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Tomorrow i will have been a mother for a whole month. this time a month ago i was getting ready to go in and start the process of being induced.
in that month i have been in recovery from an unexpected c-section while tying to keep a small human who relies 100% on me alive. in this picture there is spit up on my shirt, my hair hasn’t been washed in 2 days and my post-partum skin is a wreck as you can see from the huge blemish on my chin. i’m also sleep deprived but you know what? i love every second! every cry, every poop, every time he pees on me is balanced out by every time he gazes at me while i’m holding him, every precious sound, every cuddle. i can’t believe i ever told people i didn’t want kids. it isn’t glamorous but it’s worth it!
i go back to work in 3 weeks so i’ll be over here loving on this baby til then! .
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Two favorite books right now. they have such great contrast with large images, he loves to look at them! his face says otherwise πŸ˜‚ #igmotherhood #newmomlife #motherhoodunplugged #boardbook #boymom #boymomlife #wonderweeks #weirdmomclub #newmom #janefoster #hellobugs
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It’s crazy to think he was that small only 2 months ago! #theygeowupsofast #hesnotapotatoanymore #newmomlife #babyofinstagram #lovelove #cantgetenoughofhim
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Can i just send a word of encouragement to my fellow new moms and expectant moms out there?? my first few weeks of breastfeeding had me in tears. it hurt a lot. i wasn’t prepared for that to be honest! i remember thinking “can i just fast forward to where we can do this and it doesn’t hurt anymore?” i questioned if i wanted to keep going....
β €β €β €β €
but here we are, 3 months strong and callen is exclusively breastfed. this is something i’m really proud of because it was my biggest struggle as a new mom. to be able to look back now and see that we are on the other side of the storm just reminds me that no matter what hardships we come across in motherhood- and life - the struggles just make you stronger. πŸ’ͺ
β €β €β €β €
i will remember this next time we come across something hard in this journey of raising a child because i know there will be a lot of those times.
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for my new mamas that are just adjusting to breastfeeding, i’ll tell you what so many amazing moms told me: keep going. the first month was very hard for me but now, he can latch as easy as he can breathe, and it’s become second nature. i don’t time myself anymore like i used to or track his feedings (i feed him on demand), i don’t have to use my nursing pillow religiously (though it helped so much that first month!). it really has just become an easy part of our life and that’s what i envisioned on those days when it was hard. you got this mamas!! 🀱🏽 #breastfeedingmama #exclusivelybreastfed #3monthspostpartum #breastfeedingjourney #newmomlife
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A daughter that i have been by her side throughout the 9 months journey. a son that i have been battling for more than 30 hours of labor pain .
i love you both, unconditionally. a little #throwback to their very first meet up on that monday .

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Austyns thoughts: mom we’ve been in this store for 3 hours lets go to the crib.πŸ™„
me: hold on lil aussie i just want to smell one more candle and checkout this book.
austyns thoughts: i don’t think so!
(makes a major poop explosion and yells to the top of her lungs almost shattering glass.)
mom: yup! ok it’s time to go...😳 #momlife
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All this relaxed sweetness is wrapped up in our sweet cheeks candle: vanilla, lavender and a hint of baby powder. stay tuned for the launch in october. #somuchlove
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Les comparto el mejor día de mi vida πŸ’™πŸ‘ΆπŸ»
gracias por acompañarme en esta etapa! y ahora a aprender a ser mamá 😍
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Mis domingos se han vuelto más ricos πŸ‘©‍πŸ‘§β€οΈ #mom #newmomlife #newmommy
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"obsessed might be a slight understatement! also, this bed is a total dream for newborn sleep" @chanellecrouch_ πŸ˜΄πŸ’•πŸ’€ #bassinet #babyroom #babysleep #nurserygoals
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i can’t relate to all of these - we have a pretty good sleeper and my nipples have never felt like they were cut with razor blades 😫 but it gave me a good laugh πŸ˜†
15 19 and 22 are my life. and maybe 18 🀷🏼‍β™€οΈπŸ˜‡
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You know those little clocks that you can put in your child’s room that have an image for daytime and nighttime? the point is that if your kid wakes up too early and it still on the nighttime image they stay in bed and they can get up when the image is of the daytime.
yeah, that would never work with my children. the other morning my three-year-old kicks her feet and throws her fists up in the air and screams, “get me out of here.” she was ready to get up. was i? oh no.
please god πŸ™ help this child love morning sleep as much as me and keep her in a bed. πŸ˜‚
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Mommyyyyy shark doo doo doo doo 🦈
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Currently. & 24/7 πŸ’™πŸΌ. don’t mind my tired eyes.. haven’t slept since i was in labor πŸ€•
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I left north carolina as a better woman because of these girls. πŸ–€ #leadershipatthelake
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Well i courageously tried on my non-maternity jeans today. 😳they button but my stomach rolls over the top. 🀷🏽‍♀️ as long as i’m wearing the right shirt, you can’t tell πŸ˜‡ luca is in the background napping in his snoo... getting in some beauty rest for his photo shoot with @erinmillerphotography today! let’s hope he cooperates. πŸ™πŸ½ #3weekspostpartum #styledwithstones #happiestbaby #snoo #lucalevell #momootd
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Me and kipling having a lil burp off. or 'kiplin' as a letter from the hospital was addressed today. close enough. infinitely better than scout getting called 'slout'. major eye roll.

