Tasha Sievert
5 hours ago
nontoxicnewbie 🍁🍂the holiday season is upon us and reflecting, i know i have so much to be thankful for this year! but this season is also about giving and i think it's important to take the opportunity to give back in any way we can whether it's through time or a donation to those who need it! so this thanksgiving, the following is one way i'd like to do just that ♥️ from now through thanksgiving day, for each person who joins young living with me by getting their essential oils starter kit, i will donate $25 to a charity of your choice. whether you're giving yourself and your family the gift of wellness or if you had someone else in mind, now you're also able to give back to an organization you are passionate about at the same time. i'm super excited to do this and to learn more about the charities you love and support. direct message me if you want more info and i'll send it your way 🍁🍂
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Just B Au Naturel
14 hours ago
justbaunaturel We are busy updating the store for you and we will be back shortly ... we apologise for the inconvenience but you can call us , message us or whatsapp us on +919899408644 or +919811197180 or send a message on our social media pages for any order inquires. 💥 #ecobeauty #crueltyfree #greenbeauty #greenbeautyprouducts #greenbeautylover #madeinindia #greenbeautycommunity #greenbeautyblogger #cleanbeauty #cleanbeautyrevolution #nontoxic #nontoxicbeauty #nontoxicproducts #nontoxicskincare #naturalbeauty #haircare #naturalskincare #ecoluxury #organicbeauty #skincare #organicproducts #justb #justbaunaturel #justb #skin #hair #health #wellness
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The Beauty Shift
15 hours ago
the.beauty.shift Monday morning vibes // after some ☕️, what do you conquer? #coffeelover #mondaymood #conquertheday repost @lindsayteague
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ѵɑʆɛʀiyɑ 🌱 Hamburg
16 hours ago
valysland 🔴 #valysbiomakeup | yeah 🎈 it's been 1 year today since the day i had started using organic makeup products 🎉 i've been using only organics- pure 🎏 no mixing things. . why can i say, it was the right choice? 1. i have stopped spending so much money buying every new item from every single brand 2. i am sure the products don't damage my health 3. i enjoy using the items till the very end! . here is my small gallery for you with the things i've liked the most & can recommend ⤵️ ▪▪▪▪▪ 🇷🇺 У Леры сегодня мини праздник 🙋‍♀️💛 Ровно год назад я опубликовала свое первое фото с заказом из сегмента органической косметики. Ровно год прошел после моего озорения 🎏 когда я осознала, что больше не хочу наносить химию на свою кожу, подвергая себя вероятной опасности { как мне кажется 😜} . Мои выводы? 1. Я больше не кидаюсь с дикой страстью на все новинки всех брендов {эти цвета и краски с ума же сводят} 2. Это позволяет мне экономить значительные суммы денег к̶о̶т̶о̶р̶ы̶е̶ ̶я̶ ̶м̶о̶г̶у̶ ̶п̶о̶т̶р̶а̶т̶и̶т̶ь̶ ̶н̶а̶ ̶х̶о̶р̶о̶ш̶и̶й̶ ̶у̶х̶о̶д̶ 3. Я теперь почти все средства использую "под чистую"🙋‍♀️🎈 что очень радует . Вот мой топ лучшего за год: 1. extra lenthening black tea mascara by 100%pure €€€ 2. black mascara by lily lolo €€ 3. perfect cover foundation by alverde € 4. eyeshadows by nabla €€ 5. tinted brow gel by sante € 6. cream concealer by alverde € 7. lip tints by concrete minerals €€ 8. lipsticks by lavera €€ 9. lip balm by bee natural € 10. deocreams by pony hütchen €€ 💬 А что Вы из этого уже пробовали?💛🎏🔴 ----------
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doTERRA Laila Duckett
18 hours ago
lailasessentials15 Happy bogo day 1!!! what a perfect duo for this time of the year! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 💧on guard is what you want to boost the immune system and ward off germs!!! apply to the bottom of your kids feet daily before sending them to school. this blend has been a game changer for us!!! 💧breathe is like a natural vapo-rub...so amazing for the respiratory system! are you congested? do you have a cough? grab breathe, it will be your best friend! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ what a way to start the week!!! ➡️ $32 wholesale ➡️ $42.67 retail ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ if you want more information dm me and i’ll be happy to help!!! #doterraessentialoils #bogoweek #holidaydeals #keepyourfamilyhealthy
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20 hours ago
iaffirmwellness Looking to start your journey with essential oils? check out doterra's bogo week starting today! for today only, buy dōterra on guard® (15 ml) and get dōterra breathe® (15 ml) free! * * on guard essential oil blend supports healthy immune and respiratory function when used internally* and is also a powerful surface cleaner! includes oils of wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary. * * breathe essential oil blend helps maintain clear airways and easy breathing. can be applied topically to the chest, back or bottom of feet. it can also be diffused at night time to come the senses and promote a restful sleep. the oil blend includes laurel leaf, eucalyptus, peppermint, melaleuca, lemon, cardamom seed, and ravensara essential oils. * * *only doterra essential oils are safe for internal use. inbox me for more info!
