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✍ just practicing... swipe for a closer look! how does it look?

i loved sketching this cute girl, the angle was kind of unique! i found the reference at @milomilo_official - a pretty amazing account with lots of inspiring pics!

ohhhh, and guys, i'm experimenting a bit with videos lately, so expect to see more of those soon! so exciting!

hope you have an amazing weekend!

praticando... deslize para um zoom!

adorei desenhar essa menina, o ângulo é bem incomum! o que acham?

a referência é do @milomilo_official , uma conta com fotos super inspiradoras!

ahhh!! ando experimentando com vídeos, então esperem ver mais desses nos próximos tempos!! estou super animada!! otimo finde pra todos!
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Under the sea...literally 😂 tag a friend‼️⠀

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After 22 years live in this province finally i decided to have some image of this country on my sketchbook 😁thanks to @jaume.creus for video پس از گذشت ٢٢ سال اقامت در اين كشور كه هرگز به اون دلبستگى نداشته ام حاظر شدم چند تصوير از اين شهر در دفتر طراحى ام به يادگار بگذارم، من نقاش و طراح فظا هاى شهرى نيستم من نميدونم كى هستم و چى هستم فقط اون كارى كه احساس ميكنم بايد بكنم را انجام ميدم درست و غلطش باشه براى اونهايي كه دفتر زندگى منًو ورق خواهند زد 🤣
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Chelsea wolfe - flame
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