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Did you know that today is world productivity day? i know a lot of people are most productive in the morning, but i tend to get things done late at night when it’s quiet and i have no distractions. i also stay more productive by having my most used and favorite craft items in my raskog cart and craftsman tote (both available in my amazon store), but i would love to know what tools you use to stay productive! what time of day are you most productive?
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I'm back !! made it through what was probably the toughest few weeks this year :^) after exams this week and the following week i'll be on summer break! lots of things planned for the summer including... possibly a youtube ;)
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Repost!! got a new youtube channel guys and uploaded a new video "improve your handwriting" go check it out!! link is in bio
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Q: are you currently in high school, college, or something else (middle, elementary, working, etc)?
lots of interesting youtube vids / announcements will be coming out over the next month, and i can't wait for you guys to see them!☺️
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When picking products for your pantry, it’s important to consider whether you want everything clear and visible, or concealed behind a basket. there’s no wrong answer as long as it works for your style and needs! 💯 find these pieces and our other favorite items on the shop page [thehomeedit.com/shop] under “shop the feed” // or shop via screenshot using the @liketoknow.it app // http://liketk.it/2we8e#thehomeedit #pantry #organization
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If you’re not lucky enough to have a whole craft room here is a little craft closet inspiration for you!
we love what @prettypeachtree created and are drooling over the organization. who else wishes their craft area was this organized right now🙋🏼‍♀️
tag us in your craft room, we love sharing inspiring spaces!!!
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We had so much fun organizing our pantry and fridge with @thecontainerstore ! i was shocked at how much food was hidden before. {swipe for before & afters of the pantry and fridge} 😯 we were wasting so much! 🤭 these clear @oxo containers will not only keep our food fresher longer, they’ll make taking inventory so much easier. because, let’s face it, feeding a family of seven is no easy task. but @thecontainerstore has our back! 🤗
watch our saved stories for an up-close view of all the @thecontainerstore products we used! 👐🏼
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I love seeing how you make the snarky labels work for you! 😍 is there anything better than the feeling of getting organized?! i think not. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #typeaproblems #organizationismyjam
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Jumu’ah mubarak!

“every act of goodness is charity even if it is just a smile.” // prophet muhammad ﷺ
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I baked my brownie for the first time (instead of usually putting it in the microwave) and omg 😲 i love it! i baked it last night to have it ready for today. put it in a ziplock baggy for storage and this morning, i microwaved it for 20 seconds. that caused the little chocolate chips to melt inside of it (that’s why it’s so shiny in places). yum!!! will definitely bake it again. 🌿and yes! i’m not cheating. this is really part of my everyday journey. continuing to lose weight💪🏻 .
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Spending a little time this afternoon with my other planner obsession... my bullet notebook #planneraddict
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This would be an amazing addition for my classroom organization! @kristideroche_tpt #organization #giveaway #teacher #love #4th #firstgrade
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#faq why hire a professional organizer❔
1️⃣experience- po’s work with all kinds of people and challenges. so it’s very likely that we’ve seen your situation before and have some great solutions for you.
2️⃣fresh ideas - a po can bring a new set of eyes and perspective to an organizational challenge. a new set of eyes can bring creative ideas!
3️⃣conquer the overwhelm - a po knows where to start and how to begin. the experience and ideas that a po brings will break down that overwhelming feeling that you have been struggling with.
4️⃣compassion/listening - we listen intently to your concerns and challenges so we can create a system that works for you. we see the distress that disorganization can cause a person and their families, so we help you step by step to achieve your goals.
5️⃣code of ethics/no judgement - napo organizers follow a code of ethics. our first code is “i will serve my clients with integrity, competence, & objectivity, & will treat them with respect and courtesy.” you should never feel any judgement from your po. we are strictly there to help you get and stay organized and make your life better.
6️⃣accountability/buddy system - a po will not only guide you thru the process, but we will also encourage you to meet your goals and keep you accountable to make sure you make it to where you want to be. we provide the needed support as you learn new ways of doing things.
7️⃣education/resources - a good po is always learning about organizing tools, products, new systems, and schools of thought. we have the resources to find the best products and solutions for you.
8️⃣teach & transfer - a good po will not just come in and organize your belongings, we will teach you how to stay organized and do our best to transfer our skills and know-how onto you.
9️⃣we love it! - po’s just love to organize. we’re born with it and do it without even thinking about it. everywhere we go, we leave behind a neater place. harness that energy and talent to work for you!
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Kağıthane belediyemiz ve kültür müdürlüğümüze ,emeği geçen herkese,bizleri alkışsız bırakmayan bütün kağıthane’li güzel insanlara çok teşekkür ediyorum.
kağıthane sünnet Şölenimiz ve popüler sanatçılarımızdan İlyas yalçıntaş konserimize;
akp vekiliniz sayın Şirin ünal,akp İlçe başkanımız kıymetli mevlüt öztekin ve halka en yakın ve en başarılı belediye başkanımız saygıdeğer fazlı kılıç katılımları ile onur verdiler. :))#müzik#muzik#sunucuvolkanyuruk #funny#doğumgünüetkinlikleri#dogumgünü#childrens #instalove #followme #volkanabicocuktiyatrosu #vantrilok #şov#eglence #comedy #standup #cocuklaricin #турция #малышканамиллион #комедия #актер #egitici #sahne #childrens#fsm#organizasyon#organization#gop#gaziosmanpaşameydan#belediye#kagıthane#sünnet
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#grateful today & everyday i want to take a moment to thank god for the following:
- breath in my body
- food to cook
- place to sleep
- family who loves me
- friends who are there for me
- church fam
- business
- a new day
- answered prayers
- spiritual gifts
- process & vision

what are you grateful for?
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Consejo de europa en strasbourg, francia 🇫🇷. maravillosa forma de ayudarse entre países.
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Part 4 of my 10 things to get rid of now series is live on my channel. i hope you check it out. link is in my profile.💕
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