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Tienes mi corazon💫
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Dear michael jonathan,
buckle up you spork this is going to be a long one. where to begin, where to begin. a whole year of annoying each other. a whole year of memes, edits and rants. a whole year of ups and downs. a whole f*****g year of being the most iconic friendship to hit the rp community. it baffles me that for 365 days you’ve consciously decided to talk and interact with me when others have decided otherwise. we’ve actually made it work with two different time zones and two very different schedules. (with some trial and error but we will ignore it) i can’t express how much i appreciate your virtual companionship and how you’re the only one who gives a d**n about me and furiously protects me from the rest of the world. one of earliest memories i have of us is me changing my profile picture to mock you and from there the teasing only got worse, but so so much more fun. (see slide 2) thank you for being able to take a joke and for enjoying my memes. speaking of memes remember that time we decided gavin was our son and he has been forever, good times. (refer to slides 3 and 4) i know whenever i log on there’s going to be laughs and just smiles because of you from my side of the screen—whether we’re on together for 10 minutes or 5 hours. even when i’m not on i know i will log on to videos and edits of our faves, whether it’s stelena, ross + rachel, or marvel. also remember when you used to fight me on how much dc was better and marvel s****d a*s but now you appreciate marvel? i would like to think i had a piece of that. but from there on the characters had a different meaning to me, especially steve and bucky. god, i love you more than sebastian stan’s thighs. (that’s a lot). i could sit here and ramble about all of the things i love you lore than, the moon, my ships, my books—but i’m saving that for this theme. (the first theme i will finish. if it kills me) so i’m not going to conclude this just yet but consider this a part one of about 9 rambles you’re getting from me, oh so very soon! i love you mikey.
so for now,
arabella. ♡
07/18/2018 (a day early but whatever)
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Like & cmt your name lbl for a tbh
[lark]in e. montgomery!
seventeen. engaged to chandler and coen. taurus. cat dad. pansexual. skater boy. versatile. five foot six. flirt god. disgusting kinks. slightly dead inside. younger brother to zayn. will not admit hes wrong even if he is. billie eilish, xxxtentacion & p!atd stan. gullible enough to believe all the conspiracy theories out there. believes cats are better than dogs. cannot spell for shit. possibly could be your dream boy. open to poly relationships. will pop your personal space bubble. huge softie. hmu if you ain't fake.
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Kalani duran 🍯. -
sixteen. five two. nobody's. bisexual. ash is one weave snatching bitch. annoying as hell. spams people i like. gets attached easily. overprotective. defensive asf. quotes vines 25/8, ya just don't know it. doesn't like most people. will steal your sweatshirt. hates the "😋" emoji. comment seven times for a rate and dm b***h ‼
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Aubree thomas
sixteen. single. boy kisser💏 loves puppies. only drinks iced coffee. loves stranger things and riverdale. so hmu bc i promise it will be worth ur while

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Cheesin’ 🌞🌞
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Olive j. nicolai 📿🍸🌊
your favourite italian gal. eighteen. single and a raging bisexual. wants to be a journalist. her favourite musical/movie is 'heathers', and she adores veronica sawyer very much. biggest 'how i met your mother' stan ever. she thinks she's funny and loves to share her weird humor with her friends!
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Happy mensiv 1bulan glad💖😌
w/ @gladyatala_
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