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Surprise! it’s raining! haven’t had any of that in awhile 😏
also, it’s monday, so naturally we should all just be able to crawl back into bed....
or work from there at the very least!
who’s with me?! ✋🏻
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It’s monday and we are ready to tackle the week! well sort of...i hit the snooze button 3 times, forgot aubrey’s sack lunch and got spit up all over my shirt. but it’s gonna get better right? 🙂 #happymonday
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I am not happy with what’s happening to my skin right now!! 🙈 i’ve been drinking collagen for 6 days now. i’m breaking out like i did when i was a teen, my skin is redder and peeling😩 but it’s not as bad as it was on day 3 and my tiny little breakout i had before is no gone, my pores are smaller, my hair is going back to how it was before we moved and got messed up because the water, and i feel all around better. (that could also be my body getting used to going full keto🤣🤣) .
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here’s a straight personal fact: i’m not an animal’s kind of person. that’s it, i already said it. not that i hate them, but i’m not usually crazy looking for them to approach me, or the other way around i’d say. a couple of weeks ago, we had the chance of spending some (epic) days with friends & family at a gorgeous location, by the mountains, where one of them has a privileged house. they are always the best hosts ever and we all feel like that place is a very special meeting point for all of us, it feels like home. one of the “hosts” is lola, the family dog and the absolute center of attention of all our children during those days. i have to admit that she’s like no other dog i’ve ever been with: loyal, attentive, patient, always ready and noble. as i said at the beginning of this post: i’m not an animal’s kind of person, but i tend to feel attracted to highly emotional moments, those which also move my heart somehow, and i couldn’t take my eyes off lola for those days... you’re such a great loved dog
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Monday is here and it will better if we do a giveaway! today i have teamed up with my fave @megbasinger and her sweet sweet leotudes obsessed gal pals. so excited to share i'm going to give away a personalized leotard - you get to choose from 6 options (a $70 value). 📷@aleamoore

to enter, all you have to do is, 
1) like this photo
2) follow @megbasinger and @leotudes

3) tag two of your fave girl moms in the comments.

4) in a separate comment for an extra entry, tell us how you're customizing your next leotude!

that's it!

giveaway closes on friday  at  8pm cst. winner will be selected and notified. winner has 48 hours to claim. open to u.s. residents only; must be 18 or older to enter. this contest is not sponsored or supported by instagram or facebook.
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تلاش نا‌امیدانه در جهت جستجوی سیگنال اینترنت در جایی که طبیعت زورش بیشتره.
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Moja princeska💛miałam napisać ‚mała’, ale to chyba byłoby mało adekwatne określenie😂kto nas przebije w wielkości drugiego podbródka?
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Noch ein bild vom wochenende 🙈
[werbung, markenmakierung]
ich liebe es lou einzukleiden 😍 ehrlich gesagt, kaufe ich sich mehr für sie als für mich 😂
passend dazu kommt heute abend ein flohmarkt haul online ❤
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@heyingolds: “this is my favorite stage of life. titus is 10, dayla is 8, tribe is 7, and toven just turned 5. i don’t have babies or even toddlers anymore, i haven’t even thought about a diaper bag in 3 years and my arms no longer ache at night from balancing littles and all the accessories needed to make them happy. i’m sure the baby stage was hard, but guys... i honestly can’t remember. ya know how you don’t remember how freaking bad contractions/labor hurt so then you go ahead and have another?? it’s kind of like that. 😅 once you’re out of that stage, you forget all the hard days, and sleepless nights, and sore nursing nipples, and toddler meltdowns. if you’re there now, i promise it gets easier. i always tell new moms to savor each day, even in survival mode, take the time to look your babies in the eyes and take little snapshots in your mind. i miss the babies, but seriously loving this new stage of life. 🤘🏼 #ingoldsibs”
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@growingwildthings: “there is something altogether magical about that moment when you realize your favourite flowers aren't the orchids you pamper with caring neglect; not the roses you mourn when may turns to june; or the poppies bobbing in a summer field that will forever remind you of a faraway week spent under the tuscan sky with the man you still call the love of your life; but rather those tiny bunches of wild growing blooms you get from them... to keep in a vase or tuck in your hair... simple and honest, and without any reason except "they always make you smile"... ♡”
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@marylauren: “home is where the bra isn’t, where the top knot prevails, where the wifi connects automatically, where your pillow is juuust right and where pants are optional. gooodness it feels good to be home!!! 🏠❤️”
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My little skaterboy 😍
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I’m so excited to go to school!! 📚📓🖍 i have finally accepted the fact that my parents will drop me off at this place called pre-school with other kids that look about my size 🤔. i will eat my breakfast 🥞, participate during circle ⭕️ time, try not to stand on the chairs 😲before my parents come back to pick me up!
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