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Mana drain (signed by mark tedin and richard garfield) is either the best or second-best counterspell variant ever printed (in contention with force of will). it is deceptively busted because it lets you power out a flurry of spells way ahead of curve. if your opponent has two untapped islands and you know they play mana drain, proceed with caution because draining anything is often enough to win the game.
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Ponder (altered by mark tedin) is (somehow) so strong that wizards thinks it should be restricted in vintage. who would have though!?
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Mox jet (altered by dan frazier) is one of the best cards in magic. my favorite thing to do with one black mana is cast dark ritual into winning the game (hypnotic specter works too). what is yours?
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What an amazing card from weatherlight! so stoked this is taking up one of our mythic slots— instead of something annoying, like liliana of the veil! i hate opening liliana of the veil.
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Oh beautiful akroma... made possible by the art of terese nielsen. i will try my luck with two masters 25 boosters on monday and will try making a video of it. the set makes me wonder... if there was any block you would like to go back in time to experience, which one would it be? follow my partners: @ofcardsandmen @tenshiokamimtg and.. @ilikemtg
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Tundra (altered by jesper myrfors) sees play in vintage mostly thanks to monastery mentor, swords to plowshares, balance, and hateful sideboard cards.
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Kozilek card #093: venser's journal venser was an artificer from urborg and a planeswalker affected by the time rift overshadowing the stronghold volcano. follow my partners: @ofcardsandmen @tenshiokamimtg
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Gifts ungiven (altered by d. alexander gregory) is an incredibly complicated card. being a perfectionist, i am almost afraid to play it! how do you feel about consistently making mistakes? if you never mess up, you probably are not challenging and improving yourself.
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Moon Play sMtG
Janky discard and mill edh deck i’m working on. #nebuchadnezzar #moonplaysmtg
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T I M “llama” W A L K E R
Why can’t they ban saheeli so i can do this in standard?! 👌🏻 totally rad magic accounts alert! @my_teacher_the_geek @mtguk @mtg_barrow @commandersarsenal @weliveformtg #️⃣ hashtags #mtg - #magicthegathering - #magic #mtgaddict - #mtgcommunity - #fnm #edh - #commander - #mtgaddicts #foilfriday - #mtgpimp - #mtgcard #cardboardcrack - #planeswalker - #ukmtg - #playmagic 👇🏻 feel free to drop a comment!
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Teecee - MTG
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A commander staple and a beautiful foil😍 #edh #mtg #foil #magicthegathering #mtgcard #mtgcommunity #commander #entomb
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Teecee - MTG
Tinker was the "best uncommon" in vintage, because you could sacrifice a mox to get darksteel colossus out at the first turn of the game and then have a time walk :d today there is blightsteel colossus, but tinker is still nice in t1 ^^ follow my friends and their awesome accounts: @zeyo_x3 @miakoriko @missmoonity @mtg.queen @mtgaltergirl ignore tags: #mtg #mtgcommunity #mtgcard #mtgcards #magic #magiccards #magicthegathering #magicthegatheringcard #magicgirl #mtggirl #edh #legacy #mtglegacy #powerstaples #mtgedh #mtgaddict #mtgaddicts #mtgcollection
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Daily Magic Muse
Recoup (signed by dave dorman) is a sweet spell that sees almost no play, but when it is cast against you, you will quickly know why it is so sweet.
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Teecee - MTG
I wonder, if this works better as a commander herself or if i should put her in kruphix instead?^^ follow my friends and their awesome accounts: @miakoriko @missmoonity @mtg.queen @mtgaltergirl ignore tags: #mtg #mtgcommunity #mtgcard #mtgcards #magic #magiccards #magicthegathering #magicthegatheringcard #magicgirl #mtggirl #edh #legacy #mtglegacy #powerstaples #mtgedh #mtgaddict #mtgaddicts #mtgcollection
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MTG 🤖 Vintage Toys Sarge & Red
What do think about this fella for dominara? protection from legends and destroy target legend.
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MTG Woeleecher
Meekstone is currently the only invention i own, and i even had to trade to get it. i guess i just don't have any luck with expeditions, inventions or invocations. how about you? follow my partners: @ofcardsandmen @tenshiokamimtg and.. @ilikemtg
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MTG Woeleecher
Lunar mystic with art by wesley burt. follow my partners: @ofcardsandmen @tenshiokamimtg and.. @ilikemtg
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