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ℕ𝕒π•₯𝕦𝕣𝕒𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕕𝕖 π”Ήπ•€π•†πŸ‚

crema mani idratante intensiva con bava di lumaca e burro di karitè bio.

questa crema apporta alla nostra pelle i 7 benefici della bava di lumaca:
•elasticizzante, •idratante, •antiossidante, •lenitiva, •protettiva, •rigenerante, •illuminante.
è dermatologicamente testata non contiene petrolati, parabeni o coloranti.πŸƒ è certificata da icea.

io non non ho la pelle delle mani particolarmente secche ma mi piace comunque spalmare una crema prima di uscire. non unge! si assorbe in fretta e lascia la pelle morbida e leggermente profumata.🐌 per l'inci scorrere fino alla fine.

pao 12 mesi.

la confezione è da 75ml.

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40% off cream foundations in black compact. rrp $38.00 today just $22.80 that’s a saving of $15.20! 🀭
from left to right...
light/fair no10 x1 available
medium no13 x2 available
medium/dark x7 available (in summer those of you that are generally a medium that get colour in the warmer months or fake tan! you could go up to the med/dark shade. i do!) was keep in mind!

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What bath bombs should do! 😍 demo on our relax me bath bomb, burst of floral and loaded with shea butter and sunflower oil. link in bio to our etsy shop
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Organic raw shea butter for sale, here are some uses for shea butter. dm me for details here or @ancestorseye18
by itself for face and body as a natural moisturizer
in a shea butter lotion bar stick for easy use
alone or in a pregnancy stretch mark salve to ward off stretch marks
as the best under-eye wrinkle remover and bag-reducer
for massage butter
in velvety soft whipped body butter
or basic homemade lotion
as a base for homemade deodorant
as an spf 6 skin lotion
in magnesium body butter
as a natural baby-care product (alone) or ingredient in baby care recipes
by itself on the lips or in homemade lip balms
or homemade shimmer lip balm
to improve skin elasticity (some even say it helps with cellulite)
on the hair or scalp (in mixture with other natural ingredients)
in homemade liquid creme foundation and makeup
after sun or beach exposure to replenish skin
on the eyelids before applying makeup to make it last longer
as a natural cuticle cream
on scars to naturally help collagen production
on sore/raw noses during a cold or flu.
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Derived from africa, for centuries shea butter has been called “women’s gold” not only for its rich color but also because it provides employment and income to millions of women across the continent.
β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €
through our shea butter, we are committed to supporting the economic advancement of women, not only abroad, but also at home. #tginfacts
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Muscle balm will be available @sturbridgefarmersmkt on sunday sept 23, 10-2. plus i’ll have a variety of shampoo bars! and bunches of other items😊
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Cleanse, strengthen & restore your locks with our jamaican black castor oil collection. a perfect match for chemically processed, heat styled and colour treated hair. shop the collection, link in bio. πŸ“·: @yannny. #sheamoistureaus #jamiacanblackcastoroil
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Shea butter face mask for rejuvenation:
sometimes, all your face needs is an exotic pamper treatment to restore its glow and radiance, and this face mask is not only easy to make but is full of antioxidants that will rejuvenate your skin from deep within. and best of all, it smells so citrusy and exquisite! i do this face mask once a month.

* 1 tsp of shea butter
* 2 drops lemon essential oil
i start by mixing the ingredients gently using a spatula until well combined. then i wash my face with either of the tfd organic soaps (black soap, shea soap, ginger soap, cinnamon soap) which i then follow with a 5 minute of facial steaming. this helps to open up my pores and allow the face mask to p*******e into my skin. i then dry my face of excess moisture and apply the mask onto skin. allow it to settle for 10 – 15 minutes and wash off with cool water. you may follow with a ice face-roller if you have one. this helps to close the pores, prevents breakouts. lastly, i pat dry my skin and apply shea butter or my favorite shea-aloe. the skin feels absolutely pampered and rejuvenated! do you wanna try it out? let me know your thoughts? #lemonessentialoil , #greenbeautyproducts, #glowingskin, #cleanbeauty, #makeuptips, #beautyhacks, #beauty, #healthyskin, #sheaaloebutter, #organicskincare, #moisturizer, #aloevera, #organicsheabutter, #selflove
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