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When you’re life looks like this and child number two gets hit - i pull out the big guns for cleaning and tummy. thieves everywhere (a powerhouse blend of clove, eucalyptus, lemon, cinnamon bark, rosemary). diffusing, cleaning and disinfecting (this oil is awesome as a healthy keeper- cleans the air, boosts immunity, and makes our digestive system work it’s best). and of course a little tummygize kidscents essential oil to calm the tummy down. (a blend of spearmint, peppermint, tangerine, anise, fennel, cardamom and ginger)
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Summertime means the kids are all home all day. and that means more dirty walls and doorways. ⠀

my go to nontoxic cleaner is a 32oz glass bottle filled with water and 15 drops of onguard essential oil and 10 drops of lemon essential oil. ⠀

the onguard cleans any yuckies from the area and disinfects, and the lemon cuts the grease and grime. it’s completely nontoxic and you can actually drink it! it’s safe for kids and pets. and...it’s super cheap. lemon essential oil is $.04 per drop, and onguard is $.13 per drop, making my giant bottle of cleaning solution only $2.35. ⠀

✅ good at cleaning ⠀
✅ safe for kids and pets⠀
✅ cheap

if this is something you want more info about, pm me or comment below and we’ll connect.
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Hi my friends 👋🏽
as many of you know, i’ve been using essential oils for about 3 years now... but i don’t want to keep them all to myself anymore 😏
get ready for an instagram dedicated to a love & passion for non-toxic, chemical free living with @younglivingeo essential oils 💧
👉🏼 @_theoilysisters_ 👈🏼
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The mom brain is still in full gear after having miles - moms of lots of kids - does this ever go away? anyway, i forgot to buy the dishwasher pods that are non-toxic. 🤦‍♀️ and we're completely out.
two nights ago, i found some dishwasher detergent from the days when i bought cascade (so awhile ago.) i used it in the dishwasher because i thought, "oh, i'll just use it up."
no. should not have done that. it did not get my dishes clean at all. i had to hand wash most of them after they came out of the dishwasher.
so last night, i decided to try a capful of thieves household cleaner in the bottom of my dishwasher as a dishwasher detergent. guess what - cleaner than ever.
thieves cleaner cleaned my dishes better than cascade. plants work y'all. no need to use the toxic crapfest found in the grocery store. what's stopping you from trying them?
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Step 1: get a diffuser 💧
step 2: purchase peace & calming ✌🏼
step 3: diffuse peace & calming in your diffuser ❤️
step 4: feel yourself & anyone surrounding you melt into a relaxation trance 💆🏻‍♀️🐶
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Bergamot has been my go-to oil lately. feeling all the summer vibes with this refreshing, uplifting scent! i love wearing it on my diffuser bracelet and over my heart. ❤️ have you tried bergamot yet?
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I 💛 lemon. this one little bottle is so good for so many things! as you can see, you can use it bake with. my husband and dad love lemon meringue pies. guess who gets to bake their favorite pies for them? 😉
lemon pies, cookies, cakes etc. are even better with this oil! it really takes baking up a notch!
what is your favorite way to use lemon essential oil?
i love it my baking (as you can tell), and in my water for a gentle detox. it's important to keep the toxins flushed out in order to keep our kidneys and liver in good working order.
something else i always use it for is cleaning. it cuts grease like nobody's business! from sticky residue, greasy pots & pans, laundry stains, counter tops, furnish polisher, you name it, this baby gets it done!
lemon has also been used to lower blood pressure, arthritis, and muscular aches & pains. this is one of many essential oils that works as an amazing disinfectant which is why i love using it internally and externally 🤗
add it to your diffuser to purify the air while at the same time helping with concentration/focus! it's not called, "the oil of focus" for no reason!

i have a great deal going on right now. if you are a new customer and place a $100 or 100pv order and place another 100pv order in july, you will receive our top selling supplements for free! that's a $106 value, plus they have a 30 day money back guarantee. you can't lose! the supplements are always on my order, they are the one thing i will not go without. i've spent the last 25 years taking different vitamins with no results. these are the only ones that have improved my mood, energy, memory and aches & pains.
💌message me today so i can answer any questions you may have!
and if life hands you 🍋's make 🍋ade!!
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I’ve stopped calling them chores....and started calling them “the life skills you’ll need when you move outa’ here!” so you’ll understand my total delight when i walked into the kitchen and found my 15 yr old wiping down the trash can without having even been asked!😍 he’s definitely the hero of the day....i’m sure he secretly wants something, but i don’t even care right now!😉 the trash can was filthy and this sweet boy of mine noticed it, and fixed it. feeling like i kinda won the mom lottery, just sayin’💕😂😂😂..... oh yes, and just a reminder, when you clean with your #norwexenvirocloth it doesn’t matter what temperature water you use. so even if it’s 100 degrees outside with 100% humidity, and your wiping everything down with cold water. you can still get all the things 100% clean with zero effort.😎 #cleangreengirls
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Our house officially went up for sale yesterday, and i’ve been doing this combo on repeat 🌲
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Hello my dear friends. its been a few days, since i posted getting back into the flow after a busy month. ❤
i wanted to spotlight this fantastic versatile oil. 😍
the chemical makeup of rosemary oil gives it renewing properties that can be both energizing and settling particularly when you diffuse the oil.
when you need to study for a big test, memorize, or just need to finish a project, diffusing rosemary is a fantastic tool, in the essential oil diffuser of your choice, also diffuse rosemary essential oil while studying to help maintain concentration.
there are scientific studies available on the benefits of rosemary oil for memory. if you're interested dm me and i can send you the link. -
doterra rosemary essential oil can be taken internally to help reduce occasional fatigue and nervous tension.* you can add a few drops of rosemary oil to a glass of water or to a doterra veggie capsule. rosemary oil can also be taken internally if you are striving to support healthy internal o***n function.. -
want healthy hair?
when you want to promote an abundant-looking head of hair, consider using rosemary oil when giving yourself a stimulating scalp massage. to improve the scalp massage even further, combine melaleuca and rosemary oil together.  whether you are styling or grooming your lovely locks, it is always a good idea to use rosemary oil for hair.
want to get the best quality rosemary oil? dm me. have a blessed day. -
❤❤❤ -
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Thanks for your review katie - our castile soap does make a fab stain remover 💚 #allnatural
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Remember the new products doterra released at conference this year? well, have you tried rose touch yet? 🌹
i have, and it’s so stunning!!! i’ve been trying it out as my pure-fume and it is really pretty 🌹

