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"i love the market life; it's like one big family! plus, i trade amazing fresh organic food to a community who love it and i enjoy seeing generations of customers who return year in and year out, for it.  my job is near perfect", paul from @ripeorganics.
what a market legend, don't you think?

see you at the market.

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Leisurely sunday morning wander around the market making the most of the sun shine #organicproduce #zinnia #sundaymorning #farmersmarket @pakaraka_permaculture
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New zealand spinach seedling that i transplanted from another pot. nz spinach is a vigorous self seeder.
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New red fire lettuce is doing pretty good. i started these from seed in the greenhouse. we love this variety!
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Sophia will be at flemington farmer's market today, till 1pm
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We go cuckoo for coconut!
our mango/coconut smoothie pack is a deliciously refreshing snack when you're sitting poolside, beachside, or quite frankly anywhere you're craving a tropical treat that tastes freshly picked from the tree. #eatnoka 📷: @guadeloupealaloupe
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April 22, 2018 is earth day! (although we celebrate, appreciate, and conserve here every day!)
we will open early at 11:00 am and remain open and serving freshly made smoothies through the day during the leonardtown square event, so stop in during the festivities and grab a refreshing drink to fuel your fun!
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our romaine lettuce is organic and locally grown by alcantar farms. it is a good source of potassium, vit a and c (healthy skin and immune system), calcium (stronger bones), folate (good for pregnancy), phosphorus, and vit. k (healthy tissues and bones). happy earth day. 🌏
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My sunday morning photography skills are really quite ordinary i know, but i just had to share this nrekky with you all cos it was super simple but freaking scrummy!!!! yesterday i went to my local @dingleyvillagefarmersmarket where i snagged myself some delicious fresh veggies straight from the farm and some more of my favourites from @poppysmacksauce . so it went without saying that i had to use these beauties for brekky today 😁. my farm fresh zucchini is dusted with my #thaifusionsalt before lightly sauteeing in a little olive oil, and my eggies are also sprinkled with that deliciousness. massive sliced radish, sooooooo good, soooooo fresh 😍😍. all garnished with poppy smack siam chilli sambal. let me tell you, that stuff is total brilliance!!! i have a habit of eating it straight from the jar 😶. my tastebuds are tingling now 😋
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My garden is coming along!! the #overacheiver zucchini plants is still way ahead of the rest! but i have 6 now (i think lol) the 6 tomato plants are doing well, 3 are the stand outs but the others are still in it!! my 2nd round seedlings are creeping up as well. hard to have time to set them out a few hours a day to harden off but that's the goal for today and tomorrow.
hoping the temps go back up. almost time for the first set of bell peppers to get in the garden box. then there are the jalapenos. i have a ton of peppers going and labeled with a washable marker (duh) so now its a game, which peppers will it be?! 😂
and to finish off the garden, i also have cucumbers and basil. think that's where i will draw the line this year. even that is doing a lot! wish me luck!! do you have a garden or grow anything at your place?? .
. .
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