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Gentle magic 🌙 this diffuser blend allows you to drop into your feminine energy, soften and let go of the stress you are hanging on to.
3 drops lavender
2 drops roman chamomile
2 drops ylang ylang
roman chamomile is gentle, sweet and nurturing. she helps you to stop and drop back into your body.
ylang ylang is powerful, full of divine feminine magic in a strong bold way.
lavender is cheeky, she lifts up this blend and inspires the strength of ylang ylang and the softness of roman chamomile to shine through.
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Love this herb 🌿 and prescribe it quite often. withania somnifera commonly known as ashwagandha is traditionally used as an adaptogenic tonic. withania helps to maintain energy levels as well as provides support to the immune system and assists in the maintenance of general well-being. withania has mild calming effect and is especially very useful during times of stress. some clinical research shows that a combination herbal product containing ashwagandha may improve attention and impulse control in children with adhd. there is some evidence that ashwagandha combined with deep breathing and a specific diet might reduce symptoms of anxiety.
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A recent study proves patients retain more information about their #medical procedures and post operative protocol when they read about it.
#divideotext is the bridge between verbal and written. incorporate it into your #dentalpractice and watch your patient recovery times improve.
contact us today to find out more!

link to full article: https://www.joms.org/article/s0278-2391(18)30384-7/pdf

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Text messaging is now the preferred way to communicate. this includes consumer to business.

incorporate the @dental_innovations_inc
#divideotext product into your #smallbusiness routine and watch your profits grow!

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When opportunity knocks you take it! this week has been a week of opportunities knocking my way which is a welcome surprise to my week last week of rejections! i have so many things coming up and more on the pipeline! it’s so exciting!! i am finally breaking through more in the health space and i can’t wait!
it has come in 3s this week:
1. offered permanent position in my current engineering role which is a godsend as it’s what i wanted
2. officially applied to a bachelor of nutritional medicine and i was offered a scholarship opportunity ... oh yeah i’m taking it!
3. have been approached to pursue a speaking seminar venture - which i had wanted to do but was too scared but i am definitely going to pursue this opportunity now that it’s come my way!! 🙌🏻😄 it’s scary but it’s also awesome! never say no to opportunities! 🤓✨🤓✨ 📸 @eve_photography30
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Yesterday i went to the amazing hacarmel market.
it was a vibrant, noisy, spicy delicious experience.
tel aviv really is a healthier foodies paradise with so much fresh healthy food and everywhere seems to cater to vegans and vegetarians!
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[english below]

le chemin

le monde se crée à chaque pas.

sortir des sentiers battus.

sortir de la peur de devoir faire un choix unique.

marcher c'est se souvenir que la route ne se créé que parce que nous sommes en marche.

marcher c'est rencontrer le monde et tout ce qui le constitue.
nous constitue.
minéral, végétal, organique, inorganiques... nous sommes de cela.

se créer des myriade de façon d'être à soi, d'être soi. . ....💮💮💮 english 💮💮💮....

the road.
let you be inspire by the paths that wise men and women taken before us.
and then create your own world.

the road is not under your feet.

you create it step by step.

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This nice wooden bridge leading to a walking path through a light forest. taken in the fall because if we were to walk there in the middle of the summer, we would be walking through bushes and tree leaves, not to mention the mosquitoes.
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Eat your greens, be kind, take your capsule. just a few everyday essentials 😜 take care of yourself so you can take care of others 🧡 #cbd #h**p #entourageeffect #fullspectrum #advanced #greens #dailymeditation #dailysupplement #jointherush #rushremedies #alternativemedicine #naturalsupplements #naturpath
1 38 July 2018


G u t ✧ f e e l i n g s
loving all the scientific research that’s coming out about the microbiome and how central it is to our health and immune system. i’ve listened to some amazing podcasts recently, soaking up the knowledge of experts and realised i possess many symptoms that suggest my gut is highly imbalanced. i then decided it was time to seek out the help of a naturopath. after telling her my life story, i was sent off to do a ubiome gut test and bacteria culture test so she can make informed recommendations about supplements (such as pre and pro biotic strains that are right for me) and any dietary changes. my diet is generally packed full of veggies, water and good stuff, but i’m still often left fatigued and bloated. it turns out one of best ways to absorb more nutrients is to make sure your gut is in great functioning order, if digestion is off your cells will never see the great nutrition. i’m excited to get the data on my gut and be able to make tailored changes for me. in the meantime i’ve been put on a gluten free diet, am now taking curcumin tablets and i’ve been homemaking my own kombucha, after hearing all about the benefits of fermented foods! what tips have you learnt about gut health? #guthealth #mircobiome #glutenfreediet #plantbased #naturpath #findingnatural
2 55 July 2018


