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I’ll be honest.. i’ve never really been a huge fan of cake 🀷🏼‍♀️ (unless, of course, it has the word “cookie”, “ice cream”, “cheese”, or “pan” in front of it..) πŸͺ — sadly, we didn’t have any of the first 3 in the house this morning, so birthday pancakes will have to do for now πŸ₯ž but you better believe i’ll be on the hunt for one (or all) of the others later πŸŽ‚ — favorite kind of “cake”? let me know in the comments!πŸ‘‡πŸΌ
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Happy rd day! it is a dream for me to finally be a dietitian & to work in this field. i have the most amazing nutrition rockstars in my corner & i could not be more appreciative to call them my friends! i’m treating myself to ✨bananas + cinnamon swirl sunflower seed butter✨ (in a reusable jar, of course) #nationalrdday #dietitian #nationalnutritionmonth #zerowaste
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Say hello to the perfect dinner spread via @onceuponapumpkin πŸ‘‹πŸΌ #simpletip: make it a habit fill your plate with colorful plants for a phytonutrient-packed meal. try one new vegetable every time you go to the grocery store. πŸ‡πŸ₯¦πŸ“πŸ₯‘ #nationalnutritionmonth #healthyhabits
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Our #nyp registered dietitians are always working to share evidenced-based nutrition information. whether it's ensuring patients receive the best nutritional care while in the hospital, providing education to keep our communities and employees healthy, or teaching the future dietitians of tomorrow, they are going further with food every day. in honor of #registereddietitianday, tap the link in our bio to learn more about #nypnutrition. #nationalnutritionmonth cc: @weillcornell @columbiamed
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πŸŽ‰ giveaway time!! πŸŽ‰ . in honor of #nationalnutritionmonth, i’m giving away a goodie basket filled with products from some of my absolute favorite food companies πŸ’ƒπŸΌ one lucky winner will receive over $100 worth of products from @siggisdairy, @crazyrichardspb, @eatbanza, @kindsnacks, @manitobaharvest, @squareorganics, and @eatenlightened! πŸ‘πŸΌ . to enter, all you need to do is: 1. like this photoπŸ‘†πŸΌ 2. make sure you’re following me (@bytesizednutrition ) 3. tag 2 friends in the comments section of this post ✨ bonus entry ✨ share about this giveaway on your instagram stories (make sure to tag me so i can see it!) . giveaway will remain open until 11:59 pm monday, 3/19. winner will be selected at random and announced on my stores. us residents only. this giveaway is in no way affiliated with instagram. may the luck ‘o the irish be with you! πŸ€πŸŒˆ
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Hey friends! we're wendy & jess from @foodheavenshow we're so excited to announce that this year, we'll be creating fun and engaging content that highlight one of our favorite fruits...blueberries! to celebrate, we're doing a vitamix #giveaway (!!!) for national nutrition month. 1️⃣ make sure you’re following @littlebluedynamos already, 2️⃣ head on over to our page, give us a follow @foodheavenshow , and check out the latest post to enter. also check out today's stories to learn why we love blueberries so much. can't wait for you to see what we have in store in the coming months! #nationalnutritionmonth. the winner will be chosen at random and announced on 3/16/18. open to us only for shipping reasons. please note that this #giveaway is not endorsed by instagram. participants need to be 18 and older, no purchase necessary.
