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This has been a remarkable year for growth, set backs and the most heartbreak i have faced. i have tried to keep my eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel, but that light has dimmed significantly. i have never felt like such a failure as i do currently and recognize that i have to make some significant changes in life to change this feeling.
when i really sit and think about what’s causing these feelings, it comes down to two things: finances and not being a student working towards my nursing degree, but these two intertwine unfortunately. besides my kids, these two things are on my mind every single day. “what can i change to get back to school?” “how can i make money to provide better for my little family?” what it comes down to is that i need to do anything & everything possible to finish nursing school or nothing will change and life will progressively get worse. life isn’t getting cheaper and my kids will be teenagers soon and we are growing out of this 700 square foot apartment on the daily.
i want nothing more in this world than to be a nurse and thus far, has been nearly 10 years in the making. sometimes we just need a little push and enlightenment to realize our potential and what we really are capable of.
i deserve so much better in life and this will be my last year tolerating less than i deserve. i got this! -
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جدول امتحانات الفاينل ...
للطالبات ...
موفقين جميعا ...
كلها أيام بسيطة تعب ...
بس أكيد ورة التعب النجاح ...
فلا ضيعون أوقاتكم ع أشياء ما لها اي فايدة ودرسوا واجتهدوا ...
تعب أيام ولا تعب عمر كامل ...👌🏻💙
وكلكم قدها بإذن الله وموفقين جميعا ...💙
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Snow days call for gingerbread oatmeal, coffee, and christmas movies! (and then some studying later!) ❄️
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Answer: 2
rationale: if the client develops an air embolism, the immediate action is to place the client in trendelenburg’s position on the left side. this position raises the client’s feet higher than the head and traps any air in the right atrium. if necessary, the air can then be directly removed by intracardiac aspiration. options 1 and 4 are incorrect positions because both positions elevate the head, put the air in a dependent position, and increase the risk of a cerebral embolism; lying flat in the lateral position does not help trap the air in the right atrium.
priority nursing tip: if an air embolism is suspected, the intravenous tubing is clamped off immediately.
test-taking strategy: focus on the subject, air embolism. note the strategic word, immediately. visualize each position in the options and recall cardiac anatomy. recalling that the goal of action is to trap air in the right atrium will direct you to the correct option. (silvestri 84)

silvestri, linda, angela silvestri. saunders q & a review for the nclex-rn® examination, 7th edition. elsevier (hs-us), 122017. vitalbook file.
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Sunday mornings before work ✨ i have to share this find with you guys!! so i love starbucks cinnamon coffee cake but i rarely get it. the other day i was at our local grocery store and i came across this. it’s $3 for a 4 pack and totally worth it. just add the packet into a mug, add some milk water or coffee and pop it in the microwave for 1min 10 sec. super quick and easy snack at work. now, it’s definitely no starbucks but it’s so good!!
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Hey you 👀 i see you peepin
friendly reminder that my special virtual gym starts tomorrow!!🤸🏼‍♂️🤸🏼‍♂️ let me save you a headache... if you think come january 1st you’re going to wake up with a whole new mindset and jump right in the gym, you’re wrong. did you know it takes you about 21 days to stick to something in order for it to become almost second nature?
don’t wait until everyone is jumping on the band wagon to start their health journey. start today. start with a nutritious lunch. that’s where change is going to come. oh p.s- you’re gym won’t have a 1:1 coach that’s going to raffle off lululemon gift cards, water bottles, other prizes ect. and if they do, i know you’re spending a pretty big penny on that gym (even the gym i paid 3k for the year didn’t give me any of that🙄) ——
send me a direct message and let’s get your beautiful self started 💪🏼💕 these at home workouts come with meal plans, 50+ at home workouts and more!
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It only took 5000 notecards for me to beat nursing school
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There are two types of vitamins: 1) water -soluble vitamins 2) fat-soluble vitamins

vitamins are organic compounds that are essential in very small amounts for supporting normal physiologic function.

we need vitamins in our diets, because our bodies can’t synthesize them quickly enough to meet our daily needs.

vitamins have three characteristics:

they’re natural components of foods; usually present in very small amounts.they’re essential for normal physiologic function (e.g., growth, reproduction, etc).when absent from the diet, they will cause a specific deficiency.

vitamins are generally categorized as either f*t soluble or water soluble depending on whether they dissolve best in either lipids or water.

vitamins and their derivatives often serve a variety of roles in the body – one of the most important being their roles as cofactors for enzymes – called coenzymes. (see figure below for an example.)
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thank you so much
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Some people are not motivated enough to workout at home well i’m not motivated enough to get ready, find a babysitter, go out in the cold, waste time driving somewhere and hope your favorite machine is not being used!! i love how easy it is to throw on clothes,walk downstairs, push play for 25 min and get a workout done with my husband while the kids are playing!!! i actually used to love classes until things kept coming up and it was to easy for me to skip workouts....kids were sick, work schedules, babysitter fell through, class was cancelled!! now i really have no excuses to not get it done!!! sunday am workout done!!! the rest of the day we will be running errands, packing for cabo and going to a birthday party!!!
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