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A long beach wagon!!! never had a chance to finish this so i’ll just leave this here ✌️
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Almost time for halloween. trying to figure out glitter with @melinarudianto
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Some pleinair pieces done in australia. sydney x melbourne
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I lugged all my painting gear on a 9 mile loop through the florida prairie, before deciding to sketch back where i parked. also, i had to stop painting, because i drank all my water 🤷‍♂️still a beautiful day! #wickedsmaht #nopleinnogain
11 1,008 May 2019
Some more lunchies. #sulley #buzzlightyear and my backyard :) sad scanners just can’t capture the right color sometimes!
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Back to some gouache. last lunch study with @waynetsaywhat and @merrittartwork #mickey under weird light. #disney
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Kumusta, fam ❤ check out my tiny paintings! | i have been so bad at posting lately amongst the hustle of work, commissions, new opportunities, classes at @conceptdesignacad , and really just trying to balance everything and live healthily these past couple months. yet again i am overcome by how blessed i am to be where i am at the moment, and excited to see where i'll be headed as i move onward in this crazy journey of life! so glad i get to share it with you guys too. no matter the circumstance, be it a high or a low, i hope all of you continue to persevere, learn, and seek joy in everything/anything you do! we got this, one step at a time. also, theres still so much i want to learn. color is amazing, and my eyes hurt. sorry so long. stay tuned loves ~
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I had the afternoon off from teaching landscape painting, so naturally i went landscape painting.
22 1,358 April 2019
Asaro head demo at @conceptdesignacad . this was under an intense red light. trying to teach the students that no matter what they are painting, they should focus on the important value groups and colors. they did great. so proud of them.
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