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Thieves. legit obsessed with every product that has this oil in it. the latest addition is this dish soap which also acts as a toilet cleaner #loveamultitasker 🙌🏼🎉 there was also a video in botanical life all about how to extend this product to make it last way longer which i'll be doing this weekend 👌🏼 products that i use that don't contain the c**p 🙌🏼 grateful for a brand that exists that i can truly trust is helping my health ✨
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Teaching for the weekend! in honor of earth day, we will be talking about the top 10 oils and how you can use them for simple swaps and green cleaning in your daily routine. saturday is live on ig and our private facebook group. sunday we will be outside at our favorite park in san rafael and we will make a few easy simple swaps for you to take home! dm us for park address, kiddos welcome! look forward to connecting with you this weekend and showing you just how easy it is to make simple swaps and remove toxins out of your home!
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Did you know indoor air can be more polluted than the air outside, and the products we use in our home can be filled with 100’s of chemicals thatoday’s blog post shares 7️⃣ super simple steps to detox your home for your health, and the health of the 🌍 link in bio 👆🏼
household products like plastics have negative effects on our health and can be so damaging to our wildlife, water, and air quality 💧
things like detergents and cleaning products often contain synthetic chemicals and fragrances harmful to our reproductive/respiratory/overall health, and our environment ❎
i love efficiency and comfort so i struggle with these myself, but it’s all about making small little changes and eventually making it part of your lifestyle. i hope you join me in trying to live a more natural, eco-friendly, and sustainable lifestyle!
what are your favorite tips for creating a non-toxic and eco-friendly home?? what are some of your challenges??

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***new blog post*** is live. this week i am sharing some of the products i have switched to and love since starting my journey to reduce my exposure to toxins and reach optimal health. .
“this information is not meant to overwhelm you, that is not my goal. switching to safer products can be overwhelming, don’t let it be. you do not have to replace everything at once...there are areas that i need to work on when it comes to safer alternatives and reducing my exposure. for the sake of my family’s health i am happy i have made these changes.” to read the entire post follow the link in my profile. what are safer products and brands do you love? @butcher_box @primallypure @shoprebelkate @preserveproducts @beautycounter @branchbasics .
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Two kid-approved sleepy time oils 🌿 i originally tried diffusing oils at blake’s bedtime to see if it would help with his night terrors. and guess what? not a single night terror since i started using these guys in his room! coincidence? i think not! 🙌🏻
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Did you know that it only takes 26 seconds for things we put on our skin to be absorbed into our bloodstream?!? .
think about that for a minute. the makeup we use, the chemical cleaners we use that have all those danger warnings, the soaps we use, all get absorbed into our bloodstream. .
it can be overwhelming and i used to think if you can’t immediately change it all, don’t even bother.
now, young living has me changing my tune. their non-toxic, natural products are changing. my. life! especially the thieves line of products, starting with the household cleaner (& the thieves oil!).
i am not exaggerating. thieves household cleaner is amazing!! it is non-toxic! it smells amazing! and from all of the posts i keep seeing, in some science experiments, thieves cleaner and thieves oil is beating out other cleaners (like bleach!!!) every single time! (see second photo by @essentiallycarter )
would you like to absorb less chemicals and move to non-toxic, healthy alternatives? shoot me a dm and i’ll help you get started. i’m doing the ditch and switch one product at a time for now. it’s okay if you can’t do it all at once! .
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I just refilled my all-purpose cleaning spray with the onguard cleaning concentrate! one of my goals when getting started with essential oils was to swap out my cleaning products with non-toxic options. this concentrate is so effective you only need 2 tablespoons in a 16oz glass sprayer and you fill the rest with water💦
the 12oz container has that whole 5ml bottle of onguard essential oil, along with natural surfactants making this a powerful plant based cleaner for all your cleaning and disinfecting needs! this is all i use now, it even cleans glass without a single streak! did i mention it smells amazing and is very cost effective too!
🌿if you are wanting to ‘clean up’ your cleaning products or lifestyle in general, let me know and i can help you make some healthy swaps! .
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To make this recipe, add orange peels to a mason jar and top with distilled white vinegar. add a few cinnamon sticks to spice it up. let sit covered in a cool, dark place for two weeks and then strain into a spray bottle. if you would like a stronger spice smell when strained, add a few drops of cinnamon essential oil!

you can do this with lemon or lime also 🍋🍊🍈
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What are oils good for? um, everything. 🌿
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These are the oils for our diy non-toxic cleaning class this sunday! i can’t wait to make magical smelling products with everyone! there are a couple spots left in the class so i will add the link to purchase a ticket in the comments. it’s going to be so much fun! #cleaning #nontoxicliving #nontoxiccleaning #planttherapy #essentialoils #handmade #cleanhome #smellssogood #healthyliving #nomoretoxicchemicals
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Hey everybody! i’m back!👋🏻 i had to take a little break during our move. i’ll do a little recap throughout the day of all the new mojilife products that have come out since march!
but first i have to let you know about today’s sale! if you buy any one of these pods listed, you get a set of stackable pod lids!
what are pod lids? they are caps to go on your pods that still have fragrance left in them, but you’d like to try something else for awhile without wasting your old pod. how awesome is that?! list of qualifying fragrances:
• velvet woods
• timberland retreat
• mountain meadows
• cardamom citrus • lavender woods
• orange oak
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Since organic soapnut fruit is the only ingredient in soapnut liquid cleaner, it should be stored in the fridge for longer shelf life. one favorite way to make our all purpose disinfectant brew even more shelf stable is to simply add citric acid.

