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Flush all negativity out of your life even if it means you have to drop some people in your family #happines #live #onelife #dream #acomplish #motivated #motivation #driven #drive
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Życie jest jak gra ogień i woda aby ją przejść trzeba umieć współpracować z innymi #instagirl #snapgirl #tubmlrgirl #polishgirl #prestiżgirl #fame #photo #poland #happyday #behappy #l4l #follow #f4f #filters #nomore #instagram #yes #onelife #tumblr #pasja #snapchat #smile
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In the past..living in the present was something i truly struggled with! was always worried about what happened in the past and focused on what was going to happen in the future resulting in missing the moments that i wanted to experience the most!
becoming a parent/dad for the first time was literally life changing for me as i know most would agree! you truly learn so much about yourself and how to quickly navigate life as a parent! i also told myself that i would commit to living in the present so that i can experience all that life and fatherhood has to offer. -
working on myself has been a big part of my journey...my goals i set and the actions i take are not only for myself but also for her! it’s moments like this...i cherish the most and help me live in the present...try slowing down and really listening to what she is saying or experiencing! soaking it all in now! -
she is my everything! she pushes me to live my passion of helping others and the reason i am working on the path and journey i’m on! she has helped me learn new skills(confidence, patience,living life) and build new qualities so i can be that better father...role model to her and in helping others! it’s so amazing to watch her and see her excitement for life...leaving in the present...and the quality of helping others! my passion... to show her and others...in the true meaning of this one life...also experience the feeling and abundance in a path of better health..financial freedom...and becoming the best version of themselves.
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🍃❤️🙏 #lessworries #onelife
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Podcasters our there? a good place to source music for podcasts? background and transition music.
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You're never fully dressed without a smile!!! 💕💕
today my smile cannot be contained.. in fact my heart is so full that i cried happy tears! when i made the decision to make health and fitness my lifestyle, it was to help myself with anxiety and depression. it was to take care of me, be comfortable in my own skin, become my best version... and to be able to love myself!! .
what i didn't know is that it would change my life in so many ways. that it would make me step outside my comfort zone on a regular basis. one of those being that i created this page to share my journey with all of you... as well as inspire and support you!! another was joining an amazing health and fitness group ran by the one of the most beautiful souls @jenselter 😍 who has been an inspiration to me for so long!! and because of being part of that group, i have met some incredible people... who have become best friends (life long friends), i have gained a support system that is full of woman from all around the world!! i have grown with them, learned from them which allowed me to push myself further, take on new challenges and have found a whole new love for this lifestyle!!!
hard work and dedication pay off in more ways than one. this lifestyle is not just about the physical appearance, it is #mindbodyandspirit .... everyday (especially today) i am seeing those rewards... and i am truly blessed and humbled to be a part of something so beautiful!!!🌹🌹
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**** before listening read below and then open your mind to a deeper level of consciousness***** this message is sooo powerful. open your mind! 💯💯💯💯💯💯 i too am so greatful of my parents for always encouraging me to be a good person, love, be kind to everyone and do my best!
#repost @garyvee
it’s time to have honest conversations about the people that are closest to you but are in a bad place themselves and their impact on you. so many of you aren’t living life because of your mom or dad or older sibling or spouse or boy / girl friend, i actually have a lot of empathy for them because clearly if they are holding you back their in a bad place too, but it’s time you take accountability for your life and realize the score and change the game. i wish happiness for you so much and it starts in your mind and your surroundings, please address them.
i mean no disrespect, i want happiness, tag a friend -
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“you need to be upfront in your relationship about your priorities in business. period.” @garyvee 🇺🇸
if you could meet any entrepreneur in the world, who would it be? follow @jaiden 👈🏼
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My mother in law is one of the most driven women i know. shes in her 40s and still puts in work just as much as us youngins!!! @lou_fig12 age is just a # so do not let it define you! i know so many women say oh well it’s so much harder for me to lose weight now i’m old my body is changing. well that’s just more of a reason to push even harder... your health is everything and if you only care about it when your young then your setting yourself up for failure. it’s an everyday for the rest of your life type of thing. so find just a little time and get sh*t done💪🏽 #fitnessover40 #fitfam #igfitness #ourbodies #fit #bodybuilding #happiness #onelife #bikinicompetitor #fitspo #fitness #figcartel #motivation #dedication #fitgrandma #lifestyle
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No te pierdas el sábado 28 de julio, jornada de educación financiera y criptomonedas, para más información comunicate al 04124399860 #oneacademy #onelife #dealshaker #onecoin #criptomoneda #oneforex
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Not all those who wander are lost. j.r.r tolkien ❤️ #travel #turks #onelife #bestbirthdayever #beaches
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