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Iron deficiency, particularly when severe enough to cause anemia, has been associated with poorer cognition, shortened attention span, fatigue and significantly lower scores on standardized math tests. learn more about dr. marika berni, nd and see how she can help control your child's iron levels. link in bio!

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Wild roses in my garden πŸŒΈπŸ’• #summer#naturaltherpies#organicbeauty#nutrition#personaltraining#holistic#reiki#accessbars#soundtherapy#naturalproducts#organicmakeup#organicreams#bestnatural#naturalbeauty#cheshire#colonic#wellbeing#healthblogger#healthylifestyle#greenpolicy#quotes#holisticu#lifestyle#naturpath#wellness#nature
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At home, and back in my zone!! had an awesome kale, and avocado salad, with delicious veggies....also had some produce that needed used sooner rather than later, made this delicious dessert;oranges, carrots, and strawberries.
i ate delicious vegan foods on my trip, but nothing quit makes my body feel the way raw, nutrient dense foods, and juices do. grateful πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ™Œ #gratitude #vegan #plantbased #fitness #orendasw #fitlife #health #wealth #invest #nutrition #raw #saladsfordays #inmyzone #juicing #fitmom #holistic #naturpath #athlete #weightloss
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Want something quick, easy and healthy for dinner?
these vego wraps are chock full of nutrient goodness and protein to keep you satisfied for hours.
feel free to play around with the ingredients but in these ones i have couscous, sweet potato, kale, black beans, capsicum, avocado and coriander, spiced with cumin and paprika, and drizzled with olive oil.
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Have you been wanting to break bad habits and bring health and wellness to your children and family, naturally? then guess what? we've got the doc for you.
at 3:35 pm, sat june 23rd, dr. sharlini udayakumar, also known as the popular blogger, naturopath mom @naturopathmom_ , will be speaking on the topic of, treating common conditions, naturally: make your own creams, grow your own antacid, and a great cough syrup recipe!
when it comes to home remedies, every family, every culture has their own gems passed down to them; the family go to’s. however, it’s become all too common to reach for an over the counter rash cream, antacid or even cough medicine. this talk is about using some clinically recommended natural options, both diy and effective options found at your local health food store. learn how to make your own cream/diaper balm, what to take instead of an antacid, and some natural cough medicine options including a recipe you can make yourself.
dr. sharlini is a licensed naturopathic doctor in ontario, lecturer and clinic supervisor.
her practice focuses on pediatrics but also sees many patients with digestive concerns, mental health issues, women's health concerns and more. she has specialized training from mumbai in homeopathy and was also valedictorian of her class at the ontario college of homeopathic medicine.
as an active mom, wife, daughter and nature loving explorative being, her practice is not only a way of life, but she shares tremendous gratitude to her patients and mentors for inspiring empowered health choices, optimizing wellness and promotes reaching the fullest health potential for each individual.
for more information visit naturopathmom.com
to book an appointment visit richmondhillclinic.com or call 905.237.8521

last day to get your tickets at early bird pricing.
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L’orzo è un alimento altamente remineralizzante, contiene magnesio, fosforo, potassio, calcio, selenio ha un basso indice glicemico, ed è ricco di vitamina b3, che combatte colesterolo e trigliceridi.
la crusca dell’orzo è ricca di betaglucano, sostanza che contribuisce ad abbassare il colesterolo e la glicemia, con benefici sul sistema cardiovascolare.
la presenza di fibre aiuta in caso di stipsi e per mantenere il peso corporeo ideale grazie anche al loro potere saziante.

ha proprietà emollienti e anti-infiammatorie è consigliato in caso di infiammazioni dell’apparato gastrico, urinario e della mucosa intestinale, ottimo quindi per chi soffre di colite, gonfiori addominali, stipsi, bruciore di stomaco, gastrite…
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letyourfoodbeyourmedicine 🌱

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Have you met, dr. chamandeep bali @dhayaintegrative? he is one of our speakers at #resilience and we are so pumped! he will be speaking about the gut-brain connection at 4:35 pm.

could there be truth to the old idea of “gut feeling”? come learn about the growing evidence showing that the microbes that inhabit our guts can influence our mind and mood!
furthermore, he will present the role diet has in regulating gut bacteria (i.e. microbiome) as well as clinical evidence illustrating the relationship of dietary fibre intake (prebiotics) to weight loss. learn how therapeutic adjustments to your gut microbiome has the ability to alter your metabolism and lead to weight loss!