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PHB by Cara Little
22 hours ago
purehomebody Gorgeous greens via @_jentina_ 💚 we don't just strive to have products that look great, but products that are good for the environment and better for your health. confused by what eco-friendly and health-friendly actually mean? 🤔 check out cara's latest blog post where she discusses this and more... (link in our bio - under the blog tab)
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Jusu Body
jusubody Have you tried our vanilla peppermint blend yet? it is a cool yet weet pairing that stimulates energy flow and ignites passion. thanks @facebymeghan for this beautiful shot! . . . . . #jusubody #jusubar #thisispulpculture #naturalskincare #organicskincare #loveyourjusubody #nontoxicproducts #ecofriendly #greenbeauty #skincareroutine #gonatural #yyj #yvr #yyc #naturalproducts
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tammy_lee_welcher This insane deal is over in a few short hours. message me for yours today! best sale yet! you dont want to miss out. ❤❤❤ available to new and current vips (new vips will get the clarifying shampoo for free too!) and market partners! buy a conditioner and get your favorite shampoo for only $15 usd / $20 cad! or.... buy 2 conditioners and get 2 shampoo for only $20 usd / $25 cad!! 😲 plus 3 free rejuvabeads (split end mender) samples!! #shampoosavings #greatchristmasgift #flashsale #sale #weekendsale #noharshcheminals #nontoxicproducts #allnaturalhaircare #regrowyourhair #thinninghair #postpartumhairloss #baldingsolution #healthyhairtips #nontoxicproducts #splitenderpro #splitendmender
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Tasha Sievert
nontoxicnewbie My "no list" - the things i say no to in my beauty, bath and skin care products and a simple explanation of why. what are phthalates? phthalates are a group of chemicals most commonly used to soften and increase the flexibility of plastic and vinyl. however, phthalates are also used in hundreds of cosmetic and personal care products. in the u.s. you can’t tell if there are phthalates in personal care products without laboratory testing. companies can put phthalates in products and hide the ingredient. for example, if the label says “fragrance,” it may have phthalates. why i avoid them? they are linked to endocrine disruption and developmental and reproductive toxicity. highest at risk are pregnant and b****t feeding mothers and studies have shown that high exposure to phthalates during this time have caused birth defects. the easiest way to avoid phthalates is to look for products that directly state "no phthalates" on their branding or packaging. examples: savvy minerals makeup and the shea moisture brands both do this. or read your labels and avoid products when the ingredients phthalate, dep, dbp, dehp and fragrance (synthetic) are listed.
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Liv & Lou
livandloubox This turmeric spot treatment stick from @cocokindskincare contains five certified organic ingredients that help treat blemishes as well as brighten skin. i actually don’t break out very often anymore, but this past week i had two jumbo blemishes which is why i purchased this. it definitely helped clear them up much faster and didn’t leave the area dry and flaky. here’s a list of the five ingredients and their benefits. . ✨tea tree oil, turmeric and ginger fight acne causing bacteria and help balance skin tone. . ✨sunflower oil soothes and calms skin. . ✨beeswax helps keep skin hydrated.
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Dr. Jeannette
dr.bebes Each patient gets individualized care because we address the root cause of the problem. yes, injectables are fine but we are different because we talk about #food #digestion #lifestyle #naturalskincare #acnetreatment #noninvasivetreatment #nontoxicproducts #hormones #overallhealthandwellness. call for a quick free 15 mins beauty consult with dr. j at 6027372776. photo by dr. jess, md.
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heatherw.nontoxic This was sent to me from a friend who's been introduced to dream cream only a few weeks ago.... love dream cream!! we have lavender, sweet orange, or peppermint scents #purehaven #purehavenbyheatherwarren #dreamcream #nontoxicproducts #toxicfreeliving #testimonialproducts #glutenfree #organic
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Balance, Not Perfection🌿
naturalwithflowers Ladies, i have finally found your non-toxic feminine product 🙌🏽💕 this was my second month using @kaliboxes tampons- it’s hard to find a non-toxic, clean t****n without fragrance or plastic. no chlorine bleach or dioxin in these babies. you can pick your absorbency and how often you want a box! i did every 2 months and only have 3 left, so it’s the perfect amount. go getcha some. . . . . #feminineproducts #cleanbeauty #cleanliving #greenbeauty #nontoxicliving #greenliving #nontoxicproducts #nontoxiccosmetics #livelonger #endocrinesystem #autoimmunedisease #cancersurvivor #nofragrance #nobpa #organic #sustainable
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PHB by Cara Little
purehomebody Plant based, non-toxic, eco-luxe - how can you go wrong? 🎄🎊 🎁 . don't forget we'll be at the @perthupmarket next sunday (26th nov) and our private vip shopping night is a week on wednesday (29th nov - secure your free tickets through eventbrite). hope to see you there for some christmas shopping, plus limited edition sets and free gifting wrapping.
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🌱Essential Oil Enthusiast🌱
2 days ago
brooke_bradley_saylor Take your holiday cranberry sauce to a whole new level with this amazing recipe😍
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