34 minutes ago
midwestish.mama Little luxuries 💋max & madeleine's sugar lip scrub followed by their lip balm is like a mini spa treatment for my lips. it's amazing how spending just a few extra minutes now and then on your lips keeps them looking fresh. and who else loves a good tinted lip balm?🙋🏼they are my daily go-to and i love that max & madeleine has them available in 6 shades from bold to neutral - all an ewg rating of 1!
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Kana Lee, Business Coach
1 hour ago
livegreenandfree Who else loves shea butter?! indulge and treat yourself. this month only, receive a special deal on our shea butter skincare. shop link in bio.
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Kathryn Loving
1 hour ago
lipstick_granola Happy birthday mom. it's been 17 years and we were so blessed to have you in our lives. she was an artist who was never at a loss for words. the life of the party with the kindest heart. i know those red bird sightings aren't coincidence, and i'm pretty sure the hummingbirds aren't either. 💗💫 about 80% of cancers are environmental. meaning dietary, lifestyle choices, and chemicals contribute to the cause. one little known area that goes virtually unregulated is the beauty or personal care product industry. i believe the us bans 12 toxic chemicals whereas it's about 1300 in europe. the us government allows the beauty industry to self regulate and new laws haven't been passed since 1938. what can you do? contact your government representatives and demand better beauty laws. vote with your dollars. don't support companies who use ingredients like parabens and phthalates. collectively we have the power to make things better. 💫 . . . . . #birthdaygirl #mom #artist #watercolors #memphistennessee #betterbeauty #cancersucks #nontoxiclife #cleanliving #cleanbeauty #powerofus #ewg #ewgverified #healthcoach #nutritionschool #iinnutritionschool #iinhealthcoach #healthyliving #healthylife #chronicillness #lymedisease #lymie #lymewarrior #lipstickgranola
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🌟Danielle Becker🌟
3 hours ago
gracefully_unbalanced That time you got so excited that the kids toothpaste came back in stock and you accidentally ordered it several times 😂 seriously y'all, i placed 2 orders this month and put 3 on each one (ryan has the 6th one at camp this week). my second order arrived yesterday and i just starting laughing! oops! guess we are well stocked for awhile 💁🏼 #mombrain #kidstoothpaste #overstocked
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Clean Living Collection
4 hours ago
cleanlivingcollection A few clean living essential top picks from ariel, our creator & formulator... . 1) lavender cardamom un-chap stick lip balm . 2) h**p & green tea facial serum (great for summer because it has red raspberry and carrot seed oils which protect the skin from sun rays ☀️) . 3) peppermint eucalyptus whitening charcoal tooth powder . 4) rosemary mint natural deodorant . #organiclife #organicbeauty #organicliving #cleanliving #cleanlivingcollection #naturalproducts #crueltyfreebeauty #crueltyfree #cleanproducts #safeproducts #nontoxic #nontoxicbeauty #nontoxiclife #naturaldeodorant #nontoxicdeodorant #charcoaltoothpaste #whiteningtoothpaste #activatedcharcoal #greenbeauty
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Teresa Fritschle
6 hours ago
purejoypureoils Day 16 (of my month of favs): seeing as today i arrived at the big 5-0, i thought this would be the most appropriate fav to share. with the pure essential oils thyme (for brain function and cardiovascular health), clove (the most powerful antioxidant), orange (with d-limonene which may support cell growth), and frankincense (which supports normal cell regeneration and healthy immune function), one tablet is all you need to help your body stay as young as your mind feels. and to top it all off, the goodies above are wrapped in a gel cap that bypasses the stomach to release in the intestines, which is critical for the most beneficial absorption. #stayasyoungasyoufeel #youngliving #purifyyourlife #essentialoils #fountainofyouth #nontoxiclife
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Natural Body & Skin Care
6 hours ago
ajapothecary Maybe you're like me, and your child is beginning school for the very first time this year. maybe you're moving your "baby" into a college dorm room in a new town. maybe right now "back to school" is a phrase full of memories of new books, sorority recruitment, and catching up with friends after a busy summer. . wherever you find yourself this fall, don't forget to start the school year with your favorite aj apothecary essentials! save up to 25% off customer favorites like moisturizing deodorant cream, lip balm, soothing silk cream, and deep breath balm! sale ends sunday, august 20! ✏️link in bio!✏️ https://www.ajapothecary.com/product-category/sale/
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Julie Cussen ✨
7 hours ago
juleson24 There is always an opportunity to roll up your sleeves and be someone's angel 😇 #actsofkindness #shareyourlight #passiton
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Lianne Holland
20 hours ago
cleanlivinghealthylife Rest in peace my beautiful peach & bronze eye duo. connor loves @beautycounter as much as i do! he smuggled this baby into his pocket and it made it into the wash. atleast i know it was safe for him to use while he had it 😂 guess i know what is going onto my next order.... #kids #handsoffmymakeup #iswearilovehim #luckyhescute #beautycountercanada #beautycounter #saferbeauty #switchtosafer #crueltyfree #vegan #nontoxiclife #nontoxicbeauty #mompreneur #nightshiftnurse #happymom #cleanlivinghealthylife #cleanliving
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20 hours ago
gurlgonegreen A little #tuesdaytuneup...i think it's safe to say food isn't the only culprit for toxicity. ditch the chemicals!