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Who else is ready to dig in to this mediterranean-inspired meal?! πŸ™‹‍♀️ recipe πŸ‘†
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Getting back into the swing of things this week has been hard. πŸ™‡πŸ»‍♀️ not going to lie! πŸ™ƒ but it was a lot easier coming home to a big box of organic produce from @calorganicfarms! πŸ₯•πŸŒΏπŸŒΆ i'm still super into the warm veggies over greens combo (try it if you haven't! thank you @amandablechman for the inspo!), and adding creammmyyy goat cheese doesn't hurt either! 😍 i shared this πŸ‘†πŸΌ roasted beet and goat cheese salad on citnutritionally.com πŸ₯— earlier this week and it's been sooo yummy all week long! #calocreators
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It's #nationalnutritionmonth, and my buddy @addolphin is here to show you a great new way to cleanse your body to start getting back into shape! find out more about @dherbs at www.dherbs.com
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Ellen Byron & Associates
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RSU14 School Nutrition Program
Ok! we are on the letter o as we eat our way through the alphabet. oranges, okra, olives.... check out our menus today to see what we are serving! #eatyourwaythroughthealphabet #nationalnutritionmonth #nnm18 #goforwardwithfood #fruitsandveggiesathroughz
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Healthy snack options for kids! we continue our series on healthy eating for our kids. some kids like to snack so make it nutritious. every bite counts 😁 #nationalnutritionmonth #healthykids #healthyfamily #healthysnacks #nutritiousfoods #thrivewholefoods #accra #ghana
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Sasha Michelle
My morning is starting extra early today!!! i’m starting with this amazing smoothie full of nutrients from... fresh grapefruit juice, mango, honey crisp apple, pear, ginger, jalapeño pepper, kale, chobani greek vanilla yogurt, and plant protein! #smoothie #smoothies #nationalnutritionmonth #fitfam #fitfamily #fitness #fitnesslifestyle #model #modellife #life #lifestyle #fitfoodie #chicago #chicagogram #blogger #blog #lifestyleblogger #lifestylephotography #smoothieoftheday #food #foodstagram #foodphotography #vitamins #nutrition #paleo #cleaneating #cleaneats #nomnom #tasty #yummy thanks @bonnerj21 for your inspiring smoothie post yesterday
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Eat Right Live Well
Don't listen to the negative comments. your body is perfect, no matter what size you are. embrace your body type, work hard, set goals, be healthy and constantly remind yourself that you are good enough. health at every size. eat right, live well. #perfectbody #bodytype #workhard #embraceyourbody #behappy #behealthy #healthateverysize #healthateveryage #healthyeating #healthandfitness #healthandwellness #nationalnutritionmonth #nationalnutritionmonth2018 #nutrition #nutritionist #americannutrition #lebanesenutrition #dietitian #lebanon #beirut #kuwait #dubai #uae #eatclean #eathealthy #eatrightlivewellamericandietclinic
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Jia Li
Best brunch ever! #sanfrancisco #intercontinental #markhopkins #sundayfunday #brunch #pegactiveworkshop #nationalnutritionmonth i skipped the entire dessert table, and had fresh fruits for dessert! @pegactive
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Emily Sullivan
Omg. these black bean brownies by @straightouttacompstonkitchen are the. best. way to #gofurtherwithfood 😍 they are rich, fudgy, gluten and dairy free, and packed with protein with only 160 calories each (plain, that is). you can find the recipe for these on their blog! fun fact: brownies were the first thing i learned how to bake, when i was 6 years old πŸ‘πŸ½! . . . πŸ’ƒπŸ½since it's #sundayfunday , obviously i had to be a little bit extra and add a tablespoon of finely ground coffee to the batter, as well as my own homemade #plantbased caramel sauce, as if these weren't decadent enough already πŸ˜‹! i like to say if you're eating a healthy, balanced diet habitually, you can have a little indulgence when you want to. . . πŸ‘©πŸ½‍🍳 coconut milk caramel sauce πŸ₯₯. 2 tbsp dark brown sugar 1/3 cup canned coconut milk sprinkle of sea salt . . melt the sugar in a sauce pan over low heat. when it is liquid, slowly pour in and whisk the coconut milk. simmer the mixture until it becomes shiny and coats the back of a spoon. stir in salt and pour over brownies (about 1 tsp per brownie) while still warm. if you have some left over, store it in a glass jar in the refrigerator and soften it by placing the jar in a hot water bath. this also goes amazingly in coffee β˜•πŸ˜ #dessert #brownies #healthyish #thrivedontdeprive #vegetarian #glutenfree #dairyfree #chocolate #delicious #baking #yum #decadent #rd2be #nationalnutritionmonth #realfood #realpeople #keepingitreal #foodie #instafood #instagood #foodiesofinstagram
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Variety abounds when using vegetables as pizza topping. try broccoli, spinach, green peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini or kale. on the menu tonight- pesto, prosciutto, shallot, and kale pizza all on a homemade dough. πŸ‘Š oh kale yes!!
