Amanda Queen
19 minutes ago
amandaqueen We've had the nicest time waiting for tiny! i truly can't appreciate the quiet time lately enough. schedules are clear, projects done, and the house is ready. we didn't have this at all with zula since she surprised us coming 3 weeks early! #falliscoming #crunchymama #naturalmama #fallbaby #pregnant #38weekspregnant #coolnights #fire #patiolife #sandiego #fall #besttimeoftheyear #weekendvibes #babygirl #waiting #family
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Felice Devine
27 minutes ago
essentiallyhappyliving Essential oil tip: when you are feeling stagnant, inhale cypress essential oil directly from the bottle. inhaling cypress can have a grounding and stimulating effect on the emotions. . . . . . . #doterrainspiration #doterralove #doterra #essentialoils #essentialoiltips #eos #oils #natural #wellness #wellbeing #naturalmama #healthymama #healthyteen #healthy #healthyliving #lifestyle #empowered #cypress #emotionalaromatherapy #emotions #moodsupport
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Casey Bellamy
49 minutes ago
caseybellamy Both big sisters are dealing with runny noses and yucky coughs this weekend. giving their immune systems a little boost tonight with a quick detox bath. 🛁 we mix 1/4 - 1/2 c of epsom salts to help draw out toxins from the body and boost magnesium, a few tbsp of baking soda to help neutralize chemicals in unfiltered water, and tonight we added a few drops of @younglivingeo frankincense to boost the immune system and promote relaxation for a good night of healing sleep. ✨
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Pam Allen
50 minutes ago
allenfamilyessentials Soaking up every minute of this beautiful weather and last few weekends at the lake. so calm. so peaceful. 🙌🏻 #lakelife #kawarthalakes #cantletgoofsummer
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Valorie Rogers
1 hour ago
essentialvalorie Wow! i am loving my september wellness box! i got thieves dishwasher detergent, pink usb diffuser, kidscents toothpaste, kidscents shampoo, aromagauard mount mint editor at, thieves dish soap, savvy minerals foundation, savvy minerals blush, savvy minerals lip gloss in abundant. the oils i got are purification, eucalyptus, peppermint, oregano, thieves, peace and calming and rc. what did you get in your wellness box this month?
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1 hour ago
sixlittlebirds I am totally that girl who has her husband pull over because the sunset is so dang pretty. ✨😍✨
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Julianne Gehlhoff
1 hour ago
essential.oil.living I get asked all the time what is the best way to get started with essential oils. in my opinion, the top 10 oils are the best place to start because they have so many uses. *see previous posts for many ways to use the most popular oils! 💧the home essentials kit has the top 10 oils in 15ml bottles and this kit comes with a diffuser. 💧the family essentials kit has the top 10 oils in 5ml bottles and comes with on guard and peppermint beadlets. 💧each kit will come with some goodies from me too, so what will you choose!?!?! message me to get started today on your oily journey! tag a friend who needs oils in their life💗
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1 hour ago
purposejoyandgrace Research shows kids & adults eat most of what's offered and seen first. ••• i'm hoping that reorganizing our fridge will help us eat cleaner & eliminate waste. ••• what do you do to get your family, especially kids, healthy?👇🏽
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Wally's Organic Body Oil
1 hour ago
wallysbodyoil Hello hormones! get to know the pregnancy hormone handbook via @fitpregnancy. link in bio. 📷: @thebirthstories
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The Flower Apothecary
1 hour ago
theflowerapothecary Saturday vibes: my autumn fever has me wandering around in the galleries of the ig friends that have a way with selecting the perfect words to suit the most perfect picture at the most perfect locale. and @urbanbedouin is one of them. i'm reposting his photo that was taken in provence, france along with the excerpt of the pablo neruda poem that accompanied it. once you read it & if you've known me for even 5 seconds you will know why i loved it so much ❤️ & i'm going to dedicate it to my ❤️ @karimameri "you know how this is: if i look at the crystal moon, at the red branch of the slow autumn at my window, if i touch near the fire the impalpable ash or the wrinkled body of the log, everything carries me to you, as if everything that exists, aromas, light, metals, were little boats that sail toward those isles of yours that wait for me." #pabloneruda #theflowerapothecary .. .. .. .. #autumn #crystal #moon #healing #organic #soulfood #floweressence #momlife #healthandwellness #loveandlight #prettyflowers
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Tia Halverson
2 hours ago
tia.halverson Dream big! always believe! achieve, you will! inspiration can come in the smallest forms and mean the most! ❤️ #fromtheheart #tinytreasures #butchartgardens
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Sharelle Washington 💖
2 hours ago
afitfamdynasty Low key date night with my hunnie 😘
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Annemarie Toro
2 hours ago
thewellnessoption Used my basil vitality + thyme vitality oils to replace the herbs in my tomato soup tonight 👌🏻 i love the versatility of using pure oils and that they can make life simpler in so many different ways...they're potent + amazingly cost effective because you only need a couple of drops! #soupson
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🌿 Cortney Clegg
2 hours ago
an.oil.a.day Mr. pibb + red vines. netflix + sweatpants. copy + paste. classic combos, right? well add these 2 oils to the list, cause they are better together! getting sick is the worst, especially when it's kids. best to avoid it altogether. onguard protective blend and melaleuca (tea tree) oils are my favorite duo for daily, preventative immune support! it's worked wonders for our family of 6 for over 2 years now! combine both in appropriate amounts in a 10ml roller bottle. (not sure how many drops to do? comment below with the age of the person you are making the blend for & i can help!) fill the rest of the way with fractionated coconut oil. apply morning and night to the bottoms of feet or along the spine. not a diy-er? the onguard touch and melaleuca touch rollers are perfectly diluted & ready to roll! ❤️cortney
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Flynn loves Crew
3 hours ago
flynnlovescrew This little powerhouse sits on our kitchen island so i can grab these throughout the day. tangerine, grapefruit, lemon and lime. we use them for everything. i mean seriously all the things. 👇🏼 . . . tangerine▫️i put in my water and andrew's smoothies to support healthy metabolism and digestion, healthy respiratory and immune systems, for cleansing and purifying and it can be used aromatically to help manage stress and anxious feelings. grapefruit ▫️is all things mood. it is energizing and uplifting. i've been using this on a diffuser necklace on days that i'm away from crew for a little while or on her appointment days or when we are coming off an all nighter (read: teething event). it also is great for cleansing, purifying (i run in our dishwasher when it needs to be cleaned) and also supports a healthy metabolism. lime▫️all i have to say is 🥑.i put in our guacamole, on tacos, in my new age (white wine on ice + a lime) we also use it for cleaning (add to a glass spray bottle with a few drops on guard). it's refreshing, cleansing, uplifting, energizing and promotes emotional balance and well being. lemon is the queen and deserves a solo post 🍋 (coming tomorrow)! #organicmama #naturalliving #chemicalfree #naturalmama #helpyourbodyhelpitself #essentialoils #essentialoil #doterra #naturalhealth #lmwarrior #health #wellness #doterraallday #healthybabies #healthyliving #laryngomalaciamama #laryngomalacia #flynnlovescrew
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