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#timelapsetuesday from near sequoia national park 🌄
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Top of the world 🎶
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Spent the weekend exploring the soaring vermillion cliffs and enchanting canyons of zion, monkeying 10 miles up the v****n river, and tightroping narrow catwalks with sheer 1,000ft drop-offs on both sides. this place truly cannot be adequately captured nor described. it’s a feeling that won’t quit fit inside your camera. it’s colors will astound you. the perspective will humble you. the immensity will leave you in awe. shout out to this guy- my favorite adventure partner- who let me drag him through it all!
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Wedding portraits on top of loveland pass. windy ✔️ cold ✔️epic✔️🙌🏻
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In 3 days i leave to run 210 miles across liberia to bring water to those that need it across the country and to help build the 1st sustainable school in postwar liberia.
after having gone through a brutal civil war, liberia is a true symbol of the limitlessness of the human spirit to rise above war, conflict and suffering. i am working with an amazing team on the ground there to build something beautiful.
we all have our own paths that bring us peace and allow us to do something in service of the greater good. running is one of my primary vehicles of service. it literally saved my life from depression, ptsd and alcoholism that pushed me to the brink of suicide. i am honored and humbled to be a part of this journey.
the fearvana foundation will be raising funds to help build this school and we would love your support. the link to donate is in my bio. rest assured that 100% of donations go directly to the people of liberia.
as one we are stronger, and we could not do this without you... thank you for being you :)
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Awal oktober 2018, indonesia akan kembali menjadi tuan rumah untuk ajang bergengsi yaitu asian para games. asian para games adalah pesta olahraga bagi atlet difabel yang bertujuan untuk meningkatkan kesejahteraan penyandang disabilitas melalui partisipasi dalam ajang olahraga, memperdalam nilai pengertian dan persahabatan antar penyandang disabilitas, dan mendukung rehabilitasi bagi penyandang disabilitas melalui aktivitas olahraga.
yuk, dukung kembali atlet-atlet indonesia yang akan segera bertanding di ajang ini!
#askrindo #melayanilebihbaik #asuransi #bumn #bumnhadiruntuknegeri #asiangames2018
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