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Bryce canyon, utah, usa. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβ˜€οΈ
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1 6 May 2018


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It’s my birthday week and i’m excited to step away from my desk for a few days and spend some quality time on the river! see y’all when i’m 30! ✨
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“time is the wisest of all things that are; for it brings everything to light.”
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Preikestolen (pulpit rock) is a steep cliff which rises 604 metres above the lysefjorden.
have you seen mission impossible 6? tom cruise is hanging by a thread from preikestolen in mi6. in fact, the trailer premiered during super bowl and tom cruise’s tweet of the trailer included his shot on the preikestolen. i was so excited after knowing this. πŸ˜„

it’s a 6 km roundtrip hike with a lot of tourists, so you have to share enjoying the views. (we are not huge fan of big crowds, but totally loved the views). we found a quiet spot for lunch off the beaten path that allowed us to admire the beauty of lysefjord.
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Back to my work corner
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Ibiza is known as an island of mysteries, and without a doubt, the greatest one of all is the beautiful and majestic es vedra. go to the laid-back beach cala d'hort and enjoy the stunning view on the small rocky island es vedra. this place will definitely leave a long-lasting impression on your imagination. πŸ˜β˜€#sunweb #creatingmemories
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Emerald lake πŸ’™
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So malaysian food presentation might not always be on point but it tastes so good!
6 70 August 2015


Beautiful malay traditional seribu rentak performance for pesta raya, the malay festival of arts in singapore. πŸ₯
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Jangan menjadi seperti gunting yg melangkah maju untuk menghancurkan, tapi jadilah seperti jarum yg melangkah maju untuk menyatukan
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Always daydreaming
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Follow along for today’s episode “wild plans on wild lands” where ever you listen. @out.land.ish_podcast is available on apple podcasts, itunes, spotify and many more! enjoy!
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Tu sais, les épreuves auxquelles tu dois faire face te rendront toujours plus fort. tu survis, tu apprends et tu avances. regarde aujourd’hui qui est là pour toi. regarde ces personnes à qui tu accordes tout ton temps et toute ton énergie, sont-elles près de toi ? fais le bilan. tout le monde n’a pas ton cœur, tout le monde n’a pas ton écoute ni ton dévouement. ouvre les yeux et ne garde auprès de toi que ces personnes qui te tirent vers le haut, que ces personnes sincères et positives. éloigne tout le négatif de ta vie et avance. ne perds pas ton énergie avec des personnes toxiques, absentes ou négatives πŸ’­β˜οΈ #lifegoeson #justsaying #mondaymood #staystrong .
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