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Ahhhhhhh the best ig giveaway yet!!! 😱 a non-toxic mattress is the one big thing missing from my bedroom! i tried making a wool mattress topper, but after using it just 8 months, the sleeping indentations started hurting my back and i had take it off the bed. @mygreenmattress is definitely my top choice for a natural mattress when we're able to buy one 😍 #repost @thisorganicgirl (@get_repost ) ・・・ ✨g i v e a w a y ! ✨ guys! this. is. it. i've tested out a couple of nontoxic mattresses this year and i'm excited to say, i've landed on @mygreenmattress - it's clean. it's comfy and it's affordable. like, what more does a girl need!?😍 ⠀ and it's not just me. my guests have gotten their beauty 💤 on my green's natural escape - a hybrid gots certified organic cotton, eco-wool, gols certified organic natural dunlop latex and coil spring mattress. and i've recommended this mattress to a few of my friends and now they are all sleeping pretty (and nontoxic) too. ⠀ the owner of my green mattress created this line in response to his daughter who was suffering from allergies and eczema. this company has been in business since the 1960s and offers a 100 night money back sleep trial as well as a 10 year warranty. like, you can't go wrong here! but not only that - i'm like bob barker and the price is right friends. i got our queen on sale for less than $1,000! ⠀ anyways! i'm so over the moon about how accessible and clean this company is - i've teamed up with my green mattress to give away a pure echo twin mattress or ▶️$529 ◀️in credit toward a mattress of your choice. yeah, you just read that right👊🏻get on this! here's how to enter: ⠀ 1️⃣follow @mygreenmattress and @thisorganicgirl 2️⃣tag a friend (unlimited) ⠀ optional repost for an additional 10 entries with #mygreenorganicgirl - open to us only. winner will be announced on 8/31. link in profile for more! ⠀ ✨g o o d l u c k !✨ ⠀ •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 📷 @minimalwall #organicblog #organicmama #greenmama #greenliving #naturalmama #healthyliving #organiclife #naturalliving #healthykids #healthyfamily #eatrealfood #foodismedicine #eatorganic #buylocal #nontoxichome #beautyblog #greenbeauty #greenbe
2 64 August 2017
I don't loooooove working out, but i love the feeling after i'm done! i don't love cardio but i love knowing that my heart and lungs are healthy and strong! shooting for a new fitness blog post and enjoying the first day of spring - then it's off to church! pic: @meganmweaver
13 184 March 2017
Save your baby from consuming excessive sugar & preservatives in commercial baby food brands. feed your babies with 100 percent natural baby foods that are high in nutrients and straight out of your kitchen! it will save you money and do your baby a whole lot of good. visit my blog (link on bio) or 👉🏽www.enenaturals.com on new blog post on how to make rice cereal for your 👶🏾. #organicblog #organicblogger #homemadebabyfood #naturalbabyfood #ricecereal
10 41 April 2017
Healthy and delish; this is one of mine and jordan's faves. zucchini enchiladas!! yes, there are a few organic flour tortilla enchiladas there for jordan to have a little of each. link for recipe in bio!! ps- since taking these pics, i have discovered that harris teeter organics uses epoxy lining in their cans. epoxy is a form of bpa!! so i do not recommend getting cans from them! i will have to go on a search for organic refried beans in a non-bpa can! until then, mashed homemade black beans sounds like a great substitute to me! #organics #healthy #healthyclt #healthygirl #lowcaloriemeals #dietician #organicblog #organicliving #wholesome #bpafree #wholefoods #veggies #healthyrecipes #healthyeating
5 49 August 2017
❄️ my girls first snow days❄️ . . ❄️rayah lillian wasn’t so sure that she liked the snow...i am pretty sure she is just taking after me and prefers warm sandy beaches over wet cold snow! . . ❄️daisy on the other hand had an absolute blast and was buffalo jumping all over the place! she was afraid to walk outside at first because it was just a big blanket of white, but after a few encouraging words she braved the first steps and fell in love with the snow! . . ❄️as beautiful as it was...i sure am grateful it’s all melted away and feeling like a spring day with 62° weather today. with a toddler and a puppy, being cooped up in the house for two days straight will make for a stir crazy mess! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #afruitfullife #momlife #momblog #mymotherhood #honestmotherhood #healthylife #organicblog #organiclife #instamoms #holistic #naturalliving #momlifeisthebestlife #momboss #letthembelittle #dailyparenting
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I love being surrounded by nature and feeling its presence around me so, i've learned a few ways to incorporate it into my home, here are my top tips: 1. put plants and flowers everywhere- potted plants and fresh flowers will make your home look and feel like a spa. 2. use natural materials that are normally found outside and bring them inside. i have done this with wood and stone pieces that you'd normally place in your garden. if you see something outside that you love like a stone, a pinecone, a rock a branch, etc. bring it home with you and use it to decorate the rooms. use these little things as accent details and combine with a few more suggestive elements like hanging planters or fresh flowers in vases. 3. let as much natural light in as possible 4. choose artwork that features nature, for my hubby and i that would be trees, we both love to hike and spend time in the forest and the art we place on our walls reflects that love! i've been getting lots of ideas from reno shows lately and my friend @cheryltorrenueva and the folks @discfamily are premiering reno, set, go! tonight on discovery family it 's all about helping people in need! i love that! tune in tonight!
