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Huge thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate the launch of @offthewallnashville with us! we had a great turn out with fun had all around.
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vans slip on x marc jacobs x sharpie
new in box
sharpie colors
us 9/42/27cm
price : ask me
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🖤 sunday. yesterday a thing in me healed. outside, a black hat i've been not on the yang energy hunt but in the yin energy of attraction for manifested. i was staring at the black disposable cup my coffee was in, black clothes i wore, & fell in love. i realized i'd fell for the black. or: that i'd come to accept and to embrace the colour black. yin is the colour black. it represents the element water, and the yin "female" energy .. that of acceptance, stillness, and being. i always saw yin (women) as complacent and tolerating. weak. my bestiest back in high school referred to me as yang- the colour white, or the bright "masculine" energy; fire element of do, action. tho born into the catholic church, i can't do it. the church forefounded a world wide program (eve and adam..) of 'female is "evil" due to s****l energy & male is "good"... good and bad, period, sin and virtue, and this supports men in power. or power outside of god at all. whilst trying to convince its about god. god is present but.. in many cultures, the female is who led the tribe. the female energy (as the divine female is healing her divine masculine) is healing (church tried to stomp out isis! as the divine feminine principle....) as she's step into "power" throughout history to read, be educated, write, live & do everything a 'man' does. church says eve came from adam, but basic biology proves to us that (hu)man is born out of the w**b of creation, of woman. in #yoga the v****a is yoni, is how all hath life. with no she, there is no he... 'tis nature. the unnatural in maya is natural. truth is "not," as the ability to lie, manipulate & deceive is the ultimate reward in one's progress in maya. have fun. thank goddess for the age of aquarius- of knowledge. who (set) gains wealth in exchange for soul - into a false ideal & tolerating 'acceptance'...of enabling abuse, denial and dishonesty? je ne comprends pas. must be mentally ill. 😘 summary- i accept the female (black/yin) in me! off my rocker, "off the wall," i take note: it is important in maya to be void of any & all personality. 😎 #neutral #yin #canadian 🇨🇦 #metis #spanish #french #msmixedmessages #mothernature #anubis #black #offthewall
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I’m a little bit obsessed with my new @vans torrey jacket 😍
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Así era ella 🍃 .
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Bmx vans pro cup - - 🆒😱
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Vans varix - turtledove/multicolor
available: snkrs.com
disponible: snkrs.com
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