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verdemondo.it Buongiorno con una #supernovità 😁 come annunciato nelle storie, ieri è arrivata @volga_biocosmetica !!! ho spacchettato e ora sullo shop trovate tutti i #bodybutter e le tre novità della linea #ilmareaddosso 🌊 sono in sconto lancio fino a giovedì! 🌳 io nel frattempo provo a resistere alla tentazione di aprirli e provarli tutti 😍 👉🏻iscrivendovi alla newsletter riceverete subito un coupon da utilizzare sul vostro acquisto!🛍☘️ . . ⬇️⬇️⬇️ 🌍www.verdemondo.it🌍 #biocosmesi #organicskincare #ecobioproducts #ecobiocosmesi #cosmesiecobio #cosmesinaturale #cosmeticinaturali #ecobio #bioprofumeria #inciverde #naturalhair #naturalskincare #bio #organic #organicbeauty #nontoxicskincare #nontoxicbeauty #biologico #cosmeticibio #cosmeticibiologici #ecobioshopping #verdemondo
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MGC Derma
1 hour ago
mgc.derma.skincare Have you tried cbd products before? our soothing and light-textured day cream helps to hydrate, restore and protect your skin. click our bio link to shop now! #skincarewithpurpose
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nude.glow I have a little bit more time this morning so i can afford to make myself a powder clay mask! i’ve been using pink clay masks every now and then and i really enjoy its creamy texture and how soft my skin is after using it. because every single oil i’ve tried to use consistently clogs my pores and causes breakouts i am often mixing the powder with little bit of #hadalabo ha gokujyn hydrating lotion and it seems to prevent the mask from drying out so quickly.
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Jarful of Goodness
4 minutes ago
jarfulofgoodness Our value gift sets are now available on our web store! 😉 time to stuff those stockings and gift yourself and your friends with bath essentials that are more kind to skin. link in bio or go to www.jarfulofgoodness.com. #allnatural #handmadegifts #handmade #handcraftedwithadollopofgoodnessandlove #naturalskincare #greenskincare #organicskincare #beautyroutine #skincareroutine #smallbatch #mommymade #nontoxic #parabenfree #giftideas
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Eleanor Mastro
6 minutes ago
divinedermatology This may surprise you, but don’t be fooled into buying products that read “aloe vera”. it on my undesirable ingredient list of skin care and cosmetics products and here’s why. aloe vera and aloe barbadensis juice is often the first ingredient on the label of moisturizers, cleansers and lotions. avoid the sneaky loop holes of the skincare and cosmetic industries by avoiding products that promotes ‘natural’ ingredients like aloe vera. usually the ingredients in the ingredients, the preservatives used to preserve aloe vera, are called ‘secondary ingredients’ and can be, and usually are, allowed to be left off the label. toxic preservatives can like sodium benzoate, sodium sulfite, potassium sorbate and citric acid are all hidden beneath the ‘simple’ ingredient aloe vera. consider bringing the plant into your bathroom instead. it is an easy plant to grow. as many of us know, this powerful plant botanical is made up of 99% water and contains 75 beneficial compounds making it a staple in my skin care. i quiet regularly use the leaf straight up; by breaking off a leaf and squeezing out the juice. applied topically, aloe vera can help to prevent against sunburn damage aka pigmentation, brown spots etc., and its natural amino acids compounds soften rough and hardened skin cells. the zinc in aloe vera acts as a gentle astringent. it increases collagen, keeping our skin plump, strengthens the skin as well acting as a brilliant accelerator for healing wounds.
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Na'omiy Louise
5 minutes ago
n.a.o.m.i.y I've been so busy i haven't had time to do my skincare routine youtube video yet, but i will do soon 📽 in the mean time, for all those that have been enquiring about my routine, i want to tell you about this product that i've renamed 'my little bottle of magic' 💫 and is a firm staple in my routine. i have been using the @anitagrant blueberry seed oil for 9 months now and the improvement in my skin has been the best i have ever achieved from a beauty product! and it's natural too 🙌🏾 it has evened out my skin tone, helped with dark blemishes that i would get from hormonal spots and has also improved my dark circles (i don't think i'll ever be dark circle free, but there's a massive improvement) i will go into more detail in my video, so keep a look out for it, but if you would like to try the ag blueberry oil or any other product from the brand, you can use my discount code naomiy for 20% off 💙 link in their bio x . . .
