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Happy earth day! a few things: first, don’t forget that we are celebrating in the shop by giving you a $10 gift card on $100+ purchases. next, keep an eye on our stories for earth day inspo and our eco friendly faces. finally: you can still enter our giveaway for the @ereperezcosmetics skincare trio! i posted about the quandong green booster serum yesterday - look there for details! today i’m sharing the other two products in the giveaway: australian blue cypress face nectar and cranberry lip and eye butter. 〰️ first, the australian blue cypress oil! it’s a balancing oil serum that contains jojoba, vanilla, cypress, camellia and jasmine to delivery light weight moisture, balance the complexion and impart that natural dewy look we all love! it’s a wonderful way to prime your skin for even makeup application. 〰️ finally, the cranberry lip and eye butter! this is for you utilitarians who love a product that can work double time. crafted with shea, cranberry, and lactic acid, this butter helps to smooth and plump the appearance of skin around the eyes and lips. 〰️ want to win the trio? 1. follow us 2. like this post and 3. comment with how you are celebrating earth day! the responses so far have been amazing - head over to our original post to get some good ideas!
13 139 April 2018


Exfoliate!!! exfoliate!!! 👇

my sweet fam bam, using body scrubs as often as possible at least twice a week (if you are lazy)😂 would effectively transform your skin to a more youthful and vibrant one. in addition, it also removes dead skin cells(exfoliation) thereby allowing moisturizing to absorb faster and work better.
it reduces chances of breakout on subject areas, fades dark or age spots, appearance of pores, smooths elbows and knees and much more leaving your skin healthy and youthful😋😋
you can lazily request your body scrub or diy(ask for more recipes to suit your skin), lazily buy carrier oils, essential oils or herps to add to your body scrub... make it as mild as possible and scrub gently lazily😂😂
dm or whatsapp 08021098913 .
by essencii ... we are saying be healed, relaxed and well
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🐝 these new @savannahbeeco skin care products are power-packed with three honeybee hive ingredients: nourishing royal jelly, hydrating honey, and protecting propolis. 🍯 on sale now at healthy thymes!
2 24 April 2018


“identity is beauty” - @sickymag
#amourpropre #embraceyourbeauty
2 54 April 2018


My little japanese maple survived!!! its coming back.... love these delicate little things 🌳

it got me thinking about how resilient little flowers are. they have lived through our winter, and here they come when the sun appears. 😉 so there is a lesson there, when things are rough, when you feel shrivelled up. remember those little flowers 💐.... at some point the sun will come out and we can bloom again.
#springflowers #positivevibes #lazymode #thetimewillcome
2 20 April 2018


Just saw this and it made me smile 😍 my ❤️ tells me i never tell him a story without going off on a tangent..... -
is this a girl thing?? at least i'm aware of it 😂😂 #keepthefocus #storytellers #imnotperfect
7 19 April 2018


Giveaway | have you been curious about the @ereperezcosmetics skincare collection? then this post is for you! to celebrate earth day, we are giving away a trio of @ereperezcosmetics skincare products! pictured here is their quandong green booster serum, an antioxidant rich “smoothie for your face!” it is rich in vitamins c and a to brighten skin and impart that sought after dewy glow. i’ll share more about the whole @ereperezcosmetics trio tomorrow - but if you want to enter to win, 1. follow us, 2. like this post, 3. and comment with one way you’re celebrating earth day!
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We use cold pressed organic h**p seed oil in our jasmine nectar cleansing oil for many of its amazing properties. it is a highly penetratable, non-comedogenic oil known to be the most balanced and richest single source of essential fatty acids. it is particularly rich in linoleic acid, which is highly beneficial for acne-prone skin. it contains all essential amino acids, trace minerals, antioxidants, and is very anti-inflammatory. it prevents moisture loss and protects the skin barrier. perfect for all skin types including those prone to acne, eczema, and psoriasis. ❤️
2 27 April 2018


Spring weather may be taking its sweet time to get here but you can still enjoy our fresh spring lotion sticks. scented with bergamot and ylang ylang pure essential oils it is the perfect way to get in the mood for spring and keep your skin moisturized and healthy for when we can wear shorts and dresses.
6 66 April 2018


Men can be smooth too! the tea tree beard oil helps to sooth and moisturize the skin under there while promoting growth. #teatree #beardoil #naturalman #formen #healthylifestyles
8 75 April 2018


🌱this little plant spoke to me today so i thought i’d share a glamour shot. what should we name it? you had so many suggestions for our old entryway plant so i look forward to hearing your ideas on this one. also, check out our stories for a quick chat about facial dry brushing, and make sure to check in tomorrow because we are doing a giveaway ✨
18 231 April 2018


Apologies if it’s bright and sunny where you are but in dc, we are rainy and grey. not that i mind! it’s the perfect opportunity for a cozy rosy cocoa latte from @woodenspoonherbs. her cocoa blend contains cacao, roses, coconut milk and ayurvedic herbs, making it a nourishing, luscious treat for days like these. pick up some of her cocoa at our georgetown shop ☕️
24 479 April 2018


So lovely to see @alicefay33 our competition winner is loving her h**p & shea body butter! 😍thanks for sharing alice! .
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0 34 April 2018


Camomile botanical soap. relaxing and calming .
the camomile helps to balance mix and oily skin and helps for acne and impurity. help reddish kin and good for sensitive skin.
1 80 April 2018


Packed with vitamin c, folic acid & antioxidants, strawberries are top knotch skin care superfood! #skincareroutine
10 192 April 2018