and as well as smelling so gorgeous, it has mood-lifting properties which always come in handy! 😉

oh and i nearly forgot… it can be super-helpful for our skin and blemishes.
have you tried it yet?

p.s. rose touch is rose essential oil with fractionated coconut oil, and it comes in a roller bottle.
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Trying a new natural cleaner scent - lemon peels and windowsill mint. soak in white vinegar for two weeks. strain and dilute 1:1 with water and transfer to spray bottle. the acidity in vinegar has natural nontoxic antibiotic properties. 🌱🍋
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My first young living convention was crazy inspiring. it started with mary young and her two teenage sons giving an amazing tribute to the company’s founder - their husband and father who passed away last month. i will tell you, i had lots of tears. their oldest son, jacob, is just about the age i was when my mom was in a horrible accident that left her with a traumatic brain injury and wheelchair-bound for 26 years. my heart hurts for those boys. i will tell you, there were lots of uplifting oils being huffed in that convention hall 😍

hearing stories about d. gary young, from those who knew him closely, strengthened my commitment to this company and the products. prior to convention, i knew the products were top-notch in quality and benefits, but didn’t know as much about the founder and philosophies upon which the company was built and operates.
d. gary young was a visionary who believed in himself enough to push past naysayers and create a company and products that are second to none. he was a farmer, a horseman, a trailblazer and an inspiration for living life to your fullest potential and with integrity 💜
he started young living to heal himself and others and developed it into a company that is one of the largest direct sales companies in the us. hearing from several customer service representatives, and touring the member services center, it was obvious they loved their jobs and are treated wonderfully by their employer.
saturday morning was a blast doing an 80s themed 5k fun run benefiting the young living foundation. after being up until 12:45am learning from our leaders, this was no small mission 😆 but man, what a great cause to get up and walk/run/dance to support!! learning about the foundation was another highlight of this trip 💜 the foundation is doing amazing work around the world - to end human trafficking, combat malaria, rebuilding homes and schools devastated by earthquakes, and more!
young living members can round up their orders to the nearest dollar to donate to the foundation. those extra ¢¢¢ go a long way!! amazing, inspiring, life-giving experience 😍#younglivingconvention2018 #youngliving #yeh4oils
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Summer sweetness gets a magical bath 🍓🛀 #strawberries #summerfood #nontoxiccleaning
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This 🤦🏻‍♀️
young living’s seed to seal process ensures that only grade a essential oils come out of their farms 🌿
the more knowledge you have about the quality of oils can help you to make a more educated decision when it comes to oil brand choice!
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My big kids are back at camp this week, so i'm using this opportunity to clean the house! first on the agenda is vacuuming. .
i like to sprinkle the rugs with this little concoction and let it sit for about 30 min before i vacuum. .
-1 cup baking soda
-15 drops of essential oil (i use a combination of purify + serenity)
-mix well, and sprinkle away!
purify is the cleansing blend- it purifies the air and helps eliminates odors.
serenity is very calming to the mind, soothing to the senses and helps to promote relaxation (plus it smells amaaaaaaaazing). i love this combo together, and it gives me peace of mind that i'm using something to really help eradicate unpleasant odors instead of just covering them up, in a way that's natural and safe.
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✨bonus flash sale ✨
don’t miss this!!! for two days only, now purchase two graphite, kitchen cloths and a pack of two limited-edition envirosponges in blue and green for only $40.78. you won’t believe how well this pair picks up dirt, crumbs, grease and grime with just water. your kitchen will thank you! ☺️ this offer is available while supplies last until noon, cdt, june 20, 2018.
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Norwex has an amazing flash sale going on right now! 2 kitchen cloths and 2 envirosponges in green and blue. swipe to see the official norwex graphic with the specific deal. message me if you'd like to order a set.

i love these items for my kitchen and i've even used the envirosponge in my bathroom to scrub the tub and shower. you can reuse the sponge and they should last at least 6 months. just wash them with your laundry or in the dishwasher. microfiber and water...it doesnt gwt much simpler than that!

#sahm #kitchencloth #flashsale
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