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MadWhips World's Hottest Cars
17 hours ago
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Football / Soccer
17 hours ago
That moment when you get an airport named after you, but the painting in your honour looks like shit.... 😂


My Dog Is Cutest
17 hours ago
Have you tried cuddles, the honest kitchen’s new grain-free cookie treats? these gourmet training treats are made with wild caught fish & pumpkin and contain just 8 calories in each cookie! follow @honestkitchen and click the link in my bio to learn more!


17 hours ago
You might forget you're at the beach with a view like this. 🌞🌴🚗 #mercedesamg #mercedes #amg #performance #drivingperformance #slc43 #power #passion #luxury #lifestyle #cars #carsofinstagram [fuel consumption combined: 7.8 l/100km | co2 emissions: 178 g/km]


Amazing Cars
17 hours ago
Follow 🚀@nextlevelfuture 🚀 i guarantee you've never seen anything like this before! [email protected]️ @nextlevelfuture🚀 [email protected]️ @nextlevelfuture🚀


The New Yorker
17 hours ago
“i believe that self-defense is very important,” parisa haghighi says, “especially for women, because we all need to know how to protect ourselves.” since the 2016 election, the martial-arts community has become a haven for those looking to learn how to respond to hate speech and action. produced in collaboration with @topicstories for our health, medicine, and the body issue.


17 hours ago
Giggles galore. 😂 #bts of @lorealmakeup's #voluminous campaign w/ @harinef + @keaton.diane. #👸🏻 #imgstars


Marnie The Dog
17 hours ago
Hi from the sky


Sasha Pieterse
17 hours ago
Waiting for the weekend like...


Dogs On Adventures™
18 hours ago
Love the adventure! looks like they are posing for a album cover... . suggestions on names? - bernz4eva? berntallica? slobber, drool, and shed? . thanks @berneseoforegon for sharing! . wouldn't it be pawsome if you tagged your photos 📸 with @dogsonadventures to be featured!


Fox News
18 hours ago
Officials from the u.s. coast guard unveiled the result of a series of massive drug busts over a 26-day period at a #florida port tuesday which netted 16 tons of cocaine. read more about this story at foxnews.com.


18 hours ago
Photograph by @andyparkinsonphoto/@thephotosociety coot diving for freshwater molluscs – if i could give a single piece of advice to an aspiring wildlife photographer, or to a keen amateur looking to improve their technique it would be to concentrate on working locally. not only is this cheaper, more convenient and much more environmentally friendly but by being able to spend time simply observing you will start to notice all of the subtle nuances in various aspects of a particular location. this might be the subtleties in the fall of light at different times of the year and how, as the sun completes its daily, and ever changing arc in the sky, how the fall of light changes. alternatively it might be the subtle nuances in an animal or birds behavior, how they interact or raise their young and how these behaviors change with the seasons. what you’ll also quickly come to realise is that no day is ever the same and there is always a new image to be captured, always a new behaviour to be seen and a new experience to be enjoyed. at this particular site where this coot image was captured it’s a place that i’ve worked for 15 years, on hundreds of different occasions but every single time that i go i learn something new, observe something different or develop a new idea for an image that had previously escaped my notice. on this day, and the days previously, i’d watched these coots diving for freshwater molluscs and that on windless days, at dawn, the water in the shade would become this deep, rich blue colour. it was then simply a case of spending time watching the coots, learning to pick up on the little behavioural cues that they’d give in the moments before a dive and then simply anticipating accordingly. here a coot is in mid-air, caught the split second before its bill penetrates the water. please #followme at @andyparkinsonphoto to keep up-to-date with both my images and my tips to improve your photography @andyparkinsonphoto @thephotosociety @natgeo #coot #phototips #ethicsbeforeimages #nature #naturelovers #wildlife #wildlifephotography


Elle Magazine
18 hours ago
😐😐😐 @victoriabeckham, killing the slogan tee game.


Wilmer Valderrama
18 hours ago
People often ask me.. "hey wilmer... how's it when you guys are in btw takes"..... well.. #screwthepooch 😒 staring @jenniferesposito.jwaybakery


18 hours ago
👅 | 🔁: @iamhalsey


Unique Audi Photography
18 hours ago
R8aw! which color would you get your r8 in? car: 2017 @audi r8 v10 plus (610hp, v10 5.2 na) performance: 0-100kmh(62mph): 2.87seconds (tested), 3.2 seconds (official) color: vegas yellow metallic location: doha, qatar facebook: facebook.com/auditography youtube: youtube.com/auditography camera: canon eos 5d mark ii / 24-70 thanks to: audi qatar (@audiqatar) remember, all my photos are available on my popular facebook page, where you can download them in their high quality. #audi #r8 #v10plus #v10 #plus #carlifestyle #supercar #sportscar #quattro #caroftheday #photooftheday #wantanr8 #newr8 #unique #love #yolo #speed #night #luxury #audir8 #audirs #rs #fourrings #beautiful #amazing #cars #photography #canon #audioutdoors #tractiontuesday


Food Place ❤️
18 hours ago
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Patrick Adams
18 hours ago
All of the above?