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Now you know where i hide my money πŸ’° 😹 and yes, that’s belly after 1 kilo of pizza! 🀣🀦🏻‍β™€οΈπŸ€·πŸ»‍♀️
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“i don’t get to decide what empowers you”. (i couldn’t have said it better myself @whollyhealed repost ✨. keep readingπŸ‘‡πŸΌ
i have noticed a lot of women shaming each other for not pursuing body liberation & empowerment the way they would choose to. accusations are being thrown about ‘seeking attention’ one way, and ‘not being transparent enough’ the other way. so many opinions. so many accusations. .
i have come to realize that in the end, what will further us towards freedom as women is not going to look exactly the same for each and everyone of us which, quite frankly, is the very essence of freedom. it is nuanced by our pasts, our own narratives, and how oppression has impacted us individually. it seems that we desperately want empowerment to have a ‘look’. to be able to judge people’s hearts and true motivations based on a picture or an outfit…but, tell me, what purpose does that serve but to bring judgement and segregation among women in the end? feelings of superiority and frustration leading to dissension at a time when connection is so very essential.
i see now that whether i agree with her actions is not the point. whether it’s what i would have done or not doesn’t matter. shaming another woman has ceased to be a valid option in any and all circumstances for me. βœ‹πŸΌwhat is my only option? to lovingly guide others (and myself) to awareness, so we all may have the tools to seek true empowerment for ourselves.❀️
this is the hard truth: we live in a world filled with people telling women what to do, especially with their bodies, and i refuse to be one of them anymore. it does not benefit me. it does not benefit her. it does not benefit us. #supportnotshame
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I'd rather be looked over than overlooked - mae westπŸ‚β˜•
don't allow others to shame you for loving yourself.
whether it's for your looks, talent, success or anything else you have to offer this world.
you make up a part of this planet that it didn't have before you were born and that part will forever be your place because you do belong and you do deserve to love what you've built for yourself.
those who don't recognize don't get it and that's their fault.
you're doing everything just right
no stress, mindset success 😘 πŸ“·@mattboozer
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22 weeks!
this was kind of a hard post just because i’ve been a little insecure with my preggie self but i have to fight that and have no shame! cheers to 22 weeksπŸ€—
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Setting a photoshoot goal once a year has allowed me to push myself, hold myself accountable, step outside my comfort zone, show case all my hard work, capture my progress, boost confidence! document my lifestyle and passion for fitness and personal training ! #myfitnessjourney #documentyourmemories_ #photoshoot #setgoals #momswholift #momswithmuscles #flexloudflexproud #personaltrainer #vsfashionshow #girlswithmuscles #tattoo #momswithtattoos #beconfident #noshame #findyourselfapaul #paulbuceta #fitnessmotivation #fitnessshoot
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The camera timer is my best friend, yes #noshame (i seem to have lost my clothes)
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37 weeks pregnant 🀯
😳 - no one told me my who-ha would swell - okay... i want to know why no one talks about this?? is it because we’re not supposed to talk about our lady parts on social media? or because we don’t want to scare anybody off from getting pregnant? i am so confused on why this has never been mentioned, in any class, on any blog… why aren’t we talking about it?
this came as a crazy shocked me! one, i can’t see my who-ha anymore (and have not been able to for months) so i am unsure of when this actually started. but my guess was around week 31 for me. i have felt the swelling happening but never really ‘figured’ out what was really going on down there. but as the weeks went on it was becoming more and more uncomfortable. and this week it become a situation... i woke up to find spotting... and not from what you think!! my who-ha swelled so much i started to get abrasions! too much info... but it doubled or i dare to even say tripled in size.😳
i totally thought i was broken! called the doctor’s office, texted my doula, talked to my girlfriends.... all of them said, oh yeah totally normal!!!! normal.... i thought?!?!? that is crazy!?! people should be warned about stuff like that!! that is not okay to just take you by surprise?!?! that’s your goods for goodness sake!
that was scary to learn about after it has happened! so, ladies.... if it happens to you towards the end of pregnancy, its normal! and was told an epson bath would help.🀷🏼‍♀️
and as i get closer and closer to my due date, i swell more and more all over my body. i am learning that this does not happen to everyone. but for me it seems to be my normal. you can even notice in the photo that one leg is a lot more swollen then other. i have been checked multiple times and i have no sign of preeclampsia. the doctor just thinks the baby is sitting on a vein, limiting my blood flow! 🀯😳
the human body is amazing!
thanks to @fallingstarphotography for snapping this image. hehe it totally makes me laugh.
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I’m feelin kind of blah today, so i was curious, do you know any random facts?! i love stuff like that drop some in the comments 🀘🏼