10 150 June 2017
Life tip: go to the grocery store at 8pm because no one else is there 😜 #sohungry
9 154 March 2017
Что мне не понравилось из ухода, по итогам 2017 года 😎 Есть продукты, которые я так и не поняла, хотя я всегда даю шанс и пробую разные способы использования и мне всегда жалко выбросить органические средства. Делюсь впечатлениями ❤️ • Не поняла, как можно использовать это средство от @skinowl beauty whip maqui berry (на фото справа) 🌺 • Производитель предлагает несколько способов и не один на мне не работает.. Первый способ - в качестве основы праймера под макияж. Ну неет, консистенция средства двухфазное, расслаивается в бутылочке, после того как его потрясти еще более менее становится похож на масляный флюид ✊🏻😆 Пробовала на лице - масляный, долго впитывается - читай совсем не впитывается, нет уж, спасибо! 😖 Но самое главное тут аромат! Явно ощущается спиртовая отдушка, резкая и точно неподходящая для моего лица! Второй способ использования - маска, но сами понимаете, что вытекает из первого пункта, мне такое не подходит, кожа не впитывает это и похожа на масляный блинчик( Средство не из бюджетных, поэтому обратите внимание на мои рекомендации - прежде чем покупать стоит подумать. • У меня один вопрос - отзовитесь, кто это средство пробовал?? 😅 Как вам? 🧐 Ну и делитесь своими неудачными покупками, что вам не понравилось? . . . #уход #натуральнаякосметика #органическаякосметика #мойуход #маска #праймер #масло #чистаякожа #натуральныйсостав #косметичка #skinowl #beautytips #beautyheroes #organic #bio #natural #skincare #organicblog #eco
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Looking for mushroom recipes. if you have great recipes on your blog with mushrooms i would love to feature you on one of our websites. pm me a link to your online recipes. #mushrooms #cookingblog #organicgardening #mushroom #organicfood #organicblogger #organicblog #gardentotable #growingorganic
5 22 June 2017
Have you ever wondered what people buy at amazon?? i know i have! call me noisy but i love taking a peek at people’s must haves from amazon. well, i thought if i love it, you guys probably would too! i’ve got a brand new blog post listing all my favorite natural products i buy from amazon. everything from kitchen must haves, to beauty, books, household and more! _ plus, i’ve got all my top larger items i can’t live without that i’ve purchased from there as well! i love amazon for many reasons- it’s a one stop shop, delivered to your door and they have some of the best prices around. check out my full blog post to see what i buy, plus see my updated amazon store where you can see all my products in one place. link in profile! _ what do you like from amazon?? _ #amazon #greenbeauty #amazonproducts #amazonbooks #bestamazonpurchase #greenliving #cleanliving #organicproducts #naturallivingproducts #naturalblog #naturalblogger #mombloggers #greenbeautyblog #organicblog #nontoxicblogger #nontoxicbeauty #nontoxicbeautyproducts #greenbeautyproducts #bestnaturalproducts #healthyfamily #greenfamily #naturalfamily #organicfamily #organicskincareproducts #organicproducts #healthandbeauty #wellnessjourney #organicmama
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Xoby Organics
A healthy breakfast not only makes sure your day starts with the fuel your body needs, it also packs important nutrients you need to stay happy and healthy. we blog about this and more over on our site, check it out! . . . #blog #organicblog #healthyeatingblog #healthyeating #healthblog #organiceatingblog #healthybreakfast #breakfastfirst
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Wellness Within
New blog post is finally up! 5 things you need to know about bar soaps. we don't make our own soaps, but we like to know everything that goes into each product and this is what we stand by at wellness within. there are plenty of information online which can be confusing or misleading sometimes, so this blog post will help to make things a little clearer - a little like true or false busters 😅 if you're using a bar soap, be sure to click on the link in our bio and share with your friends who are also bar soap users 📷 @hopihandmadecastilesoap . . did we miss out something? drop us a comment or dm us. . . ↠ www.wellnesswithin.sg ↠ all natural, organic and toxin free . . . . . . #reducewaste #zerowastetravel #wastefree #wastefreetravel #zerowaste #zerowastesg #zerowastesingapore #saynotodisposables #reducereuserecycle #mindful #sgig #ditchthedisposable #refusesingleuse #plasticlitesg #sustainablesingapore #sustainablesg #choosereusables #bringyourown #byob #byor #byosingapore #makelesstrash #climateactionsg #barsoap #shampoobar #zerowastetoiletries #castilesoap #castile #soap
