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🍉🍍🥥make sure to follow @hackthemask for daily videos on how to take care of your hair & skin the natural way! 🍑🍓🥝✨
🎥: @jahanara.makeup ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️ diy for dry skin. get the best of both worlds with cleansing, exfoliating, masking and skin toning just from green tea 🍵 tag a friend who needs to try this 👇🏽
1️⃣ cleanser/ toner = tea ☕️ 2️⃣ mask = yogurt 🍦
3️⃣ exfoliater = honey 🍯 & coconut oil🥥
as simple as that ✨
green tea benefits ❗️
✅ antioxidant ✅ anti inflammatory ✅ reduces puffy eyes
✅ fights ageing signs
✅ treats acne and pimples
🍯 is extremely moisturising and soothing
🥥 anti bacterial/ anti fungal & hydrating on the skin
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The best way to start a midterms week is through a colorful skin pampering party🌹
since i'm currently running under a high amount of caffeine and a low amount of sleep, it goes without saying that my skin is in a despicable state, being torn apart by anxiety attacks (resulting in pimples) and depression(dullness and dilated pores)🌹
which brings us back to this evening, where i decided to take her to a "therapy express" session, by mixing products and making a personalised mask, just for her highness🌹
@farmacybeauty new day exfoliating cleanser🌹
@pixibeauty glow tonic🌹
@pixibeauty rose caviar essence, the new addition to my essence family🌹
and the recipe to my skin's "therapy express" experience:
✨3 pumps of @drunkelephant
b-hydra intensive hydration gel🌹
✨2 pumps of @drunkelephant
tlc framboos glycolic night serum🌹
✨1 pump of @sundayriley good genes lactic acid treatment🌹
✨3 drops of @sundayriley ufo clarifying oil🌹
✨3 drops of @drunkelephant marula oil🌹
mix them together and apply the mixture while deeply massaging my skin🌹
@drunkelephant c firma eye cream, i'm currently sampling🌹
let me tell you something: my skin never felt better 😌😌😌
if you have sensitive skin: do not attempt this mixture🌹
have you ever tried what could potentially be considered as a "controversial" mixture?😈
what products did you use?😀
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@def_curls shows how she nourishes her skin with @amour.360 after scrubbing her face with @skintasy . watch every step on her full video on her igtv. .
@def_curls muestra como usa nuestro aceite @amour.360 después de exfoliar su piel con @skintasy .
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🔥resepi kulit licin guna dengan gel aloe vera diy.🔥 jom tengok resepi di bawah. kene rajin amalkan tauuu ☺️
korang hanya perlukan daun aloe vera sahaja.
1. scoop kan isi aloe vera menggunakan sudu
2. masukkan isi di dalam blender dan blend sehingga hancur dan menjadi gel
3. masukkan di dalam bekas dan simpan di dalam peti ais untuk tahan lebih lama.
gel aloe vera ini boleh digunakan sebelum tido sebagai overnight mask , dah bangun pagi esok boleh basuh.
boleh amalkan setiap malam sehingga kulit jadi betul-betul licin dan pori-pori makin mengecil.
aloe vera mengalakkan fibroblast cells yang menghasilkan collagen dan “elastin fibre” yang membuatkan kulit menjadi semakin anjal dan mengurangkan kedut.
amino acid di dalam aloe vera melembutkan kulit dan zinc di dalamnya jugak bertindak sebagai astringent untuk mengecilkan pori dan menganjalkan kulit.
tapi kalau nak lagi senang boleh je pakai #magicjellylovera sebab di dalam produk ini bukan hanya ada aloe vera je tapi campuran sekali dengan timun, bunga chamomile dan sengkuang untuk memberikan kesan yang lebih dasyat untuk kulit anda.
kalau rasa da berbuka hati nak tau lebih lanjut pasal produk lovera boleh la dm or whatsapp lisa yeee 😘
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As dani (@coffeebreakwithdani ) once said, she's gone through 648383738 tubs of our body butter since discovering it!
