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Finally! a photo from the breeder! this little ball of fluff is going to be my sisfur very soon - she looks small and sweet. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸŒΈ#yuri #yurithecat #mysisfur #kittensofinstagram #cutie #yuritherussianblue #russianbluesofinstagram #russianblue #russischblau #russianbluesforever
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When the pupper finally stays still for a second and responds to the command “look” πŸΎπŸ’“ #nailedit #smartestdogintheworld #mysisfur #bordercollie #timelesstess
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Dis is my sisfur sami sue thomas! isn’t she beautiful?!? jt is in the background too! .
sami is such a sweetheart. she has an orange spot on her head and it won’t wash out! her belly gets really orange and so do her hind quarters sometimes! .
at 11 years old, she is the matriarch of the litter box and she is such a kind and gentle kitty - well, until sherlock or i play too hard or chase her when she doesn’t want to be chased and she will bop us really hard upside our heads!
i mean she has a tough upper cut πŸ₯Šand right paw hook πŸ₯Š ! .
daddy says she learned it from the streets when she was having to survive on dumpster food and life in a parking lot - until our she found our humans and they fell in love and adopted her! .
(ps: so, sami has been helping me find a sweetie and encouraging me to do this and do that to get to know other sweet kitties more)! she talks a lot to my besties @maddie_the_ragdoll and @scottythecaat fur advise too!
question: should i’z keep taking sami’s tips and purr advise? ? ? .
she says i should become furriends first and always always be kind, polite and get to know their meowmie and any siblings too! and, go to pawties, see different pawts of the world, share yummy food and hang out wif them and have fun! sami says i have a big heart and i’m so loving and sweet and i will find my sweetie! ♻️
my #couplegoals❀ are @maddie_the_ragdoll and @scottythecaat !
hope mew have a pawesome day and remember to be kind and put your paw down on bullying!
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sisfur sami sue saying happy #tongueouttuesday furriends and humans! she’s a sweetheart and i’m glad she’s my big sisfur πŸΎπŸΎπŸŽ€πŸ’•β€ΌοΈ sweet sami story: she was an itty bitty kitty just a couple of weeks or so old when she found my humans in a hotel parking lot where they were staying one night after dinner.
sami was with other kitties eating french fries 🍟 because they were all homeless 😿 and she ran up to their hotel room door, looked at the humans (our puuurents) and then she ran into their hotel room!!! and, that, furriends, was the start of their love for my sisfur in 2006! she is so sweet πŸ’•. they washed her in the sink that night 3x - she was so dirty and my daddy thought her orange 🍊 spot on her head would wash out 😹😹😹. (it did not - it’s part of her coloring 😹). they swaddled her in a towel and she slept in between them that night (but hasn’t since 😹). sami sue is the matriarch of the litter πŸ“¦ in our house. when we chase her too much and it annoys her, she will bop me on my head 😾. brofur “sherlock” thomas will be in a photo soon! he’s #23pounds 😻😽 #seymourthomas #ragdollkitty #cutecatsofig #mysisfur #mainecoon **sami reminds me of my beautiful and pawesome furriend “nef” who inspires me to be grateful!
@quidditycat 😻❀️u! #coi
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Checking in on my little sis chaya. she had her #biggirlsurgery and needed some tips from we's. zimba dint know what to do but i's went and planted soft kissies on her face. she's doing a lot better already. you can give her your loves too. she is @chaya_may_be_little 😻❀️#sisfur #sisfurlove #mysisfur #catsanddogs #catswholovedogs #dogsandcats #catsarentallbad #catsarelovee #catsarelove
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My sisfur cinni acting a little cray-cray! 😹 happy friday furriends! πŸ’ž my meowmy is insanely busy & apurrciates all the tags. she said she’s sorry she can’t do all the challenges but she’s got some big events she’s trying to land with her lipsense stuff. πŸ’„ she said i get a surprise if she gets them! 😻 have a great weekend everypawdy!! #sillysisfur #happyfriday
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I love everything about her. especially her ears 😍 #pitbull #dog #mocamae #myfursister #mysisfur #radarears #radarup #sunny #fall #loveher #browneyes #fawn
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And now all is well with the world πŸ’•#kisses #mysisfur #rescuedogsrock #familygoals #homesweethome🏑
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So proud of me sisfur for finally becoming a member of the #qwiltyclub! so proud of this one! #mysisfur #laila #cavapoo #proudbigsisfur ❀️
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If only everyone was so happy to see you.πŸ˜‰ lucy missed me a lot i guess. when she came over to visit today she couldn't get enough kisses, pets and snuggles from me. #mysisfur #sisfur
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Wishing my sisfur luci lou the happiest first birthday at the rainbow bridge! tomorrow would have been her 8th birthday, so mom baked her a special peanut butter birthday cake and i got to eat it! hedgehogs were luci's very favorite toy, so mom even got a brand new one for me to have. we love you lou lou, we miss you everyday! #teamluci #curepetcancer #mysisfur #happybirthday #angel #walterwhite #corgimix #corgination #dogsofinstagram
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