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Oway Romania (Beauty Supplier)
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Want glowing skin? eat more greens! i said greens, not salad😜my friend deanna over @realfoodlab finally cracked the code. the code to making raw greens good, like can't-get-enough good. ⠀ yesterday i pretty much devoured two heads of raw kale in the form of spicy cashew coated raw kale chips. who does that?! me👋🏻now that i have @realfoodlab ’s raw veggie bread course that is. ⠀ this course is packed with over 75 pages of recipes, videos and instruction that will literally change your life. say goodbye to corn and flour tortillas. so long inflammatory wheat crackers, pizza dough and artificially flavored chips. and wave hello to a brand new you. ⠀ i linked this course in my bio for anyone who wants to up their game. today raw kale chips, tomorrow raw veggie and dill flatbread and thursday? the world!!! ha ha ha! ⠀ is anyone taking this course? tell us what you think! ⠀ ⠀ #eatraw #rawveggiebread #realfoodlab #realfood #healthykids #healthymama #geatyourgreens #organicblog #organicmama #greenmama #greenliving #naturalmama #healthyliving #organiclife #naturalliving #healthykids #healthyfamily #eatrealfood #foodismedicine #eatorganic #buylocal #nontoxichome #beautyblog #greenbeauty #greenbeautyblog #organicskincare #organicmakeup #organicboston #organicatlanta
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Violets Are Blue
Thank you @thisorganicgirl for your post in green beauty taking over nordstrom! read her bio for all the new brands that have launched (hint hint) repost from @thisorganicgirl @toprankrepost #toprankrepost green beauty is crossing over! rounding up a list of clean brands you can find in none other than @nordstrom! and i should know - i'm only in there like 3x a week - ha! ⠀ guess how many brands i found...thirteen! if you guys continue to buy clean, this list will only get longer. i promise! ⠀ link in profile for the full scoop. a lot of these are brand new this year, see any i missed? ⠀ #nordstrom #nordstromstyle #organicblog #organicmama #greenmama #greenliving #naturalmama #healthyliving #organiclife #naturalliving #healthykids #healthyfamily #eatrealfood #foodismedicine #eatorganic #buylocal #nontoxichome #beautyblog #greenbeauty #greenbeautyblog #organicskincare #organicmakeup #organicboston #organicatlanta #naturalblog #thisorganicgirl #thisorganiclife #greenbeauty #organictravel
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Glamorganic Desi
Warning : this is long. skip if short of time. i kid you not, this is actually long + it's not even about skincare, beauty, hair care, etc. still reading? you little rebel, i like you 😁 so, what is this about? before i let it out, i've to confess - being the strange mix of recluse, demotional and extroverted freak that i am, it was pretty challenging to pen this. why? because the demotional side of my personality says "this screams sappy and wannabe" while my emotionally charged up side whispers "go, let it all out" exactly a year ago, at this time i was crying my eyes out. being the technically handicapped idiot that i am (for long, i didn't even know that redmi and mi phones are the same! helps you visualize? that's better), i was trying to do the unthinkable (at least for me it was then) - set up a blog all by myself. from looking up the 'perfect domain' to finding the cheapest hosting (because indian mentality) to setting up the plugins, it was my first real brush with blogging. drained within a few hours of slogging i gave up. only to be recharged again in 15 mins to do it all again 🤓 glamorganicdesi was born. months passed by. i blogged randomly and soon saw its fruits - negativity set in. i can't summarise how many times i wanted to quit and there were occasions wherein i did... somehow, perhaps the universe (yes, a dash of philosophy is always needed) didn't want me to 😁 from interacting with almost everyone in my follower list to getting in touch with some absolutely amazing people (yes you, i know you're smiling) i am rendered speechless. "i trust you, nidhal" every time any reader writes this, performance pressures sets in. but so does the desire to help you. no, not desire. call it fire 😉 if glamorganicdesi stands tall today, a year after its inception it is because of you, my absolutely amazing reader! (and because of you too. yes, smile a bit wider 😄) as much as i'd like to personally hug each and every one of you, all i'd say is - glamorganicdesi is as much yours as it is mine ❤️ stick around like you've always. i won't disappoint you. ever. in love and gratitude nidhal