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Weekend plans?
i’m teaching at 6:00am at utech via prezzi’s fitness group so come join me for class.
later, i’m hoping to make new friends through bold moves. if it works, i’ll tell you all about it. fingers crossed it does.

then i’ll be heading to the hills somewhere to explore. speaking of which, i need a good backpack to keep up with my adventures and some sturdy boots. any recommendations? brands i should check out?

it’s friday. we made it. close your eyes and imagine someone is giving you the biggest hug ever. that’s me. i’m glad you’re here, i’m happy we’re connected and i’m cheering you on. πŸ“Έme 😊
outfit: @liquidoactive (sashaliquido to get 15% off everything on the website)

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Don't nobody understand me i ain't caring what they say behind your back, talked bad about you while they smile in your face turn they back when s**t get real they gonna do that anyway a lotta lonely nights i cried i am not ashamed. #πŸ’― #igdaily #noshame #alhamdulillah #lyrics #allahsplan
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Feeling myself because this hair used to be nothing more than a wild idea!
(or wild hair if you will πŸ˜†πŸ€·πŸΌ‍♂️)
my physique has taken some huge hits thanks to stress; losing over 20 pounds in 2 months... πŸ™„
but i’m back to my normal weight and working to stay on this gain train for a while! πŸ’ͺ🏼
then i’ll just be waiting on this beard to fill out 😝

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I have hot fans.
#repost @eve.and.the.wolves
alright. i was listening to the manwhore podcast by @thebillyprocida while i was getting ready for work this morning. today i landed on “are d**k pics women’s fault - with brian howie (guest feature).” obviously the title had me hooked

first off, i am a fan of this podcast and enjoyed this episodes back-and-forth, especially in terms of acknowledgment that no, it is not a woman’s prerogative or obligation to message every advance she receives whether that be in person or via an app. and yes, i did counter many, many points by mr. howie. and that’s the beauty of podcasts: you hear a topic or debate that brings awareness and knowledge to areas of which you are curious or well versed within. it begins or continues a dialogue and, hopefully, cause listeners to further that discussion in their own social circles and communities. which is why i enjoy this podcast; s*x positive information enlightening new listeners and engaging already established pervs such as myself ❀️

no, billy didn’t pay or ask me to give a shout-out to his podcast. though, if he ever visited canada i would be the first to ask him out on a date, and probably be rejected. but i would still ask

all i am saying is that if you are curious about sex, erotica, kinks, etc; listen and expand your horizons. and i would love to have more listeners to chat with if i am being selfish

being empowered by your sexuality is not shameful 😈

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I don’t even like baseball #noshame
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Happy birthday to my beautiful momma! @maggielyn1 what a gift you are to everyone. hope you have an amazing day ❀️ #mamasboy #noshame
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Nothing amazing about today except for everything. including these running pants from old navy i cant get enough of. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
happy friday y’all. •

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Ehhh so maybe it requires two holds 🀷🏻‍♂️ #model #malemodel #twohands #hot #fit #fitness #abs #tattoo #tattoos #naughty #noshame #sexy
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When @moto_mindy thinks you are ready to go faster at the track but really you’re not πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ i learned so much about how to ride that day at the track!!! #bikelife #tracklife #iwannagoback #cbr929rr #noshame #shoei #honda #sedici #sandiego #chuckwallavalleyraceway #caliphotography
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La sur was a good time πŸ’ƒπŸ» #bravotourist #noshame #pumprules #sur #tomtom #lvpisaboss #weho
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Voted “world’s coolest mcdonald’s” #mcdonalds #taupo #iwillalwayslovemcdonalds #noshame
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I'd let him spray me.
#noshame .
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last day of filming. this second half is fking great. thank you everyone that supports this insane asylum ❀️❀️❀️🀸🏽‍♂️
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