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2 years ago today i drove down to denver after offering 100$ for the “runt nobody wanted. “ i met them on a street corner, she took my money and handed me “princess” and walked away. i drove across the street to an arby’s and got her some water to drink and cleaned her because she’d clearly never been bathed or spent much time out of a kennel. she was 4 months old. miss baby gemma has been the best thing to ever happen to me, and with my whole heart i can say it’s the best $100.00 i’ll ever spend.❤️❤️❤️ #happyadoptionday #furbaby #pittielove #myrescuerescuedme
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I am so grateful for these two snuggly loves of my life. despite the long hours my work keeps me from you and the late nights my drinking stole from you or made you worried, you both were always there. you nuzzled in under my arms in the moments when i was lost in my deepest, darkest thoughts. you’d spend all day reminding me you needed me and that you loved me, even if i made you stay in bed all day with me. you nursed me through my worst hangovers. i love you guys most of all for keeping me alive and giving me a finite reason to stay on this earth when i wasn’t so sure. #womansbestfriend #elvisthehounddog #charliebean #snuggles #comfort #support #doggielove #soberlife #sober #gratitudeinsobriety #depression #anxiety #ptsd #adhd #suiciderescue #myrescuerescuedme #alcoholics #aa #alcoholicsanonymous #oldcentralgroup #charlestonsc #soberincharleston #alcoholdependence #cdap #addiction #recovery #22dayssober #22days
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When i found this guy on the side of the road 10 months ago, i honestly didn’t have the time or the money or the space to keep him. at least not with the priorities i had set in place back then. .
i’d arranged my life to fit cats. low maintenance, no real routine, low cost. it was a comfortable situation. this dog came blazing into my life and taught me so many lessons about priorities, time management, patience, and confidence. i’ve had to completely change the way i spend my days and nights. .
i made the time because he was counting on me. my limits became excuses to overcome. not certainties. .
this lesson is how i strive to approach my efforts to coach others who feel that their current inner dialogue is telling them that they can’t make something happen. they can’t be fit because of time, space, money. they can’t eat healthy because of time, space, money. they can’t be a coach because of time, space, money. .
you see, what you make non-negotiable, you make possible. no matter the limitations that stand in your way. you are more than your excuses. you can make changes. you just have to decide that there is no other option.
what are you going to make non-negotiable in your life from now on? let me know below ❤️ i would love to help you get there.
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You drive me crazy, but i love you so much. my walking buddy. my snuggle buddy. my buddy through thick and thin. #husky #akita #malamute #myrescuerescuedme
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Glamour shots with the lovely miss peggy sue olsen. that fourth leg may not work, but she’s my best bug hunter, my watch cat, the reincarnation of my beloved thurman’s grumpy cat face, and one of the best cats there is. ❤️ #excusethepillowsihaveanimals #catsofinstagram #kittensofinstagram #tabbycat #catlife #mygirl #crazycatlady #ilovemycats #meow #modelkitten #tripodkitten #adoptdontshop #rescuesofinstagram #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #myrescuerescuedme #peggysuethekitten @bjjsurfer30
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Dak said hang in there friday is almost here !!! #mybabyboy💙 #furmomlife🐾 #adoptdontshop #myrescuerescuedme #rescuefamily🐾 #helookssweetandinnocent
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How could i turn this story and this face down ❤️ #myrescuerescuedme
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Getting our #tutus fitted for @holy_cao @makingstridessandiego #breastcancerawareness link in our bio to donate or join our cause
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