Retrouver la forêt <3
cela faisait des semaines, que je n'avais pas eu le bonheur de m'y rendre. des semaines que cela m'a manqué ! de me retrouver au milieu de la nature, des chants d'oiseaux et des bruits d'animaux, de sentir la caresse du vent sur mon visage et du soleil sur ma peau, l'odeur des sous-bois encore humides, la fraîcheur du matin malgré la chaleur ambiante...
alors hier, on a testé la balade en famille. tous les 4. et quelle bonne idée !
bien sûr, c'est différent de mes promenades en solitaire ou des run en amoureux... cela prend un tout autre goût. un goût de nouveauté et quec'est bon cette nouveauté là. que c'est bon de regarder les petites jambes de mon grand bonhomme qui tricotent en courant sur les chemins, d'entendre ses cris et ses rires emmêlés avec ceux de mon cher et tendre qui le prend sur ses épaules lorsqu'il fatigue, de sentir le souffle et les soupirs de mon tout petit juste contre ma peau, de prendre le temps de cueillir les mûres ou les framboises sauvages, de faire des grimaces sur les photos, de surveiller que le chien ne se sauve pas trop loin, de s’asseoir quelques instants et regarder nos jolies montagnes... c'était tellement chouette, qu'on a décidé de recommencer ce matin et tous les autres matins des vacances à venir. et rien que cette idée me réjouit le coeur ❤️ et vous, vous avez des projets, petits ou grands, qui vous font du bien pour les jours et semaines à venir ?
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4 62 July 2018


Graduation day🙏🏼🕉
this year i was suppose to be in grad school, but i couldn’t find a program that adequately incorporated a holistic approach to mental health.
so i decided to pave my own path. this is my journey of exploration into what creates a bliss filled life. i’m studying meditation, yoga, philosophy, reiki, mindfulness, breathing techniques, ayurveda, mind-body connection, life coaching, mantras and kirtan, diet and nutrition, affirmations, and how to cultivate the power of unconditional love and acceptance into daily life. it’s amazing how so many of these focuses overlap and intertwine with one another.
i got one step closer this week by finishing my ytt 200 and becoming a certified yoga teacher! so much gratitude for the all the people who helped to get me to this point! may you all be filled with lots of love and vegan cake 🍰💕
13 112 July 2018


This may appear a little insensitive❌, a little politically incorrect (using the word fat) ❌, and a little blunt❌ - but if you've been watching our stories, you'll know this has been our most popular blog since the beginning of time 🍷.
everyday in our practice we help people with their injuries, moving better⚡, their fitness, and taking them to a better version of themselves🔥.
what i can say with confidence we do better than many kinesiologists is we take a holistic approach to people's health and fitness.
rehabbing injuries and improving your fitness requires you to do different things. doing the same old stretches, exercises, and eating and drinking the same old foods will likely not get you different results!! (yes that's me yelling😊!)
↪️many people stretch incorrectly
↪️many people are eating and drinking things that cause more inflammation in their bodies 🤒🤧, which amongst other issues doesn't help injury rehabilitation
↪️many people don't realize how much work it takes to look and feel amazing, like... truly ah-mazing.
for every person that walks through our door, our goal is to quickly establish where their limitations are and create a plan of action⏩.
addressing their general diet🍗, daily activity level🏃‍♀️, and other habits 🛌 is only information used for us to help you.
if we can't help you - you will get referred to go see a #naturpath #counsellor #chiropractor #physiotherapist .
so now we can understand why most of our clients stay with us for, not months.... but years.
now we can understand why this was our most popular blog ever.
we are lucky to have earned the trust of you folks as our loyal clients and viewers who look for this type of information that your previous personal trainer or kinesiologist didn't talk about.
p. s. check out the blog if you haven't already - link is in bio

p. p. s. you can't comment on the blog itself but we love comments so we continue to know the information is actually helpful for people!! also we know we have an intelligent follower base, if you have any questions or queries - address below! ah-hem - naturopaths and nutrition experts!!
13 51 July 2018


The healing role of nature 🌳🌲
spending time in nature is such a blissful experience for the body and soul. it always brings me back into the present moment and enables me to let go of myself and let myself just be. i cherish these moments to the fullest.
—————————————- nature always amazes me of its beauty. in nature we don’t judge thinks how they are. we don’t say things like “that three is to fat” or “only pink flower are beautiful” nature reminds ourselves to let go of judgments and don’t persevere thinks as either positive or negative. it just is! ———————————————
with us not judging nature and nature not judging us we are then able fully let go and be present in the moment 🙏
15 80 July 2018