
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