Alex Mendez-Kelley
1 weeks ago
themakeupbar #restocked in all things #beautyblender plus there is a new color, #pop (bright orange) and a new brush cleaning mitt! the mitt is perfect for cleansing the beauty blender sponge and makeup brushes! makes it a breeze! come check it out! #originalisalwaysbest #makeup #makeupbrushes #themakeupbarandspa #keepitlocalok #westernavenue #indieboutique #shoplocalokc
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Fallon Hovland
2 weeks ago
fallon.h The purposefully c****y poster my dad commissioned from me for my uncle, and my uncle's ever so slight improvement. #amateurvspro #oldmanhunting #nocompetition #originalisalwaysbest 😜
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Neesa Fadaee
June 2017
neesfads Super proud big sister moment at this ones graduation!! #drfadaee2.0 #newandimproved #originalisalwaysbest
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MouseTech🐭📱iPhone repair 
May 2017
mouse_tech_uk We use the best iphone screens available! no cutting corners 📱! iphone 6 original lcd. look out for the  glass  lcd  £45 including fitting. #iphonerepair #phonerepair #iphone #originalisalwaysbest #originallcd #getatus #guarentee #6months #bestrefurbs
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MouseTech🐭📱iPhone repair 
May 2017
mouse_tech_uk Iphone screen repair price list 📱🔧 @mouse_tech_uk contact us for a quote on any other repairs! 📞 follow us and dm us to book in a repair 📱#wecometoyou #newport #npt #mobilerepair #iphonerepair #mousetech #pricelist #originalisalwaysbest #6 #month #guarantee #waterdamage #screenrepair
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뭉 moong
May 2017
charming.moong #오사카먹방 늦은 밤까지 핫한 도톤보리 🤘 #야식 으로 제격인 #오꼬노미야끼 and #생맥주 (a.k.a. 나마비루) 히히 - #originalisalwaysbest #yummy #오사카 #도톤보리
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Wax Jacks Dabber Holders
April 2017
wax_jacks I didn't start making these to make money. it was definitely a bonus, but i continued the process because i knew i had a good idea and my target audience thought so too. believe me when i say there were no horizontal dabber holders at all when i started looking two years ago. even international stores and brands offered just the vertical honey p*t style that got dirty inside and were hard to clean. but my idea was so good that there are now, two years later, at least two people "copying" my idea exactly down to the materials and impressions depths, and even more companies jumping on the horizontal dabber holder bandwagon. it's a great idea, obviously, but come to the original creator if you want the best product of the bunch. i pay attention to the finer details, like avoiding large black, incredibly noticeable cat hairs in my product photos because that level of attention to detail comes through in your product, not just pictures of it. i take the time required and then some to condition my materials to strengthen them properly to make my wax jacks as smooth, strong, and durable as possible rather than just pressing some chunks together and calling it a sellable cartoon character. my (custom) ordering process and color selections are actually clear and easy to choose from rather than a mislabeled mess you have to guess through. i guess i should be flattered, especially when black cat hair company admitted in writing all kinds of fun stuff that makes them look bad and proves my timeline, and especially when i know all it means is i'm so creative and original and those people are so not that they had to jump on my idea. hell, the worst imitator posted their serial killer looking cartoon blob holders not even a week after following me!! f*****g snakes!! 😂🐍 so again, if you want the best dabber holder, come to the original producer of them. i've been in the game the longest, i know my materials, i know the process, my prices and shipping costs are more than reasonable, i'm friendly and always willing to go ham to get you the perfect custom piece, and my multiple five star reviews back my claims. you heard and saw it here first. truly 👌 #waxjacks
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April 2017
a_trickstar I got takoyaki, octopus balls, at gindako where there are tables for drinking with takiyaki and some other dishes last weekend. there are several gindako standing restaurant, but in the one i went to, i could have a seat. some of other customers were a family with babies, so very heartwarming atmosphere. since our economy was stagnant, people have saved their allowance and tyoimomi, drink a few cup of alcohol in the restaurant, became trend among businessman. that one was the place, but actually not at that time i visited. #octopus #tako #takoyaki #gindako #akiba #drinking #ちょい飲み #ハイボール #originalisalwaysbest
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February 2017
3tjsnge8 Lol who wants to be a copier anyways.. sure not me. got my own lifestyle to maintain. #originalisalwaysbest 😊
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November 2016
fast50s_oms Circa 04 jeremy mcgrath riding at point x camp in his fast50s bike. the day we met tony hawk, sal masakela, brian lopes and shawn white #tonyhawk #salmasakela #brianlopes #mctheking #mcgrath #kingofsx #mc #fastthanyou #funfunmini #fast50s #fastminis #shawnwhite #fast50 #originalisalwaysbest #honda @jeremymcgrath2
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Niyaas Barendse
November 2016
niyaasbarendse Watching the original is always the best since they don't play it on mnet anymore.....#childhoodicon #favouritesuperhero #spiderman2 #originalisalwaysbest
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August 2016
killakhaoz Dude, wtf... look, i have nothing against actresses or spin-offs.. but, really?! this is insane. enough w the female remakes. what happened to original stories and movies? what happened to trying something new? blah, this is stupid. #femaleremake #enough #originalisalwaysbest
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