Just B Au Naturel
5 hours ago
justbaunaturel A weightless blend of bio- compatible micronutrients, antioxidants and vitamins provide you with daily dose of hydration and environmental protection. super absorbent, it helps relieve and stabilise irritated or shaved skin. use daily to refresh, heal and hydrate the skin and over time improve appearance of fine wrinkles. also, cools inflamed, sunburnt skin and reduces redness. +aloe vera called the ‘plant of immortality’ has a natural salicylic acid perfect for keeping skin clear with a divine ph of 4.5 and nourished + argan oil, known as ‘liquid gold ‘rich in antioxidants, omega-6 and 9 fatty acids and high doses of vitamin e. this oil is astonishing healing, conditioning and anti-aging. + cucumber oil is rich in linoleic acid or omega 6 fatty acids. it contains vitamin b1 and vitamin c and its biggest benefit is pore detoxification and toning. it reduces skin inflammation + helichrysum essential oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic and anti-biotic properties. it heals, soothes and repairs skin and prevents acne. 🌿 #ecobeauty #crueltyfree #greenbeauty #greenbeautyprouducts #greenbeautylover #madeinindia #greenbeautycommunity #greenbeautyblogger #cleanbeauty #cleanbeautyrevolution #nontoxic #nontoxicbeauty #nontoxicproducts #nontoxicskincare #naturalbeauty #haircare #naturalskincare #ecoluxury #organicbeauty #skincareroutine
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6 hours ago
jessiagadoni The many lovely textures of pure clean soothing masks 😌✨
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PHB by Cara Little
9 hours ago
purehomebody Weekend vibes! a little r&r after a busy week #mumswhohustle #greenmama ...image via @littlegreenfriends
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March 2017
theantihousewife No overnight is complete without these goodies! . . . . . #rejuveniqe #sexyhair #monathairrocks
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Dr. Brite
12 hours ago
dr_brite Today is officially the autumnal equinox, which is fancy speak to say that it’s the first day of fall! to celebrate the start of a new season, we’re having a special sale on the holistic whiten & restore set that can keep your teeth, gums, and mouth feeling comforted during any weather changes! original value is $50, but you can save $13 + get free u.s. shipping on this set with code: friyay922 while harvesting all of the natural healing and soothing benefits of our: 2️⃣ whitening toothpastes for clean, brite teeth 1️⃣ 16 oz. grande-size cleansing mint mouthwash for fresh breath and gentle whitening. 1️⃣ full-size soothe & restore o**l spray to calm mouth and gum sores we're also throwing in a $5 gift card for you when you purchase this set. this special expires tonight at midnight! link in bio is where you can start saving for the new season!
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☺️ Choose Happy ☺️
14 hours ago
jenniferglass This is everything 🙌. looking for a more natural way to soothe your sore muscles? i'm constantly battling soreness, especially getting back into working out after my lil babe. i'm super flexible from growing up as a lil ballerina and i'm also one who gives it my all. this combination means i'm constantly taking it a bit too far and my muscles, tendons and ligaments are constantly screaming at me. a yogic lifestyle has been a godsend as it's a constant reminder of balance. for the times i do overdo it, i'm so in love with deep relief silver rub from the best ever --> @realoilofficial it has pure essential oils and silver biotics to p*******e all your sore spots with natural power. my fav is to massage onto my footsies, prop them up and kick back. it also keeps it far away from reaching my lil babe. how do you sooth sore muscles?? ps... sun & moon both captured in this pic 🙌.
