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♠️ le plus grand secret du bonheur, c’est d’être bien avec soi. ♠️
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"kapı açılır, sen yeter ki vurmayı bil! ne zaman bilmem! yeter ki o kapıda durmayı bil!" - hz. mevlana
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Training in the nature 🌿🍃is the best #motivation 👍💯👉💪#nature #training #adventure #jump #run #walking #crossingriver #climbing #fun 😋❤😍💪👍💯
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Love the golden hour 😊
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Persiapan mendaki gunung versi kalian gimana sob?
kalau mimin swipe ke samping aja nih, kalau versi kalian?
yuk tulis komentar dan tag temenmu sob 👍
foto @ferifird27 .
📌location : bc gunung slamet jalur bambangan
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I will wait here for you till dawn even if it is the darkest night
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It's christmas time in the city.🎄🍽🐷😂💙
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Unbelievable feeling: meeting an elefant🐘important note: normaly i dont support places where you can touch the animals. most of the animals in places like this are drugged or will be killed/hunted when the get older.
but at the knysna elefant park the elefants are not forced to interact with the people. the enclosure is so big that they don’t even have too see the visitors if they don’t want to. [ad]
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