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The night sky in some of these parks are just surreal! #wnexplorer 📷: @dillon.sterling⠀
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She is beauty and she is grace, she stuffed a lot of salmon in her face...⁣

congrats to bear 435 holly for reigning supreme as 2019 #fatbearweek comes to a close. 435 holly really packed on the pounds before hibernation. in just a little over two months, she completely transformed. there is no shame in winning this contest as large amounts of body f*t in brown bears is indicative of good health and strong chances of survival! thanks to all who followed this year’s competition! ⁣

image: 435 holly at @katmainpp/ l. carter⁣

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Ox wanders off...lose 2 days⁣

date: october 13⁣
weather: cold⁣
health: dysentery again? ⁣
food: what food?⁣
next landmark: 60 miles⁣
miles traveled: are we there yet? ⁣

life on the oregon trail was tough. travelers had to endure weather, terrain, equipment issues, weather, disease, oh, and weather to cross the 2,170 mile stretch of land starting in missouri and ending in oregon. many parts of the trail are still preserved in national parks like scotts bluff national monument in nebraska. also, it’s october. is that snow? what happened to fall?⁣

image: covered wagon in the elements at scott’s bluff. nps/kayla gasker⁣

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“the vision must be followed by the venture. it is not enough to stare up the steps - we must step up the stairs” vance havner 🥾———————————————————————————photocredit📸 @joecerra #nationalparkservice #cvnp #optoutside #findyourpark
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What we say (🔷)⁣
what we really mean (🔶)⁣

🔷 please be cautious around wild animals.⁣

🔶 you better have good life insurance.⁣

🔷 thank you for not littering.⁣

🔶 what the…do you need another sign?⁣

🔷 don’t feed the wildlife.⁣

🔶 that squirrel may look cute, but it will take a bite out of your finger faster than the sound of a ranger saying i told ya so.⁣

🔷 keep safety in the picture.⁣

🔶 nice selfie. what’s that blurry mass of horns and fur coming up behind you?⁣

🔷 adventure is out there.⁣

🔶 so are bears, wolves, cliffs, canyons, rocks, and other visitors. have fun, but be careful.⁣

image: sprague lake in autumn at rocky mountain national park, colorado. nps/ w. kaesler⁣

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oh, hello there. how about some red-tailed hawk facts?⁣

📍scientific name: buteo jamaicensis⁣

📍classification: aves⁣

📍family: accipitriformes⁣

📍habitat: forests, fields, your nightmares⁣

📍diet: carnivore. why are you backing away? ⁣

📍weight: 3 pounds⁣

📍size: 18 to 26 inches⁣

📍speed: 20-40mph, 120mph when driving. sorry. diving. ⁣

📍lifespan: 21 years⁣

📍other names: chicken hawk, wingo starr, flyer labeouf, hawky ⁣

image: red-tailed hawk checking in on lowell national historical park, massachusetts⁣

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It’s a nice day for a light sweater. it’s a nice day for a cardigaaaaan!⁣

are you ready for sweata weatha? perhaps a stroll through the golden aspen at colorado’s curecanti national recreation area? along with leaf-peeping, curecanti also offers opportunities for hiking, boating, camping, and bird watching. what are some favorite parks you like to explore in the fall?⁣

image: aspen trees in all of their fall glory at curecanti nra.⁣

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“but, meh. just a mountain of sand.” - online review⁣

nestled in southern colorado, this park features ...well, sand. but not just any sand. north america's tallest dunes, which rise over 750 feet high against the rugged sangre de cristo mountains. not bad. but wait, there’s more. the park includes alpine lakes and tundra, six peaks over 13,000 feet in elevation, ancient spruce and pine forests, large stands of aspen and cottonwood, grasslands, and wetlands—all habitat for diverse wildlife and plant species.⁣

image: hills of sand in front of mountain covered in golden aspen trees.⁣

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