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I can't get over baby plovers!!! 😍
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::massage openings:: hey guys! i am back in this office this thursday (july 19th). i have one spot that just opened up for thursday morning and the days and times left open for the following week are listed below!
book online at www.poshfargo.com or send me a message on facebook or via text to 701.388.6971
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A night by the missouri river. #northdakota
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I love the unassuming look of scandinavian cakes. coy at first, but packed with forward flavors like cardamom, almond, and citrus. weeknight baking in prep for the farmers market this saturday @genevanyflx ! 8am-2pm! hope to see you again.
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I was just about to cry.
ever since i lost my full-time job last year and decided to make a go of this self-employment thing, money's been tight.
i used to be the breadwinner, but now it's not even close. and as we talked again about the future and how our goals of buying a house are still leagues away, i couldn't stop the tears from welling up.
he asked what was wrong, and i told him. "our dreams, our goals, are so far away. we're never going to have the life we want."
and he immediately took hold of my arms and said "this is the life i want. i already have it. we already have it."
that moment is one of innumerable reasons that i love this guy more than anything else in the world.
he believes in me.
he trusts me.
he lifts me up.
so i keep working, continue learning, forever growing, to someday show him that his trust and encouragement and support were worthwhile.
find a mate that believes in you. trust me, it's the best thing in the world. ❀
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These shoes have lead me through my latest set of workouts - when you find a shoe that fits, stick with it!
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After sunset on the prairie there are only stars.
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Before i started working on me, i use to never look in the mirror. i would avoid it like the plague. the only time i looked in it was while brushing my teeth, doing my hair, or makeup. i’d never look to make sure “i looked ok” after getting dressed. i hated what i saw on the outside and it turned my insides black. right before getting pregnant with the little guy, i knew it was time to change all that. now, i not only look in the mirror more often but i’ll even stop and think “damn, that is me!” if you’re ready to start checking yourself out in the mirror more and believing that it is really you staring back, then leave me a comment below or send me a message!
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