this brew has organic lemon & grapefruit peel simmering along with the berries themselves. for an even cleaner scent & stability. ✴

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Everyone loves a new envirocloth (aka most astounding cleaning cloth in the world!), especially in limited edition colours!
rid your home of nasty chemicals with this easy, green and safe alternative – norwex mirocfibre and water. you’ll be amazed at the superior clean you get of your home, and the speed at which you get it done!
try norwex for the first time, or stock up on fresh cloths for other rooms in your home while these staples are at the crazy price!
go now. don’t wait. i think these will sell out!
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Toxin free cleaning is so easy, inexpensive and completely effective! with doterra essential oils and a few basic ingredients you probably already have you can completely detox your cleaning cupboard. this is just one example here: 2 cups of baking soda, 25 drops of grapefruit oil and 5 drops of clove. mix thoroughly and use the scrub sinks and tubs, clean the toilet or freshen the carpets. #detox, #nontoxiccleaning, #safeforkids, #cleaning, #holistichome, #essentialoils101, #essentialoils, #mom, #toxinfreeliving, #easyrecipes
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W.t.f? 👉why
👉frankincense... is what i'm talking about!

if you ask me which one of my children is my favourite, of course i don't have a favourite...but....if you ask me which dōterra essential oil is your favourite?...well, there is only one answer, and for me its frankincense!

why frankincense? because he is know as the 'king' of oils! the oil that can be used for so many things... 🧡reduces inflammation
🧡improves o**l hygiene
🧡relieves joint and muscle pain
🧡natural cleaner and purifier
🧡reduces stress & anxiety
🧡anti-aging care
🧡helps scares and stress marks
🧡supports healthy immune system...to name a few!

and how amazing is that frankincense is included in dōterra's top ten oils which can be found in their most popular kits! every time someone asks me how to start with dōterra, i always recommend a kit which suits your budget...why?...because having these top ten oils will benefit your life in so many areas! its how i started and i'm very happy i did!
please reach out to me if i can help start you on your oily life with dōterra - its what i am passionate about these essential oils and what they can do for you and your family!

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There’s still time to take advantage of @doterra’s april promotion ~ $50 in free oils!! 🌼🌼🌼
new members . . . enroll with a starter kit this month and get $50 in free oils (50 pv) next month!
do you want to sleep better, breathe easier, clean with non-toxic products or reduce stress?! visit our website (link in bio) and hit the contact us button or leave us a message here. let us know how we can help you.
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Any of my local friends(north houston) want to take my shopping club cleaners home for a few days and see just how awesome they really are? let me know! i’ll add your name to the list. #naturalcleaning #nontoxiccleaning
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Hudson’s birthday party is coming up, so i’ve been doing some much needed cleaning the past few days. here is a before and after of our gas stove top. kinda embarrassing i let it get that bad 🤦‍♀️ thieves household cleaner to the rescue with a little baking soda and elbow grease! you can literally use this cleaner for everything! 🙌
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Oils for cleaning
top ten oil series
cleaning with oils is one of my favorite ways to use essential oils. i was on the hunt for something better to use in my home instead of the traditional cleaning products i had purchased at the store. these cleaning products would make me feel ill and i would most likely get a headache – therefore i didn't clean as much. i also thought about what kind of residue was being left behind by those cleaners – which would then be picked up by the apple i put on the counter or by the little hands that were trying to reach their treats on the counter.
so why was i getting ill and why was i worried about using these cleaners? it turns out that most cleaners that are sold to us in the us contain toxic, hormone disrupting ingredients (yikes!) – these cleaners were doing more harm than good. and with kids running around, i for sure don't want them to be exposed to that!
since turning to essential oils for cleaning i have never looked back and i clean my whole house with these little bottles. and guess what? it is actually less expensive than purchasing cleaners at the store! plus they are all natural, plant based which means they are also environmentally friendly! total win-win-win!
these three oils have amazing cleaning power! i like to use on guard for general cleaning, lemon for tough grease and stains, and melaleuca in the bathrooms.
o n g u a r d
> helps to protect agains environmental threats
> had cleansing properties
> *bonus has an energizing and uplifting aroma!
to use on guard for cleaning
> add a few drops to water in a glass spray bottle for an all purpose cleaner
> spray to clean up messes and help to disinfect surfaces
> diffuse to help cleanse and purify the air
l e m o n
> cleanses and purifies surfaces
> antibacterial and antiseptic properties
**continued in comments**
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