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June 2017
auroraoil Assalamualaikum. introducing our cinnamon sauda soap, or we call it sabun kayu manis, that will stronger to solve acne problem skin. this soap is enrich with quality oils and other herbs like cengkih and habatusauda. natural scent from clove and rosemary essential oil itself, no synthetic fragrance added. what this soap can do for u😄 √skin y √reduce sunburn √reduce active acne √reduce the oil on skin surface . for dwisex and also kids. 100% organic. halal . ingredients 🌴 *coconut oil *olive oil *palm oil *clove; cengkih ground *cinnamon ground * habatusauda. * rosemary essential oil. *vit e . love to see our quality homemade soap? feel free to click here #soapbyhana . 40g+ . price valid untill finish the first batch #organicproductsale #organicproducts✅ #organicproductsskincare #organicproductsonsale #organicproducts100 #organicproductswork #organicproductsroutine
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Simona Moore
November 2015
ms_mona3 It's that time⏰of the season. are you sick again? you just can't seem to get rid of that cold. maybe you are feeling sluggish⬇and don't know why the medicine 💊 you're taking isn't working fast enough. well its time for a change! try drinking iaso tea🍹. it can give you the boost your immune system needs. just 2 cups a day can keep the doctor away! 😂try it and tell a friend. it is mild enough for children 👨👧 to drink too. dm me 📲 for more details. order 💻 iaso tea at 👇 www.totallifechanges.com/simonamoore ibo# 6353191 #detoxtea #changeyourhealth #organicproductswork
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