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Wellness Within
This is such an odd photo, but just wanted to share how we went with our goal to reduce waste during a travel ✈️ - this post is about the headsets! full flight carriers would provide headsets for all passengers, so why should you use your own? . . some headsets that go over your head 🎧 come with removable sponge covers, which we can't be sure they'll be reused or even recycled. other headsets are so flimsy that they look like they might be disposed after the flight. also, have they been cleaned after use and prior to next flight? . . it isn't tough to bring and use our own headsets anyway, most of us would already have our own that came with the phone. this is a little step that you can take to help reduce any possible waste, and i hope this travel tip has helped or inspired you in some way or another ☺️ . . ↠ www.wellnesswithin.sg ↠ all natural, organic and toxin free . . . . . . #wellnesswithinrambles #travel #travelinspirations #inspirations #reducewaste #zerowastetravel #wastefree #wastefreetravel #zerowaste #zerowastesg #zerowastesingapore #saynotodisposables #reducereuserecycle #mindful #sgig #ditchthedisposable #refusesingleuse #plasticlitesg #sustainablesingapore #sustainablesg #choosereusables #bringyourown #byob #byor #byosingapore #makelesstrash #climateactionsg
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Explored monroe, ga with the boys today. #blessmyheart - on @georgiaginny’s rec, we checked out @visitthestoryshop which, speaking of my heart, totally stole it. ⠀ childhood flashbacks ensued when i came face to face with a larger than life size wardrobe that you can actually walk through, past the furs welcoming you to narnia aka their read-aloud story room. and it only gets better from there. check out my live stories for a mini tour! ⠀ we picked up a few treats including an abridged and illustrated king arthur but the best find was echo by pam muñoz ryan on audible - listened the whole way home. thanks to one of the shop owners for the rec, the boys are hooked! ⠀ have you been? have you read echo!? ⠀ #monroegeorgia #thestoryshop #narnia #aliceinwonderland #wherethewildthingsare #bestbookshop #madhatterteaparty #yellowbrickroad #blessyourheart #organicblog #organicmama #greenmama #greenliving #naturalmama #healthyliving #organiclife #naturalliving #healthykids #healthyfamily #eatrealfood #foodismedicine #eatorganic #buylocal #nontoxichome #beautyblog #greenbeauty #greenbeautyblog
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Wellness Within
Always have a bamboo straw handy because you'll never know if you need a smoothie or bubble tea to fight the heat. if you don't fancy chunks in your cold drink, we also have slim straws which you can bring around. these straws are handmade by indonesian locals, support their living and great for the environment because they're reusable. . . wholesale enquiries welcome. these are perfect presents for kids, door gifts or simply for anyone to help them make the switch to healthy alternatives 🎁 . . ↠ www.wellnesswithin.sg ↠ all natural, organic and toxin free . . . . . . #sgig #ditchthedisposable #zerowaste #zerowastesingapore #zerowastesg #cleanliving #ecofriendlyinsingapore #refusesingleuse #wastefree #plasticlitesg #sustainablesingapore #choosereusables #bringyourown #byob #byor #byosingapore #makelesstrash #bamboostraw #reusablebamboostraw #climatechangesg #reusablestraw #sustainablesg
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Dani Loose, Wellness Blogger
Yogi dani sunday flow 🧘 // 🎥 @connerpf
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Dani Loose, Wellness Blogger
Happy sunday! i wanted to share a nontoxic home product i’ve currently been loving... // pink himalayan salt lamps & their benefits: 1. air purification in your home— bc salt attracts water vapor of indoor air which holds pollutants like allergens, mold, bacteria 2. reduces electromagnetic radiation— from things like cellphones, computers, tvs etc that long term weaken the immune system 3. helps those of us w/ the constant sniffles— similar to how salt therapy with things like a neti p*t are recommended to allergy & asthma sufferers 4. boosts mood & better sleep— reduces anxiety w/ the help of the lamp’s glow (color therapy) & the salt releases negative ions into the air (like a waterfall does but in much smaller batches obvi) and once these molecules reach our bloodstream, biochemical reactions are believed to be produced that increase mood chemical serotonin which relieves stress & boosts daytime energy! // i got this one for our home on amazon! let me know any questions below!👇🏻
