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We aim to nurture the soul on a very profound level. we believe in nourishing the energy through your body and skin. our organic personal care using all natural ingredients sourced from bali island
visit our store to test it in your skin or just share with us about your organic personal care experience
4 27 March 2018


A few tips for your eco tan spray @ eco bali spa

please wear/ bring something light like a flowing dress or a sarong for after your tan.

please shower and have clean skin
we do not suggest a scrub before spray tanning (for best results exfoliate with your extreme exfoliant glove 1-2 days prior to having your organic spray tan)
your therapist will spray you with 2 coats and leave it on for 4 hours. do not wear it to bed overnight
you will feel sticky so don’t plan to do anything like shopping in the heat , we suggest you lay under a tree and read a good book and enjoy your time out.

after 4 hours , shower ,you will see the residue come off and you will be left with a natural glowing tan .#ecotan #spraytan #baligal #balibeach #balibeauty #balibrides #tan #faketan #organicproductsbali #organic #organictan #seminyak
2 31 April 2015


Muktiorganics nature balm is 100% certified organic and contains nothing yucky . with pure essential oils, calendula and macadamia , it works as both a repellant and balm to soothe bites and stings . #mukti #muktiorganics #certifiedorganic #bali #balispa #balibody #balibeauty #organicproductsbali #organic #smellsgood #mozziebali
0 16 February 2015