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The depth in his eyes lets me know he’s been here before. so telling, so beautiful, so innocent but with the soul depth and wisdom of an 80 year old. i see you baby boy, i see you...πŸ’›
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#thebestbigbrother he’s such an old soul. he is insightful, loving and kind. i’d love to take credit but i think god just made him this way. #nevergrowup #firstborn #hemademeamama #mommaofthree #hessohandsome #oldsoul #bekindalways #floridablogger #godmadehimspecial #lovemysonπŸ’™
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Fact: i was meant to thrive in the 70s and 80s. hence why you’ll see much of those styles and vibes coming to my feed in the near future. #wildchild #stayinalive #oldsoul pc: @iamtimleon
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How is it that you are 5 already, my baby boy weston?! πŸ”₯you have a fire & passion for all things farming, you’ll know more than daddy in no time! (you sure do school mommy on this)🚜 ☺️you feel kindness, compassion, caring, happiness & sadness so deeply that i forget you are still so little. your feelings remind me to allow those feelings to happen to me instead of pushing them aside. πŸ€— πŸ§“πŸΌyou have an old & wise soul. some of the things you say and do come out of left field & really leave me deep in thought. (mommy, papa ken still lives. he lives in our memories, in our heart and in heaven) 😍 😜you drive me nuts, challenge me & make me wonder how i will get through parenting you. (like when you laugh at me while i give you the mom death stare... 😠)🍷 ☺️these qualities you have in such a little body leave me amazed (and exhausted). i know god sent you to remind us to live life as it happens. be the good & see the good.
and also, live life as you are, not who others want you to be. our wish for you is to always be this way. we love you more than you will know baby boy! 😍😘 #rieckefarms #farmerboy #bethegood #last90days #thankful #grateful #boymom #oldsoul
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Day 1. 10 albums, 10 days no explanations, no justifications. @gmacbeth “i accept your challenge!” #hiphop #classic #dope #music #lifestyle #skills
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Thought i'd drop some good vibes on this monday to get your week started off right! i appreciate all of the love and the support that i've been receiving. you guys give me the motivation to go hard everyday! that being said, like, share and comment!! oh, and to "you know who" lol, i thank you for the way you've helped me grow and i will never forget the love that you've showed me❀️. bless up! πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ #love #newtalent #soul #oldsoul #oldschool #newwave #newmusicalert #newartist #midwest #217 #breakfastclub #swayinthemorning #barsmatter #soulfood
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Geelong psychic and wellbeing expo allowed me to connect to some amazing clients and fellow readers. and healers. feel very blessed to assist. was a special day. so many different people came my way. you get a bit of a buzz from being amongst it all❀️#geelongpsychicexpo #spirituality #psychic
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δ saudades lusitanas ξ

eu estou cansado de sofrer

quero dançar, sentir calor e poder
só olhar o universo em torno de você

brilhando em vida, sorrindo à toa
só vibrando amor e paz

vejo a lua, lembro do sonho
torço para realizar

sinto a noite, penso em você
lembro como é bom amar

quando você se foi chorei,
chorei, chorei

agora que voltou sorri,
sorri, sou rei

music : @natirutsoficial - https://youtu.be/trmtl8yxcsa
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πŸ‘‰@magija_zivota_ 🌻🌞🌟 #letsdosomemagic 🌈✨✨✨
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β€ͺi pet crosby. he is a 6 month old goldendoodle. his caregiver says he has an old soul. crosby loves playing in the snow with other dogs. he doesn’t like to go in the yard if it’s dark, or to walk without a streetlight. his caregiver says he is afraid of the dark.‬
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