click the #linkinbio to watch her newest empties video - and find out how many jars she used up time! 😉
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Buonasera bellezze 🖤 oggi vi presento il primo prodotto inviatomi da @ananke cosmetics, il siero viso al collagene ed acido ialuronico bio. si tratta di un concentrato cosmetico con una texture leggera che facilita l'assorbimento e la penetrazione negli strati più profondi della pelle. questo trattamento anti-aging è adatto sia alle pelli femminili che a quelle maschili ed è particolarmente indicato per pelli invecchiate, pori dilatati, rughe e linee sottili. i componenti principali sono il collagene, la vitamina e l'acido ialuronico, che, con la sua capacità di contenere 1000 volte il suo peso molecolare in acqua, penetra nella pelle idratandone le cellule e infondendo loro un prezioso effetto umido rigenerante. inoltre, stimola le cellule che producono il collagene e l'elastina. i prodotti @ananke sono certificati acene, sono cruelty free e completamente bio. che dite? riuscirò anche questa volta a farvi tirare fuori il portafogli?! io sospetto di sì, perciò via allo shopping, mi ringrazierete 🖤🖤🖤 .

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repost from @oilswithjamie @toprankrepost #toprankrepost i need to up my skincare routine! i’m not sure if i’m more bothered by the wrinkles that i am now seeing or getting an invite to my 20th high school reunion. 😱 either way, it’s time to start thinking about what i am doing for my skin. so, i am trying out two new products!
💜 tightening serum from @doterra - this naturally tightens and smooths the skin. it also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. plus it has 3 amazing essential oils in it for the skin...frankincense, hawaiian sandalwood, and myrrh! i kind of wish i started using this sooner. 😂
💜 rose quartz crystal facial roller from @everydayoilessentials - this roller helps maintain healthy blood circulation and skin tone while also helping to boost natural collagen. it can also reduce puffiness, wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, and tighten pores. 🙌 tonight will be my first time trying it out. if you’ve ever used one, please share your tips!! 😃
#tighteningserum #facialroller #rosequartz #20threunion #antiagingskincare #naturalskincareproducts #everydayoilessentials
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I will always share my beauty regimen and here is an oldie but goodie! one of the most inexpensive masks i use, #aztecclaymask mix it with water or apple cider vinegar to make a paste and slap it on your face (i’m getting up there 😉so i always include my neck and décolletage...always!) leave it on until it dries & tightens to a clay like mask. once dry, rinse off and pat your face dry. don’t be alarmed if your skin is a little red and tingly. it’s serum, eye cream and moisturizer time! i have been using this for about 5 years! i am happily accepting suggestions for new products and treatments!! #sincerelycharlie #aztechealingclay #skincare #beautytips #amazon #aginggracefully #naturalskincare #naturalskincareproducts #acv
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When spring springs up on you... and you can't help but gasp.
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Is your face feeling the stresses of life? fall weather drying your skin, does it need some tlc? then you need hidden vale farm’s luxurious soft face cream called 'gift'. deeply moisturizing and handmade from beeswax and other luxurious all natural ingredients.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
this face cream is made with ingredients that help moisturize all skin types., it is absorbed easily, helps to keep the skin’s own moisture in, plus the ingredients won't clog pores.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
handmade from beeswax and other all natural ingredients, 'gift' for your skin is a lovely soft face cream. made with rice bran oil, the secret ingredient japanese ladies use to have such wonderful skin.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
buy at: https://etsy.me/2j8zl6r⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#hiddenvalefarm #smallbusiness #farm #bee #washingtonstate #gift #naturalskincare #essentialoils #skincare #handcrafted #handmade #giftideas #giftsforher #giftsforhim photo by http://instagram.com/heidelbergerphoto #skincareaddict #naturalingredients #madeinusa #crueltyfreeskincare #beautyaddict #naturalskincareproducts #naturalproducts #handcream #beauty #beekeeping #handcarecream #aginggracefully #calming #hydrating #moisturizer #bodycare
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Lately my hormones have been all out of wack, and as a result my skin is being mad disrespectful. but i refuse to let my skin get back to the way it was several years ago, so i’ve been upping facial mask game.
today i’m using the rose purifying face mask from @baskandbloom. this mask comes in a powder form that you have to mix with the liquid of your choice. i usually use acv, but today i opted for aloe vera juice, and i really like the combination. of course i want to use this mask several times before giving you all a full review, but so far i am very pleased.
discount code to save some coins: kayla20
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That’s right, for 10 cents i can give you a good ol’ fashioned wash. ok, well not me personally (creeper 😂) but my soaps sure can!