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Hannah Riggers
22 hours ago
hanholistic Greek nachos 🌱 you guyyyyys why have i never done this before?? so delicious and simple! take pita bread (gf, or whatever you prefer) and lightly oil it and toast it in the oven, then load it up with veggies and feta! i used artichokes, romaine, kalamata olives, basil, toasted chickpeas, cucumbers, tomatoes, and shredded chicken.
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Teresa Fritschle
purejoypureoils Day 15 (of my month of favs): thieves spray - hello lovely little powerhouse! this little bottle (which happily comes in a 3-pack) is the perfect companion for your diffusers. it makes cleaning them so quick and easy! it’s also great to carry along in your purse, for those places we all end up in that need some sanitizing. i’ve used it on a rental car steering wheel, in public restrooms, and even as a quick air freshener … it has oh so many uses! #youngliving #nontoxiclife #essentialoils #thievesisthebest #purifyyourlife
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Beetle + Bones Apothecary
bnb.apothecary Hey babe, i know what you are doing on saturday. you're coming to vanishing point trading post and hanging out with me, some amazing vendors and our awesome host @maidenvoyageco (2450hunter street los angeles, ca 90021)
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Jana Matlock
beautifulremedyllc Facial oils are superior to cream moisturizers. why? 1. facial oils absorb 100% into the skin providing deep nourishment and hydration. cream moisturizers only absorb about 30-40% 😕 2. our skin contains oils so naturally, it will accept oils. facial oils help to balance oil production in the skin because oil dissolves oil. this debunks the myth that oils clog pores. actually, using a facial oil will help resolve clogged pores! 3. facial oils are better at keeping the skin nourished, warding off fine lines and wrinkles because oils make the skin more plump and soft. 🙌🏻 >>> facial oils must be well formulated, specific to your skin type and only contain ingredients from nature. that's why i choose @annmarieskincare anti-aging facial oil. once you try this facial oil, you will never turn back! . . 🌱 #facialoils #annmarieskincare #annmarie #hydrate #nourishedskin #skinhydration #skincare #naturalskincare #wildcrafted #organic #organicskincare #oilsformatureskin #antiaging #antiagingmoisturizer #nontoxiclife #naturesmedicine #firmskin #softskin #antiwrinkle #jojobaoil #antioxidants #essentialoils #nongmo #pure #wontclogpores #oilmyths #facialcare #beauty #beautifulremedy
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preshess_turner Wanna sweet treat? diffuse lemon, orange, and peppermint for an amazing diffused sweet treat ❤
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Burnette Emerson
burnetteemerson It's my favorite time of the month. i will be putting in my order for essential oils and nontoxic, chemical-free household items, which includes makeup. my inner makeup addict could not resist, especially since it's safe, nontoxic cosmetics. . it's also back-to-school season. there are some great blends and whole food supplements to boost your family's immunity. i can help you find something that will help your little ones' health. . if you want to try any oil blends, safe household cleaners, personal care items, or safe cosmetics, let me know by sunday at midnite (cst). . what are some conventional items you would like to switch over to nontoxic alternatives? . #nontoxiclife #momlife #healthandwellbeing #makeupaddict
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Kathryn Loving
lipstick_granola This is just too good!!! this entire customizable makeup set is just $148 ($198 value). it includes 6 pieces of nontoxic high performance products that won't harm you or the environment. the offer ends this friday at 11:59 pst so get it while you can. 5 minute face includes: 💄foundation 💄concealer 💄brow pencil 💄mascara 💄blush duo 💄lip gloss 💄free retractable foundation brush click the link in the bio to get yours. beautycounter.com/kathyloving . . . . . #betterbeauty #5minuteface #beautycounter #nontoxicbeauty #effortlessbeauty #nontoxiclife #productjunkie #cleanbeauty #cleanliving #naturalmakeup #newmascara #freebrush #ewgverified #ewg #santamonica #iinhealthcoach #nutritionschool #iinnutritionschool #iin #womenrunthis #femaleentrepreneur #healthylife #healthcoach #healing #chronicillness #lyme #lymelife #lymewarrior #lipstickgranola
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