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14 hours ago
betterbeautybythesea Fun fact friday! 🤗 did you know that conventional antiperspirants work by reacting with sweat to create a temporary plug in your sweat glands? 😳 plugging sweat glands and depositing ingredients like fragrance, aluminum, and synthetic antibacterial agents into our glands sounds terrible right?! which is why we should choose safer sticks for our pits. when i got pregnant with our daughter, i switched out my deodorant for a safer option because the thought of aluminum seeping into her milk supply freaked me out. the switch propelled me into a quest to find the best non-toxic deodorant out there! 😄 i'm still researching, but these are some that i've tried so far. i love the texture of native the most, but i really love the scent of the schmidt's stick. which safe deodorant is your favorite? #betterbeauty #nontoxicliving
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Tasha Sievert
15 hours ago
nontoxicnewbie 🍁🍂happy fall ya'll! 🍁🍂alright...sorry bath and body works candle lovers... but i'm about to crush your fall candle dreams. i too used to look forward to the yearly release of those fall scents and the 2 for 1 sales, but the truth is, these and most conventional candles are toxic. what makes most candles so toxic? first is paraffin, a petroleum by product that when burned releases carcinogenic chemicals into the air. two toxic chemicals found in the soot and residue from these candles are benzene and toluene which are associated with long term health effects and diseases as well as developmental issues. finally, a big problem is that fragrance that you love so much is made with toxic, synthetic chemicals that can cause respiratory and reproductive issues, headaches, allergies and other long term distress to the body. it's time to ditch those carcinogenic candles for an ultrasonic diffuser. i, a previous bath and body works candle lover and addict am here to tell you that you can create those same scents naturally with essential oil aromatherapy. not only would you ditch the chemicals, but you would be diffusing powerful, natural essential oils that can provide support and benefit to every system in the body.
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16 hours ago
nourished_natural_self_care Looking to deliver earth's powerful nutrients to your skin? not a fan of the oily shine left behind by skin oils? the green tea &a patchouli serum is a facial oil made with dry oils, which means that it penetrates deeply yet absorbs quickly. the camellia seed oil is extracted from the green tea seed and is highly healing and protective. the combination of frankincense & patchouli oils means that this product is both protective against damage and breakouts as well as cell regenerator; smoothing fine lines and damaged/aged skin. this, along with our argan geranium facial serum will be available at tomorrow's etsy @maritimemakers fair at pier 23. #etsymadeincanada #maritimemakers #skinoils #faceserum #nontoxicproducts #cleancosmetics #naturalproductsthatwork
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Erin Breve
19 hours ago
the.beauty.shift Friday vibes 😊 what's your weekend forecast? // do something special for yourself! you deserve it #friyay #fridaymood #hugs
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Erin Breve
the.beauty.shift ✨natural beauty trends on today's blog ✨ click link in bio @mindbodygreen #naturalbeautytrends #beautytrends #beauty
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Green + Simple
green.and.simple [win] today's the last day to enter our awesome koala eco comp! we're giving away a complete natural cleaning collection and all you need to do to enter is; 1. follow @greenandsimple and @koalacoeco 2. like this pic 3. tag some friends who use natural cleaning products or want to make the switch. we'll notify a lucky winner next week. happy weekend, guys! . . . . . #tgif #ecoluxe #naturalcleaner #allnatural #naturalcleaning #nontoxichome #nontoxicproducts #nontoxic #lowtox #win #giveaway #instacomp #lastday #australianmade #koalacoeco
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Lullaby Earth
lullabyearth Flame retardant chemicals pose a health risk to you & your baby. find out why they can be dangerous and how to avoid them in your baby’s #nursery in our latest blog - link in profile 👆🏻!
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Mary Alice
tellurideglow Health supersedes beauty when you are in your 60's but they do parallel in needing self-care. soak up that vitamin d and use a natural based sunscreen and an authentically pure moisturizer like alpine pure oil to balance and hydrate without causing breakouts. the high antioxidant levels fight sun damage caused by free radicals and your skin becomes soft and radiant.
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PHB by Cara Little
purehomebody "best smelling cleaning products i've come across!" @libbycooperdesigns. thanks for this lovely feedback libby - we love them too!
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Robin Butler 🎀
2 days ago
lady_butler4 This is my after.. swipe to see my b4.. i was needing something new.. glad i got a free min to do this myself, yes i always do my own hair i'm way to picky #newhair #silver #dustylavender #cutitup #curls #balayage #babylights #hairbesties #wine
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2 days ago
gurlgonegreen Who wants a box that's practical and useful every month it's delivered?? well i do and @backtobasicsbox is just that! every month i'm amazed at the product selection. always on point! ⠀ this month was a great mix in the eco-chic chica. from a castile soap by @theoptimistco that you can literally use for everything- from your body to the floors- no joke. to a natural polish by @habitcosmetics that will make your fingers look all dressed up. i got the color lush and i'm crushing h*****n it! they even added in a glass pump bottle and an essential oil by rareessence to add in the castile soap. every month i'm loving this box! ⠀ check out the link in profile to learn more about @backtobasicsbox box and how to sign up for it! this makes detoxing your life so easy!
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