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My Gift Girl
7 minutes ago
mygiftgirl ✖️p r o d u c t r e v i e w✖️ [⬅️ for more pics]this fabulous natural soothing skin balm was developed right here on the sunshine coast, peregian beach by @_thegreatstate ☀️🌿 . if your skin needs some lovin’, you have to check this product out and give it a try. i have been using this balm for only 4 days now and i have already noticed a huge difference in the hydration and smoothness of my skin. the thing i love about this product is you can use it anywhere....lips, face, heels, nails, cuts, bites, n***y rash....and the list goes on. did i mention it has the most amazing subtle ‘coco-nutty’ aroma?? 😊 . this would make a wonderful gift for a new mum, or the perfect christmas gift for your loved ones that appreciate 🇦🇺 australian made, natural and toxin-free products, and fresh feeling skin. . you can purchase your very own @_thegreatstate skinbalm from the website [link in bio] or from numerous stockists [tap for some local sc stockists] around australia. i grabbed the 4 pack for $100 [bargain!!] and i am going to spread the @_thegreatstate love around this christmas! 💜 . head on over to @_thegreatstate and take a look for yourself...with a flat rate delivery of $5 what have you got to loose 💜 cassie . . . #mygiftgirl #sunshinecoast #mumtrepreneur #smallbusinesssunshinecoast #gifts #gift #giftideas #supportlocal #giftguru #australianhandmadegiftguide #giftguide #productreviewer #productpromotion #gifttips #giftingmadeeasy #supportingmycommunity #australianhandmade #lovehandmade #giftdirectory #thegreatstate #naturalskincare #skincarereview #toxinfree #skinbalm #softskin #coconutoil #skinfix #christmasgifts #lookafteryourskin #skinfood
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M’sia Anti-Pollution Skincare
7 minutes ago
modernskin.shahalam 3 in 1 beauty oil: . 1. moisturizer 2. therapy for skin 3. make up primer. . hydrate, glow, anti-age. . rm69 (15ml) . #modernskin #antipollutionskincare #faceoilmalaysia #makeuprimer #naturalskincare #nontoxicbeauty #modernskinshahalam whatsapp 0149226564
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mymupcompulsion La marca de cosmética natural bio phytorelax acaba de llegar a primor, me encanta que haya marcas de cosmética natural a precios asequibles para todos los bolsillos! su espuma micelar de avena me ha parecido una opción de limpieza ideal. espuma de densidad media, con ácido hialuronico y avena, es apta incluso para pieles sensibles. yo la uso por la mañana como único paso de limpieza y es efectiva y agradable. alrededor de los 5€ en #primor. en breve os cuento más cosas sobre toda la línea. la conocéis? la habéis probado?
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Bernadette Longden
7 minutes ago
bernies_low_tox_living Don’t you love it when a little feather just floats across your path. makes you wonder which bird lost it and why. i love the colour in this feather especially against the loganberry leaf. #nature #bird #feathers #happy
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Valentina Pavone
7 minutes ago
pavonecosmetics ✨😍 eccolo qua in tutta la sua bellezza: "io, io", lo smalto della nuova collezione faby ego, pensata per la stagione autunno/inverno ❄️ un raffinato rosso scarlatto, dal finish cream lucido e chic che rende la nuance davvero originale e sofisticata. un tono su tono elegantissimo. ❤️ come tutti gli smalti faby, non contiene ingredienti dannosi come il toluene, formaldeide, canfora, dbp, resine di formaldeide e nichel 🌿 asciugatura rapida, ottima coprenza e lunga durata. 🙌🏻 bellezze avete provato gli smalti faby? vi piacciono? fateci sapere le vostre opinioni! 💋 #faby #pavonecosmetics
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