go back to the old school and clean yo’ self with chemical free, toxin free & colour free soap. your skin will thankyou for it. i have had so much positive feedback regarding my soaps, why not give them a try for yourself or for fabulous stocking fillers this chrissy!

new special pricing:
🛁 3 x soaps @ $15.00- 10 cents per wash! lasts appropriately 6 weeks.
packaging options: n***d or in cute hessian bags hand painted by me!
🛁 1 x soap @ $5.95 each= 14 cents per wash! lasts approximately 6 weeks.
packaging options: n***d or in cute hessian bags hand painted by me!
🍩 mini donut towels @ $5.00 each.
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Protect your skin from the sun with spf! day cream spf 15 & bb jelly spf 20
what's the different of these two products? the benefits is the same, if you have oily skin choose #daycream and for dry skin use #bbjelly .
for me i prefer day cream cos you don't need to set it with powder if you want too and it'll brighten your skin a bit
wanna know more about the products? can go to our website www.lovera.sg
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Are you making magic happen? my partner katherine wilkens pa-c and i spent the day working in the lab on new and exciting formulations for @airelleskin 2019-2020 launches today! product development is a long and intense process and has multiple steps along the way but when the end result is completed, the feeling of creating something amazing from what was once an “idea” feels like we made magic! are you bringing “your ideas to life?” if not, what are you waiting for? just go do it-you won’t be sorry! #makingmagic #skincare #skincarelaunch #beauty #antiaging #health #natural #naturalskincare #naturalskincareproducts #dermpa #womenpreneur #startuplife #friendsinbusiness #cosmeticchemistry
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Feeling gooood. couldn't let #maskingmonday slip by without a post. night #skinvestors 🧖🏾‍♀️(i'm using turmeric & honey glow enhancing mask)
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If you are looking for a refreshing 💖cleanser then try one with apples. 🍎 help you glow, as this fruit is full of vitamin c, a crucial ingredient for your complexion... and wait....apples contain collagen that slows down the skin's aging, helps in cell rejuvenation and just ensures you have a very healthy skin✅✅
all suriyassa products are free from sls, phthalates, synthetic fragrance and suriyassa is against animal testing🌾🍃
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Bees brilliance manuka honey foaming facial cleanser 🐝
this was one of the first products i tried in this range, i have dry skin but i prefer a gel type cleanser over cream, so i was excited to find that i loved this
i’m a sucker for a nice smelling product and this one definitely smells good, nice honey fragrance. this cleanser has a nice rich jelly type texture and foams up with water, but most importantly it cleans well, removes all makeup and doesn’t leave skin feeling dry 🐝
i love it and i hope you do as well 💗
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We are looking forward to seeing you at the zuhuri beauty pop up shop in los angeles on november 10, 2018! we no longer have free tickets, but a limited amount of discounted tickets are still available. please purchase your tickets by november 1st. mini facials for $15 and eyelashes with application for only $10. purchase your tickets at blt.ly/zbpopuplala or email hello@zuhuribeauty.com for more information.
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We have some new goodies coming soon, the honey collection, a beautiful range made in nelson using the incredible healing powers of umf manuka honey! combined with all natural ingredients and essential oils to give you glowing radiant skin. there's something for everyone, from anti ageing to acne, and it's excellent for those of you with sensitive skin:) #honeyskincare #manukahoney #manukabeauty #honeycollection #honeyworks #nzmanuka #naturalskincare #naturalskincareproducts #nznatural
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I made the first two batches of 💥100% organic💥 mango butter lip balm in preparation for the holiday bazaar on november 8 & 9 at b****r medical in redlands!
been sharing the new flavors with friends & family, getting feedback on what i can improve or do differently. so far so good!
so i made my pumpkin spice & lemon meringue balms last night & next i’m going to jump in on the vanilla rose next. super excited!
soon i’ll have them up for sale, i’ll let you all know when that happens. they make amazing stocking stuffers!
#lipbalmaddict #naturallipbalm #mangobutterhomemade #naturalskincareproducts #allnaturalskincare
#organicproducts #organiclipbalm #naturalbeautyproducts #handmadelipbalm #handmadegiftideas #stockingstufferideas
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