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I believe in health and fitness. one day at a time, one decision after another. believe in your passion and don’t stray from your gifts . gains tho!
8 122 September 2018


Keep moving forward, keep learning. follow your gut feeling and do your research. don’t allow fear to take place in your mind and heart.
11 90 October 2018


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😩off-season dad bod gone wrong😆

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Wore a crop to the gym today 😬 felt super self conscious but also motivated to work abs 😂 don’t mind me tag sticking out. slowly getting muscle back ☺️
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You have to decide who you want to become. do not wonder but rather challenge yourself and one another for the better. if you can become you can attract.
7 99 October 2018


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I can say the average person....., wrong focus buddy. see that is a problem, when was it the best decision to get distracted. laser focus, watch how much you can achieve. i am actually talking to myself. i need to set seeds of courage, strength, awareness, passion, vision, structure, love and prioritization. the road is long yet short at the same time. now, i ask myself what is your next move? i know i can do better, i will do better. gains tho!
10 72 October 2018


Good girl
pulang kerja kasi tipis dulu lemesin otot 🤙 #apbt #pitbull #americanpitbullterrier #muscles #adba #workout #workingout #workingdog #conditioning #doglovers #bali
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Go with the flow 💃 joining my dear sis meg for her new challenge #yogabodymoves .
🥰 i am not very creative with yoga flows. so it’s fun to do new things and get creative. .
your hosts:
🤸‍♀️ @yogameg.uk
🤸‍♀️ @annecyogagirl
🤸‍♀️ @trachoy.yoga
🎁 @lotuscrafts_meditation
🎁 @vayumudra
🎁 @wavyogawheel
🎁 @anjaliclothing
🎁 @atmasofferings
🎁 @ubefit_uk .
day 1 - hamstrings - #pyramidpose, #reverseplank day 2 - quadriceps - camel pose, chair pose;
day 3 - glutes - half lord of the fishes pose, bridge pose;
day 4 - abdominals - bow pose, boat pose;
day 5 - pectorals - wide legged forward fold with arms overhead, plank;
day 6 - triceps - cow face pose (arms), four legged staff pose;
day 7 - trapezius - eagle arms, cobra pose.

@quantumyoga @igyogachallenges @igchallenges @yogachallengeworld #igyogachallenge #yogachallenge #decemberyogachallenge #asana #muscles #yogamuscles #yoga #stretch #yogastrength
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We are all learning at different pace. what we learn is base on what we desire. i am talking on a nutrition stand point, but the rules seems to apply to most things. the journey is good, my weakness is been consistent at achieving new heights. be yourself, gains tho!
5 101 October 2018


Push to be a better you and don’t compare yourself to others. be the best you can possibly be and don’t give up no matter how hard it gets 🤞🏻
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Each meal is special, each ideas are worth coming into this world. working on my skills to make the most of what i have. enjoy the process and keep learning. take pride in your work, bonne appétit!
10 104 October 2018