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Emily Vickers | Boston
Pregnancy hormones + cold winter weather means my skin is in need of extra love! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ i’m a fan of oils & lotions - both are good for different reasons. lotions have a higher water content making them easily absorbed leaving soft, hydrated skin. oils protect the skins lipid barrier and prevent moisture from escaping the surface. i personally use a lotion or balm in the morning and an oil at night. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ my current nontoxic favorites include: @tataharperskincare redefining body balm @follain rose body butter @soapwalla pregnancy belly oil @farmaesthetics honey bath and body oil
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Got a lot of roses this valentines and don't want to waste them? then convert them into a spectacular face pack! grind the rose petals with oats, honey and coffee to add glow, smoothness and suppleness to your skin. #facepack #beauty #tips #beautytips #organic #natural #naturalface #softskin #pretty #lovely #easy #aarunya #aarunyalife #organicblog #blogger #foodblog #lifestyleblogger #india #indian #desi
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Organic lifestyles are based on eliminating chemical or synthetic process and replacing it with some real and naturally occurring ones. and when you realise this, what it applies to and how to maintain this kind of natural #homiostasis, you are on your way. #organiclifestyleblog #organicliving #organichealth #organictechnology #organicmedicine #organicblog
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Mi botella preferida para este calor!! @mannahydration es una marca que encuentro en marshalls, tjmaxx, amazon o costco. el precio es súper razonable comparado con las otras marcas que hacen el mismo trabajo. son lo máximo por que aguantan el agua fría o bebidas calientes por mucho tiempo. trato de no usar mucho las botellas de agua de plástico porque me la paso en un carro y la botella de agua casi siempre se me queda adentro del carro y debajo del sol. se dice que en el calor los efectos del bpa son mucho peor por ser reactivo con el calor. el bpa (bisphenol) es conocido como carcinogénico y ha sido demostrado que puede causar defectos de nacimiento. por eso prefiero rellenar mis botellas aparte que está siempre fría ❄️
6 46 September 2017


Wellness Within
Happy lunar new year. may the new year bring you prosperity, good fortune and d**n good health 🍊🍊 . . yu sheng 魚生 is one of the many traditions during chinese new year. it's a plate of dish made using shredded vegetables, carrots, radish, peanuts, crackers and spices. an auspicious saying is recited while adding an ingredient to the plate. you then toss all the ingredients as high as possible to "lo hei" or toss up the good fortune, to mix the ingredients together. raw, delicious and good luck 🤤 . . ↠ www.wellnesswithin.sg ↠ all natural, organic and toxin free . . . . . . #chinesenewyear2018 #chinesenewyear #lunarnewyear #traditions #yusheng #魚生 #新年快樂 #恭喜發財
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Opción de rímel 👁 más limpia: lily lolo- black✌🏻 • • me encanta esta mascara, no la cambié tanto por un tema de “natural” o “ no- natural”, más bien busque alternativas por que la rímel que estaba usando me hacía llorar después de un tiempo. se me ponían los ojos rojos muy rápido y me picaban como si tuviera alergia 🤧. por eso llegue a ésta, es la mejor. si tienes el mismo problema que yo te recomiendo probarla🤙🏻. la compro [como el 90% de lo que compro] en amazon. • • • #organicbeauty #organicblogger #organicpregnancyskincare #organicskincare #organicproducts #naturalmakeup #naturalmascara #naturalmakeup #alternative #alternativemedicinestudent #mascara #organicblog #lilylolo #greenbeautyblogger #greenbeautyblog #maquillajeorganico #maquillajenatural #maquillajesintoxicos #vidaconsciente #ecoskincare #vidaorganica
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