7 more days for early bird ticket sales! grab them soon.
link in bio πŸ‘¨πŸ½‍πŸ”¬ .

dr. bali is the founder of dhaya integrative health and himapure research labs. he has completed a naturopathic medical degree at the canadian college of naturopathic medicine and is a member of the oncology association of naturopathic physicians, the canadian association of naturopathic doctors, and the ontario association of naturopathic doctors. dr. bali is registered in good standing with the college of naturopathy of ontario.
dr. bali's unique approach to cancer care is garnering attention of oncology circles globally for his ability to seamlessly fuse time proven traditional wisdom with conventional evidence based medicine. with many years of clinical practice in integrative oncology, dr. bali has seen the need to evolve the profession by bridging the divide between research and clinical outcomes. dedicating his time to global research initiatives, dr. bali hopes to provide patients with only the most beneficial and efficacious therapeutic options. furthermore, by understanding the immediate necessity of developing cancer research within the realm of botanicals, dr. bali has allocated significant time over the past 5 years to sourcing high potency plants for safe use in integrative cancer care.
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Finally had chance to reflect on how wonderful a day i had on tuesday at the float-o-shoot... being surround by like-minded individuals really gets my creative juices flowing!! following on from my last post it makes you realise just how important it is to be surrounded by people and friends that not only bring out the best in you but also support and cheer you on along the way. i’m so excited to be collaborating with a wonderfully positive and talented group of people for manchester’s first alternative wellness day @floatfestivalmcr. thank you for an uplifting day @thevibrancyhub @yolkhq @madeleine.penfold @nikkihillapothecary @wearefera
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It’s a @floatfestivalmcr photoshoot kinda day. so excited to be involved in this alternative wellness festival here in manchester. i’ll be offering to some creative movement workshops. come join us on september 22. will put the link for earlybird tickets in bio soon. @thevibrancyhub @yolkhq
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For the past two months i’ve been perfecting my low glycemic green smoothie recipe and researching how to heal candida and cancer naturally. (candida, which is what i have, is the warning sign of cancer so treatment is similar.) eating or drinking raw green vegetables helps prevent cancer and other diseases. 40% of people in western countries will experience cancer at some point. so reduce your risk by getting in those raw veggies!! .................................................
ingredients: (all organic is a must) celery, spinach, kale, cucumber, chia seeds, kiwi, green apple, lime, filtered water and (optional) maca powder
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hace un rato he llegado a casa de trabajar, estoy cansadísima pero contenta por ponerme a estudiar lo que me apasiona!
así que no hay excusas para hacer lo que uno siente que quiere hacer!. ➑️que es eso que tanto te gusta hacer y le dedicas todo tu tiempo? 🌱 en mi caso es formarme como una buena naturópata y predicar con el ejemplo!

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What are your morning routines for gut health?✨ is it lemon water? πŸ‹ is it bone broth? is it a nutritious smoothie with all your supplements and digestive enzymes?! i’d love to know! if you have something that works for you, comment below and i would love to try it out! until then cheers to lemon water and i don’t know what i would do without it. i normally drink it cold. when you are experiencing gut issues, it’s best to eat hot foods and to drink hot liquids.😘 i’m a lover of holistic health, i will be certified in holistic nutrition and i’d love for you to follow my journey in resolving my gut issues and hopefully i can do the same for others! 🌸
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Meet me✨
i am harlee! my mom got my name from a soap show called guiding light. yes i like motorcycles 🏍. i’m currently on a long health journey to healing my gut. πŸ™πŸΌ i’ve been suffering with candida overgrowth. the goal for this account is to be transparent and to create a safe place for other healers and people suffering from health issues. i’m here to share my journey and connect with others and also educate to the best of my ability. certificate of holistic nutrition coming soon. ✨
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Coexist best with type a’s because they’re both calm and have morals. great friends with o’s and it might work in a relationship if there is a crazy spark
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Fug well i took a win that hurt like a mfker.🀷
haven't been posting my creations ,cause i haven't been creating the past couple days!
i'm good now tho.
pineapple, orange ,carrot, ginger, tumeric, habanero


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We are looking for astute pracitioner/therapist to lease consulting room.
this clinic is professionally designed: individual treatment rooms with treatment tables, air conditioning.

professional work environment; in the heart of sydney's cbd; close to public transport –only 2 minute walk from townhall station; suitable to specialist, gp’s and/or allied health therapist.
we have 3 consulting/treatment rooms, administration area, waiting area. #clinicspace #roomrent #practirioners #alliedhealth #clinicroom #gp #doctors #healthspace #acupuncturist #massage #naturpath #nutritionist #dietitiansofinstagram #therapist #treamentroom #privatepractice #sydneyclinic #sydneyhealth
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He loves his sacred mountain.
2 31 April 2018