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The harsh sunlight can extensively damage your skin causing premature aging and wrinkles. here’s a natural way to keep your skin hydrated in the summers. to get the best skincare solutions, visit our salon. book your appointment at make it up unisex salon

book your appointment ☎️ 011 65007763 | 8860588838 | http://www.makeitup.in/

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1 in 6 patients are misdiagnosed with skin issues! could you be one of the 1 in 6? we’re here to help! #rosacea #or #sensitive #naturalskincaresolutions
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Today we visited natural products europe at excel in london. we were thrilled to see so many of our clients there (you know who you are!) and also some of our suppliers. it really takes something to exhibit at an international show of such high calibre and it was great to see the buzz and interest around what our clients (with a bit of help from us πŸ˜‰) have created. we wish them all a dynamic and fruitful day tomorrow on day 2 of the show. we also hope they are all enjoying a refreshing glass of something at the end of day 1 πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
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Get good quality skin care and beauty products at reasonable prices.

website - http://www.biomantra.in/

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Turmeric facial cleanser :
i used to have serious acne and of course, i would "pick" my face, leaving me with very embarrassing scars.

the turmeric face cleanser got rid of the blemishes and cleared up the scars. notice the sun burn has also faded.
this is one product you would never regret buying.

call/whatsapp us on 08033064682 to place your order.

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We hope everyone has been out enjoying the sun as much as possible today, spring is finally here by the looks of things and we couldn’t be happier πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Žβ˜€οΈ
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⭐face mask⭐

so my sister and i were both at home for the easter break and that usually means 1 thing - sharing all our new beauty, hair and skincare tips and products we have got since we last saw each other.
when she told me about this face mask that is 'the world's best facial' i had to try it! (it's supposed to be good for your hair too so i will definitely be trying that out!)
ingredients πŸ‘‡
β–ͺ indian healing clay
β–ͺ water or apple cider vinegar --------------------------------------------------
method πŸ‘‡
β–ͺ mix together an equal amount of both ingredients using non metal utensils until it is a lump free paste
β–ͺ spread over your face (i used an old make up brush)
β–ͺ leave to dry for 5-10 mins if you have sensitive skin and 15-20 mins for normal skin
β–ͺ rinse off with warm water --------------------------------------------------
β˜†top tipβ˜†
steam your face for 5-10 mins before applying the mask to open your pores
benefits (to name a few...)
β–ͺremoves impurities and dirt from the pores
β–ͺcan help to clear acne
β–ͺcan help to clear facial scarring
has this mask helped your skin or hair? let me know! πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
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I've been in the skincare industry for over two decades and i've seen it all. it can be really, really confusing when you're trying to take the best care of your skin but everywhere you look you see different ads for different products all claiming to be the best.
are you confused as to what products are best for your skin?

does it seem like you've tried just about everything and nothing is working to clear your skin?

are you wanting to take better care of your skin but aren't sure where to start?

do you suffer from major breakouts, acne, rosacea or hyperpigmentation and feel a little helpless?

let's chat! i'm passionate about helping women clear the confusion and step into their true beauty.

click on this link to setup your free 15 minute consultation with me so that i can shed some light on your skincare routine! >>>>>> https://bit.ly/2h46rar

i have about 10 spots available over the next week so grab your time now before they're gone!

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Did you know the largest o***n of the body is actually the skin? it needs nourishment and protection as it is exposed to harsh chemicals and synthetic materials in the environment.

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One of our most loved gels "saffron gel "reposting for our new members.
#repost @herbalicious_official (@get_repost )
the herbalicious saffron gel
it is a light formulation made with our favorite pure saffron.
what it does ?
🌻 firstly because of it's smooth texture it easily gets absorbed into your skin so that it can work it's magic from within. 🌻 it brings a dewy glow to your face when it is on your face in addition to working towards a glowy complexion with regular use. 🌻 it is your best choice for a moisturiser. as most of our clients believe too it keeps your skin moisturised for a long time. 🌻 lightens complexion with regular use. 🌻 cures pimples and acne with regular use. 🌻clears dark spots and pigmentation. 🌻 gives you an instant fresh feel also smells divine.
for orders dm here πŸ‘‰ or whatsapp on πŸ“ž 9819922287
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Our turmeric facial cleanser is back and better.

i used to have serious acne and of course, my hyper fingers would never let go off them, leaving me with very embarrassing scars.

swipe left to see my face transformation thanks to the turmeric face cleanser. notice the sun burn has also faded. it works fantastically to remove acne, blemishes, rashes and fades acne scars with visible results in 2 weeks.
call/whatsapp us on 08033064682 to place your order.
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Plant extracts and natural oils on your skins, acts as daily vitamin for your skin.
be patient, nature has all the beautiful ingredients to give you that glorious and glamorous look.
at xtracta, we carefully select the best of these natural ingredients, formulating that ideal/customized product for you.
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