Jordan Thompson
2 weeks ago
officalrastajay I may be goofy but you know i keep it a benji πŸ’―πŸ˜ˆ #justvibin#l4l#f4f#neverfollowrules#getrichquick
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Iony πŸ‘‘
last month
😻😻😻i was gonna save this for your bday but f**k it issa wcw!!! 😝🀣 #neverfollowrules #virgovslibra #bestiefineaf #wcw @lifestyle_meals_
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Sam Jaradeh
July 2017
mr_jaradeh Today is a good day... how lucky am i to be on vacation and be able to close on a penthouse down the street from my current apartment today. thanks to the amazing team and my good friend and broker @stevexgold β€οΈπŸ™ŒπŸΌ ironically, this week's #mdlny (million dollar listing) episode on @bravotv shows steve trying to convince me to sell my apartment that i had just recently finished and moved into... but the truth is, he was working hard closing a deal and selling me this penthouse instead! i am truly lucky to be able to venture into a new chapter in my life and be able to buy, flip and resell amazing real estate... there's a lot more to come, so stay tune!! with that came an amazing opportunity where i was able to design and build amazing furniture that's truly hand made art. the line will be launching soon under the name #sjstudionyc. we are working fast to create a website and show all these unique pieces of art that will be made to order only and shown at very specific galleries and furniture showrooms. i am so thankful for these opportunities given to me and know how lucky i am. thank you to my partner, family and friends for their amazing support. you know who you are! i've got my hands busy with a few properties now and hope that everyone will love them when they are done! i will never follow rules, so these spaces will truly be unique and one of a kind! this is all new to me but being able to express my creativity and art in such level is a true blessing and really what my mind needs to be doing these days ;-)) for any furniture inquiries at the time being, please email us at info@sjstudionyc.com. love and light and thank you steve and everyone for making this happen! on to the next βž‘οΈβž‘οΈβ€οΈπŸ™πŸΌ ps; i will be featured in my first article/ photo shoot of my current home, design and furniture in architectural digest magazine in september. truly honored to have my favorite and best design magazine featuring me exclusively first! #grateful #dreamsdobecomereality β€οΈπŸ™ŒπŸΌ #samjaradeh #sjstudionyc #stevegold #thegoldgroup #nyc #soho #realestate #design #architecturaldigest #art #staytune #neverfollowrules #makeyourown
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Stephanie Rivera
July 2017
They told me pool is closed. #neverfollowrules 🏊
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Dustin Allen
July 2017
super_ninja911 Airforce on an army base...park on the grass, break all the rules, dgf!!! #airforcehair #neverfollowrules @tattedmilitary #airborne @alyssa_lynn_gould for the photo creds
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July 2017
Guys try this together if u can 2017 challenge upload your videos and tag me and follow me #2017challages #instagram #newrulesoflife#rule2017#instavideo#djfactor#ajfactor#lakhan_panchal#neverfollowrules#letsdothis#dotogather
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June 2017
darealbigsweets Gotta keep it movin', don't believe you 'til they see you do it"! #neverfollowrules #piecesalwayshittin
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May 2017
glowofbeauty #realcousins they said it was an all white affairπŸ€” #neverfollowrules#moet#livechilelive
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Lorena B.
January 2017
zumbaren Put together a few ideas. stole some pattern ideas and put together this prototype! needs some tweaking but i like them! even added a non slip element to the felt sole. #hookersofinstagram #gettingcreative #neverfollowrules #cozyboots #secondpairisbetter
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Edyta Lukasz
December 2016
edyta_lukasz How do you buy your fruits? there was a time i used to overeat myself with a huge amount of fruits every week. i had no car so was a little bit creative ;-) this was our fruit car i could buy more than 40 kilos with that ship haha lol on these pic there are mangos and honey melons all together more than 30kilos it was a nice fun time ;-) be creative and have fun! its only a game and we are here to play the best version of it! never follow rules because you are the creator of your life ;-) #fruithaul #foodhaul #fruits #overeating #fruit #mango #honeymelons #becreative #havefun #play #neverfollowrules #youare #youarebeautiful #beacreator #creatyourlife
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