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Joella is literally training me to be an avenger... or maybe a bond girl. 👻👻👻 #trapezepilates #nikegirl
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Dear 22 yr old me,
my heart aches when i see this picture of u. i erased any pictures that ever existed of you looking like this. you were trapped, always insecure. there was a place in your heart that hurt deeply. .
a place u kept hidden from others, where you questioned your beauty, your value, your worth as a woman. and it hurts to remember. i wish i could tell you it will be alright. i would probably start raving about the job we do today, how much purpose, happiness and belonging u have because of it.
i would tell u not to hate what season you're in, that one day, you'll look back and understand that you had to go through this period to get to where you are going. its our dream, remeber?! its what you’ve been waiting for! it's not a curse, it's a seasonal gift. be all there and learn from it.
you are building your story now, that way you can inspire later. but most importantly, i'm so proud of you.
who you have become, how strong you have become, the way u walk by faith and keep close to your family,
how fearless you are. how confident you are and how sure of yourself you are. you've become someone i used to look up to. god used the parts of our story we didnt like to shape the parts of our story that are now our favorite. .
you will learn to tune out the other voices, the ones that will laugh and put you down. don’t mind them, keep going. you will find better people to surround yourself with!
the best is yet to come, your 23yr old self💕
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✨ it’s never too late ✨
to change your mindset.
to eat healthy.
to exercise.
to mend broken relationships.
to change career paths.
to redefine your goals and visions.
to do something you’ve never done (to get somewhere you’ve never been).
to change your attitude.
to live like you’ve always dreamed.
to realize you’re unstoppable.
all it takes is for you to start. once you do that, it all begins to unfold. that’s a choice. and i know you can make it.
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Blah blah blah, interject some attempted inspo c**p about working out at 430am recently or whatever.
probs feel 72573x better working out super early and then working a 12 hour shift, than i do attempting to do burpees at 8pm.
i’m exhausted... but in the best way possible. mixing 80do/running/ @madeline_moves and not hating the 5am life as much as i thought☺️👌🏽
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Here recently some have noticed i've made strides to say f**k what people think and follow my dreams.
this year so far i've decided punching a clock and bending over backwards for people who don't appreciate it just isn't for me anymore. i decided to go for it. i know that some people will never understand consider i've heard.. "that's not realistic"
"modeling isn't a job"
"working out doesn't pay your bills"
"you need something with good benefits"

little do those f*****g idiots know, modeling is step one. fitness is where my heart is, i don't care how much is pays. i'm currently just in phase one of a master plan.
i have goals that no one knows about.
so sit back and watch, because all the negative nancy's out there are fuel to the fire 🔥 don't believe me, just watch.
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💕ella siempre transmitiéndome su gran energía 🌅! #love #mya
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✋🏼stop your scroll
this is so exciting🤗🤗🤗
when i started my fitness journey i lost weight quickly! within just 21 days i lost 10 lbs and over 10 inches!
i started using some very simple nutritional mindset principles that helped me lose 30 lbs before pregnancy and over 40 lbs after!
we recently decided to partner with one of the world’s top registered dietitians to bring you something so simple, where nutrition is the focus and exercise is optional.
i am certain this will change your life forever!!! if you want to be free from emotional eating, binge eating, yo yo dieting (that was me), but you dislike exercise or you really can’t exercise right now and you still want to lose weight, here’s your sign📲
there really is a way to get results and not feel guilty about having treats here and there, it does not have to be complicated🙌🏼
if i just read your mail, fill out the application in my bio and i’ll email you within 24 hours of receiving your application💕💕
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I’m learning so freakin’ much about food and how to trust my body more 💃🏻 if i really just listen to how my body wants to eat instead of letting my mind and emotions cloud my judgment. i “think” i crave all the unhealthy c**p but i just need to check my mind 🧠 and intentionally make an effort. like today with #sharkweek i was craving chocolate so i made myself a chocolatey shake instead #winwin!! it isn’t always easy but it’s been worth it, i’m down 7lbs in a week 🙌🏼 also, you have to be patient and kind with yourself. this is most important 🙏🏼
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Thank you, fedex dude for delivering my new best friend. workouts better watch their backs when juju has this in her system...😏☠️🔥💪🏼
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