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Fenella Smith
I could tell you exactly how many pounds and inches that madeleine lost in the weeks between thanksgiving and christmas and new years. but you know what’s more important...the fact that she got her life back. i hear often that people aren’t ready to do xyz to get healthy because of a whatever holiday or event or season. but really, how much more life did she enjoy because she committed to make the changes necessary? anybody think she feels like she missed out? 😜 “44lbs & 36+ inches are gone forever. i’m off on all meds for cholesterol and acid reflux. no more aches and pains. sugar is down. joining the program is the best decision i ever made!” πŸ’• anybody else ready to do what it takes and make the trade? bad habits for good ones, lethargy for energy, meds for freedom. your move. #healthcoachinthehouse #nationalnutritionmonth #takebackyourhealth
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Ashley πŸ’š Pediatric Dietitian
This week’s 60-minute #vvmealprepchallenge! if you missed my story with this, hop on over to the @milknhoneynutrition website to catch my full breakdown (link in profile). i give you the step-by-step game plan for how i got our featured meal plan from this week (with milk & honey nutrition) prepped in under 60 minutes. whether you take a peek at this game plan tonight once the littles are down or during “nap time” (even with one kid awake, like i did with this prep seshπŸ™‹πŸΌ‍♀️), i think reviewing this post and gaining insight on some of my simple how to’s to simplifying a menu for the week will help any novice meal prepper feel more apt to give it a try! just let this be your reminder: you don’t need to spend all day in the kitchen to get yourself ready for the week ahead πŸ‘ŠπŸ» —— #mealprep #mealprepsunday #mealprepmonday #mealplan #mealplanning #momlife #dietitianlife #healthydinnerideas #healthyfastfood #healthyfood #registereddietitian #mealprepping #dietitianapproved #dietitianmom #dietitianeats #wholefoods #healthyfamily #cleaneating #cleaneatingideas #mealprepiscool #mealpreplife #mealpreponfleek #mealprepideas #nationalnutritionmonth #dietitianeats #dietitiansofig
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Jessie McAllister
We’ve all heard that sugar is bad for our teeth. but why? . it’s time for another #nationalnutritionmonth series with registered holistic nutritionist, shannon gilchrist @shann8822 . this week we are talking about foods that are bad for your health... and your teeth! . sugar is what we consider an antinutrient. when we consume foods high in sugars, our bodies are actually robbed of essential vitamins and nutrients. sugar is naturally acidic and causes the body's ph balance to shift. in an effort to rebalance itself, the body will pull neutralizing minerals from the bones resulting in weakened and cavity prone teeth. . the bacteria in your mouth will feed on the sugar you eat and the resultant acidic byproduct produces a hole in your tooth, also known as a cavity! the bacteria will also use the sugars as a type of glue to stick together and form plaque on your teeth. . make sure you practice good o**l hygiene every day and visit your dentist regularly to help avoid these problems before they start!
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Fitness is a journey, not a destination! let #ampexofficial help you get fit and stay fit! β € check out the link in our bio for: πŸ’₯ exercise tutorials πŸ’₯ free fitness tracker πŸ’₯ premium fitness products . . . #ampexofficial#ampexwomen #fitnessapp #detox #girlswholift #fitfam#transformation #nationalnutritionmonth #fifteendayfitness #womenshealth
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Mallory C Grubler MS, RDN, CDN
Feeling hella grateful tonight for these two chickens - & additionally for the four incredible parents who raised us. πŸ’™πŸŒ not many can say that they have four humans in their life who care for them unconditionally. we can. πŸ’™ sliding into monday, all i can think is - "the universe does not always give us what we want, but it for sure gives us what we need." ➑ may you all see the bright side this week πŸ’– ➑ see it, & hold on tight πŸ˜™πŸŒ #ohana #family #siblings #squad #strong #positivevibes #happiness #dinner #goodvibes #happyplace #sunday #sundayfunday #sundaynight #latepost #latergram #weekend #mondaymotivation #grateful #nutritionexpert #soulfood #gratitude #strength #nationalnutritionmonth #motivationmonday #inspiration #fitfam #gains #fitfamily #inspo #inspire
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Mand annual meeting 2018 is upon us!! we are looking forward to our new location: martin’s west follow along in with stories and be sure to tag #mand2018 with your annual meeting posts & stories! see you tomorrow. #mand2018 #nutritionexpert #dietitian #rd2be #nationalnutritionmonth
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