peak: with a thousand and one jobs to do (jonny: painting, diy, flat pack furniture faff, cleaning / me: watching all the above with a giant mug of coke zero), we decided - like true procrastinators - to go out for brunch instead. we got to the local café too late and had to make do with brunch's far less exciting cousin - lunch - but still, it felt good to say nah mate to the long list of tasks and live a little.

pit: it's a right old hassle sometimes getting the twins in and out of their car seats, so we three stayed put in the car while jonny popped into a shop for a few essentials. with the sun directly on me i started to get really overheated and tried to open a window. no bueno. or the door. no bueno. to my mounting horror i found we were locked in. anyone else get claustrophobia? i started to feel mega trapped and panicky, imagining whether forcefully breaking a car window from the inside is allowed during the six week post-cesarean recovery.

so today: jonny would like you to know he only accidentally locked us in.

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😍😍our family has grown, we thank god for your πŸ™prayers, thoughts and messages! #boyandgirl it is god and my family who keeps me grounded; and super excited for this journey! ➑️#drflavaspices is my other baby that has not only helped me in the kitchen; but so many otgers as well!
im so glad for my 🍽leftovers in the fridge that i cooked and the food still taste flava-ful and fresh!
yes our spices are just so good, wish i remembered to bring them to the hospital cause to food needed some flava..but after birth everything taste good🀣🀣
if you don't know about #drflavaspices learn more ➑️➑️www.drflavaspices.com
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Holding innocence πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ #newmomlife #beachbabyforlife #newmom #attachmentparenting #ratchfordstudio
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•première nuit•
hier soir lylia a passé sa première nuit seule dans sa chambre ! •
nous avons enfin pu terminer l'aménagement de sa pièce πŸŽ€ elle est fabuleuse ! nous y avons mis beaucoup d'amour et de douceur. vous la verrez enfin bientôt πŸ˜‰

en tout cas notre poupée a passé une belle nuit. couchée à 19h, une tété à 1h30 et réveil à 7h ! πŸ‘ŒπŸ’―
c'est maman qui a mal dormi.. les yeux rivés sur la caméra @angelcare toute la nuit pour s'assurer que tout allé bien .. et tout allait bien évidemment πŸ˜… ! on remet le couvert ce soir espérons que tout se passe à merveille également 🀞

pour habituer lylia à la pièce nous l'avons fait participer à l'aménagement et à la décoration de sa chambre toute l'après midi. elle a eu l'occasion de se familiariser avec son nouvel univers avant d'y rester seule pour la nuit. cela nous a sûrement beaucoup aidé.

week-end bien rempli donc ! il est venu le temps de se détendre un peu avant la reprise du travail demain.
bonne soirée à tous !

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We can’t contain our excitement over having @sleepymamanj as our guest expert for our first the motherhood collaborative night! tickets are still available, click the link in our bio for more information πŸ‘†.
nicole cannon, the sleepy mama, is a certified sleep consultant through the international maternity and parenting institute and member of the association of professional sleep consultants. nicole recently completed a certification in infant mental health through the hospital for sick kids in toronto. although she had previously done sleep work with families she nannied for, it wasn't until nicole had her first child in 2013 that she was able to experience how difficult sleep deprivation can be on both children and parents. now a mom of three very different sleepers, nicole looks at the entire picture and uses a variety of sleep techniques and methods with families to help everyone get more rest.
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You’re only 3 weeks old and i’m so in love with you baby girl! πŸ’œπŸ’œ
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A rainy, cozy, fall morning calls for baking pumpkin chocolate chip muffins!! these are so good! i may have taste tested way too many πŸ™ˆ luckily they are pretty low sugar and made with @kodiakcakes mix! recipe will be in the comments πŸ‘‡πŸ» .
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